Tour of the Prison Set with Robert Kirkman: Inside The Walking Dead

I'm standing in the middle of the prison

from the walking dead and it absolutely

you know is is everything I would have

hoped for it to be and it's just it's

blowing me away I really don't even know

what to do right now

grace Walker and his team have been

working around the clock trying to get

all this kind of stuff put together and

ready they've been painting dirt and

grit on things to make it look like it's

old they've been walking around and

taking a little bits of trash like

you'll see here this is an old keyboard

and I've just throwing it around to make

it look like it's a prison that has been

rioted and left and abandoned and

everything I never imagined that I would

be here standing in this prison it's

it's really strange to think about all

the pages coming in from Charlie Adlard

you know seven eight years ago when we

were doing the prison storyline on the

comic book and watching the way he drew

the prison cells and all the little

nuances and stuff we put in a comic book

prison and then to see people looking at

those comics and taking inspiration from

that and then constructing it in real

life and being able to actually go on to

second levels and walk up stairs and go

in cells and stuff is absolutely just

completely bizarre can totally you can

totally go up here things that are in

comics should never exist in real life I

just I feel really uncomfortable here


comms are actually stuff that force it

so here we are in cell 3 I believe it is

in the old prison which is pretty

unnerving this is my first time in a in

a prison cell which is pretty exciting

I'm sure it won't be my last

but we'll talk about that later so these

aren't as secure as you might think they

are but the doors are really solid

pretty awesome and then if you come in

here pretty comfy accommodations you

know you got your mattresses here I

would lay down on one of them but

they're kind of scuzzy right now and

then here's my favorite thing about this

room if you take a look over here this

is a fake nasty toilet I think that's

like wax or something it could be urine

and feces but I don't think it is you

can't go wrong there and then you've got

you got people out here causing a

commotion but but yeah I mean you know

it's just really amazing seeing this all

come together I mean watching these

walls and everything you know be put put

together the the prison is absolutely

bizarrely amazing I don't even know you

know what to do here I mean you can get

little stools here sometimes when I'm on

set I sit here and I work it's a lot of

fun I get my laptop out it's comfortable

here it's a nice place to work

coming into season three getting to see

this prison watching it all come

together you guys have no idea what is

coming but I can promise you it's gonna

be absolutely thrilling absolutely

amazing and anyone who's familiar with

the comic book series knows that the

things that start happening once Rick

and his group get to the prison are the

things that make the Walking Dead what

it is the most memorable exciting

gut-wrenching terrifying moments of the

comic book series happen in this place

and season three is just gonna blow

seasons 1 and 2 out of the water it's

gonna be crazy so be on the lookout geez

The Walking Dead Season premiere Sunday

October 14th only on AMC for more

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