TDW 1783 - Visiting The Real Walton's Mountain

off of the horizon deep buried in those

hills is the stomping grounds of Earl

Hamner jr. the creator of one of the

most popular TV shows of all time in the

1970s there wasn't very many people who

do not tune in to watch The Waltons did

it dun dun dun dun da dun dun dun dun

dun dun I'm gonna pointed the right

spike somewhere somewhere over there I

got I got a little bit of a waist with

somewhere somewhere in that other

welcome everyone Adam is whoo here the

episodes were not filmed here in the

hills of Virginia however it was out in

Hollywood a little movie magic if you

will on the back lot in the soundstages

in Burbank at Warner Brothers Studio but

the inspiration the nooks and crannies

he peppering in of kid bits from this

region can all be found up there on that


on if it's a cliff it's up there up the

road just a bit I'm gonna die then see

what I can see what I can find

it's my second channel daily vlog

channel it's any more than any more

smarts in my life it said daily setting

the timeframe of the 30s and 40s the

story followed John Boy he was the

oldest of seven kids

his parents grandparents or the other

cast of characters in town

fun fact Richard Thomas did not narrate

the show but is actually the writer and

originator that did the actual voice of

boy as much as I enjoy the show and

while it is one of the most iconic

classic TV shows ever

what makes this visit extra specialty

cool is that it is one of my mom's

favorites as well growing up I remember

watching a lot of the episodes with her

and then later in life the reruns so

this makes it a little bit more

heartfelt going here up to Waltons

I'm actually going to Walton's mountain

now I can't be for certain Bigfoot

because I have lost cell phone signal

but my senses are telling me that this

might possibly be the right area very

similar type of houses I'm thinking

we're in the right direction well it's

official my RV has not what was the

stick to stick their sticks large wall

as a holding hand we're trying to say

okay RV is now parked on sacred pop

culture television history soil alright

have a hound in my cheek to these

things I shouldn't I should have

probably taken it out before it started

talking my apologies there's the post

office tiny tiny little community it's

incredible that the birds are chirping

almost as if they planned at that I

almost like a producer her director said

okay he's here birds start chirping

behind me is the location of the general

store that was used as the inspiration

from the show the old one burned down

they have rebuilt one in its place right

next door in real life just like in the

episodes right in front of the actual

home Chaka Khan Coco Coco Co that's it

it's quite the feeling to be standing

here this is where he grew up

it looks eerily similar to its recreated

counterpart in California those windows

up there good night john-boy

good night Mary Ellen ring a bell if

you've seen the show you know exactly

what I'm talking about

he passed away a couple years ago but

that's him standing in front of his home

and there he is with his pen in hand

doing some riding from up in the window

it's true very true I have stepped into

nostalgia overload at the moment holding

in my hands now is the key I was given

the key to the front door oh I'm going


oh my goodness no freakin way did it die

down done Tanner did it down down da da

da da da da da da da da da da da da da

da I am in the kitchen

the actual kitchen this what is

happening right now if it seems like I'm

geeking out a little bit if it appears

that way to you guys it's because in all

reality I totally am geeking out big

dive this is where he and his family

lives all those brothers and sisters mom

dad the whole crew

I can't believe I'm walking around in

here completely alone the life and times

of that family the trials and

tribulations were all written pinned and

thought and originated and created in

his mind looking out this window in this

spot so let that sink in for a second if

you have ever watched it read the books

seen the movies if it is a part of your

life this is where it started right here

right in this room the good old days the

good old days

the ideas they're flowing I I can

picture and I can see it totally now

don't quote me on this but I think this

was his real family the real-life

Waltons well the inspiration for the

Waltons and realize so few old books in

here oh there we go

there's another one that he offered and

I never even seen this series that's


whoa little paper cutouts Karin bin

Elizabeth Mary Ellen Jason john-boy

JimBob you can put clothes on him this

is quite the experience it's letting it

settle in I really like this I really do

I never thought the day would come that

I would get to walk around wander around

inside that house that was amazing in

the show John boy's writings were done

in a shed with the inspiration that this

store will the former store that burned

down served so in the show he walked

down to the shed but in reality it's the

store no photographs allowed inside but

I'll buy a few things I'll show you one

of them being this postcard of the

family's church that's what it looked

like then this is what it looks like now

and the house on the Warner Brothers

back lot there were two of them one of

them burned down my shirt is he the

first or the second one they both look

very similar what the real one look like

this is what the recreated one looks

like as well as an episode guide from 72


eighty-one first season starting in 72

going all the way through the ninth

season and 81 and there was a few movies

and TV specials leading all the way up

to 1997 and the show was based on I

think it was a pilot or maybe a movie

Christmas with the Waltons I can't

remember the name of it exactly but it

basically the Waltons around Christmas

time it was so popular that it created

the show after it of course the

floorplan of the real house differed

considerably from the interior floor

plan on the soundstage as well as the

exteriors and facades on the back lot

and just up the hill a bit is this the

mountain museum and they're open heck

yes about a month ago was the 45th

anniversary I was watching some videos

online and at that event they planted

this tree in the entire text or at least

the ones who decided to come out to it

we're here in dedication of this newly

planted tree you can still see how it's

freshly planted in the ground this

building used to be the Schuyler

elementary school I thought it was

pronounced Schuler but in fact it is

Schuyler just felt a little differently

it appears grandpa was a Pepsi man and

he enjoyed himself a.rb I really liked

the character of the play the guy who

played grandpa hall is great and they

have recreated sets and areas each of

the classrooms is now dedicated to each

character from the show itself they have

expressed the fact that his room really

did not have air-conditioning but as

stated on that sign it gets really hot

in here

and they want to stay cool so I can't

blame them because Virginia does get

very humid at times some past TV guides

some vinyl records a board game look at

this down here I never even knew that

existed oh that's me too the reserved

sign back when they were filming it and

some two awesome Barbie doll

type items all kind of stuff in here

before it burned down that's what the

store looked like Snead's

stored the basis for Ike godsey's

general merchandise store in fact

they've recreated that inside this room

as well as I recall his wife never was

really in a very good mood this was

available for sale I think I would

probably buy it but I think it's just I

think it's just for dislike but this is

only let's step inside the living room

now oh yeah it feels like it feels like

I'm in the show itself I keep expecting

one of them to walk through that door

and into another room stands the kitchen

lots and lots of scenes utilized this

type of area in fact they have one of

the crab dollies that was used to film

182 episodes that's cool

little history from California dragged

all the way out here in the hills of

Virginia look closely you can see a

teeter-totter down there

in the left corner in front of the home

here's another paper house they've

recreated it in lots of different

fashions including this one which is

really detailed with the tree and the

tire dangling there and the barn the

shed next to the house this is pretty

incredible these are some photos taken

back in the day if that's the barn

revealed that's what the interiors

really look like to the house before the

fire I'm not sure what year this is but

there it is right there

I'm Warner Brothers back lock and that's

behind the house the side you never see

the vibe of this place is really cool

the fact that they just take the heads

of the characters and taste them on the

wall like this you can stand next to

each one of the actors faces see how you

measure up height wise this is how tall

in real life they really were the

tallest being grandpa I'm 63 he's

probably six for her so he he towered

over everyone else judging by those

frame photos over there on the end table

I think this is the residence of the

Baldwin sisters they're up to no good

they're back at their moonshining recipe

ways a few years ago when I was going to

Disneyland pretty often I mentioned and

it was under a little bit of scrutiny if

it was true or false

but John Walton Tilly who played Jason

Walton the second oldest son always

played the guitar on the show I said I

thought it was rumored that he was part

of the pirate band at Disneyland I could

never really find hardcore confirmation

I talked to him about he never broke

character you never broke the pirate

character I think I had confirmed check

this out look at this John Walmsley with

the bootstrappers 2012 right there I was

right I was right the gentleman at the

general store told me to drive down this

road away I said there's a dam up here

oh yeah right over here to the right

check this out

little waterfall area

he was telling me that Earl is ashes or

at least some of his ashes when he

passed away last year

or maybe two years ago we're scattered

right there in the waterway some of them

there and some of them in the private

family cemetery which is off-limits for

the public there are two church

buildings in town the most aesthetically

incredible-looking one is this one

overgrown with ivy but the one down here

on the bottom of the hill if we look at

its television counterpart you will be

interested to know that John Ritter

prior to Three's Company was the

minister on the television program based

on this church I love John Ritter so I

had to mention that at this point I'm

kind of just driving around randomly I

don't have cell phone service trying to

find another spot

I don't know if I'm going the right way

crossing my fingers and just just

heading straight down this road since I

was slightly lost I pulled over and

asked two guys who are working on their

truck in their yard if they knew where

this structure where this building stood

their answer and I am paraphrasing

extremely paraphrasing plus what are you

doing here

nevertheless I have found the tracks at

rockfish to John Boyce narration talked

about on many many occasions this is the

post office opened in 1914 closed in 74

the last piece of Walton history is he

going to book right up there on the

ledge I found it this is a Tuffy I found

it I don't know how but I found it the

door's locked but you can peek in the

window and see the desk and the old iron

kettle pot there on the stove the photo

on this postcard I think was taken in

1985 pretty much still looks the same

today I'm glad to still standing I was

kind of worried that it had been removed

and on the door itself is a mail slot I

wonder if he came up here and tossed any

letters in there he probably did pretty

neat to think about I really enjoyed

this not only did it bring back a heck

of a lot of memories but I learned a lot

of new things that I saw things I had

never seen before I think the best way

to end this vlog is with some majestic

drone shots of the real-life Walton's


da-da-da-da-da-da get it

I did it dun dun Dada da da da da dadad

to the data to the data and and and did

it at a time walk over