Fortnite Season 10 Week 9 Secret Battle Pass Star Location (Ready Or Not Challenges)

hello everybody I'm in the metal world

all civilians Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight

Sun you're checking out this video

because you've gone ahead and you

completed at least three challenges from

this week's ready or not set and

basically that now means that you've got

a brand new wallpaper which is actually

the character that I'm playing as now in

front of the combine arena entrance and

if you look above that entrance you can

see the tomato head the smarter

temple-like logo and it actually has the

secret battle path star above it so of

course this week that's where we're

going to be headed fingers crossed it's

going to be easy enough to land on the

tomato head I know that the crown has

got a very weird collision box so I'm

wondering whether it's like you can land

on it and collect it straight away or if

you're gonna have to actually build up

and sort of awkwardly plateau and

intersect with the noggins I guess we're

gonna find out in just a second but

that's always the main thing with these

secret battle past Stars you need to

make sure that you do the first three

challenges first and then you can go

ahead and grab it and also as far as I'm

aware once that week has passed you

can't get it any more so you have to be

really on it with these things and there

it is right there perfect stuff so if

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and as always I've got more challenge

videos coming out next Thursday another

star next Saturday as well as the

special event and also the little

updates on Wednesdays as well thanks for

watching and I'll see you all next time