How To: Line the Waterline & Tightline | Beginners Guide

hi everyone so today I'm taking you

through my tips and tricks for lining

the upper and lower waterline either can

be done for a variety of different

reasons for instance to make the lashes

look thicker it can be done to make the

eyes look bigger or to make the eyes

look smaller it can be done to add a

dark sultry look to the eyes or it can

brighten up tired eyes it's not a step

that I look forward to because my eyes

are quite sensitive but it does make an

impact so if you're like me you may find

these tips helpful product wise you have

a couple of options you can use a pencil

or a gel liner either will work well but

to line the lower waterline I start out

by warming up the pencil on the back of

my hand

that way firstly won't be too sharp and

I won't irritate the eye and secondly

it'll warm up the product and will make

it creamier therefore it'll glide onto

the eye more easily I begin by placing

the pencil right in at the corner of my

eye and I carefully sweep across I don't

pull the eye area downwards because I

don't think it's necessary and it

actually irritates my eyes a bit makes

them water this way works fine for me

for the tight line there's a few

different ways you can go about us if my

eye shadow is already done I'll use

cotton bud to carefully expose the upper

waterline my finger would sponge the

shadows that's how I get around that and

then like below I carefully glide the

pencil from outer to inner corner as I

mentioned my eyes are sensitive and they

constantly water so when this happens I

place a cotton Boyden at my tear duct

and then I tilt my head so that the tear

soaks into the cotton board as opposed

to running down my face and smudging my

makeup and then once my eye is calmed

down I can get back to work

if that's not your cup of tea begin once

again by placing your pencil on the

outer part of the eye and this time when

you're sweeping across close your eye

down on the pencil and gently guide the

pencil back and forth by closing the eye

you're actually lining the upper and

lower waterline at the same time and

also I know myself sometimes I have my

eyes open and I'm lining my eyes they

come order little and

these are washing the product away or

smudging it but if my eye is closed

it doesn't water this last tight lining

technique is one I used to do years ago

when I was too scared to stick a pencil

up there I lined my waterline as usual

and then I squish my eye closed really

quickly and then kind of wink with my

eye closed if that makes sense you look

like a bit of a neat you put it on and

see works when you open back off your

eye the liner from your waterline will

have transferred up onto the tight line

with no hassle at all so now that you've

got the product on there you want to

make sure it stays so what I like to do

is take a flat brush like this one and

an eye shouldn't it matches the corner

on the water line in this case black I

pack some black eyeshadow onto the brush

tap off the excess and then I press over

the eyeliner on the waterline to do the

tight line I begin by placing the brush

in the outer corner of my eye and I

blink and as I'm blinking I push the

brush up to the tight line and into the

lashes and doing this will set the liner

in place and make sure that it lasts all

day but then that's this so I hope you

picked up a couple of tips if you did

let me know and I'll chatty all soon