How To: Replace The Water Filter On Your Samsung French Door Refrigerator Using Filter HAF-CIN

hey I'm Karl with apt and a lot of you

have questions on how to replace the

water filters on your refrigerator so

we're going to take a look here and show

you on this particular Samsung model

these are the three and the four door

French door models are going to they're

going to replace the filters in about

the same way we're going to show you on

this particular model with four doors so

first things first is we're going to

open up the doors on the top here for

the refrigerator and you're going to

notice the filter location is right here

in between the crisper drawers so

replacing this filter is pretty simple

all you're going to do is turn

counterclockwise and it's going to pop

out so then you just pull it off the

rest of the way here

this particular unit uses the HAF CIN

model filter which you're seeing right

here and then you're going to see these

two little rubber gaskets here on the

top that's the end that's going to go in

first so when you're replacing the

filter you're just going to do the same

process but backwards so the filter is

going to slide in and then you turn

clockwise until you can't turn it

anymore so you push in a little bit

while you're turning the filter and it's

going to lock into place so it's a

really simple process you're going to

want to run about two gallons of water

through there first before you start

drinking the water out of this one just

to remove any extra sediment that the

filter might have in it and then you're

ready for pure clean water so it's

really simple process to do that's the

HAF CIN model filter for Samsung French

door refrigerators make sure you check

it out a tap comm and leave your

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