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today as you guys can see from the title


your waistline understand this video

have been requested over and over how

many people anyways would ask me to do

it because a squaring team don't have

anything else to do so much for me more

videos more content so I'm gonna do a

way style video showing how to rotate

properly because some people don't even

know to do properly just doing this even

all right take that time you know I'm

saying reverse let's pretty much it

those three things

this videos not to be that long it's me

quite brief but you'll be able to

understand it yeah I must say if you're

under the age of 16 is come off the

video but this is not for your age your

parents have we around a carnival yes

without the parental and a guidance yeah

so maybe next year yes I'm gonna go

through the basics which we love to show

you know how it's supposed to be done a

lot of people that don't know how to do

and I must say yeah don't don't take

this to heart people Monday mr. Hart

yeah but I had the best weeks on you

yeah I'm not saying worldwide I'm saying

in the UK I don't know

yeah I have the best ways then because

all these people screaming are I'm the

best I'm the best nobody could tell me

this my buddy

so I will be sure and hopefully take my

take my tips yeah hope you know how it's

actually done yeah all these songs that

I'm paying our conversions no swearing

because you know I'm Matt Iseman sucking

up and I'm gonna bring good vibes I'm

not being bad vibes yeah I'm gonna bring

some excitement to verse 14 for some

people that when a comment here coming

laughs on my video

you show enjoy you know I'm saying I'm a

people I want to start in your face you

have something to the Amanda you get on

saying yeah and people that I'm draining

it and you stop something to have fun

about no I'm saying so


rotate shining full circle 360 not now

180 270 is 360 yeah

so I'm going to show you how I do yeah

then it's about 1 meter power bringing

it out yeah so now let's do some easy


and rotation rotation and then I'm still

going in a rotation is see it's not

again we didn't try this normal yeah I

knew the trial was yeah that's what this

plan before but yeah so you could try it

and see you the hang of it and if not

just go back and try again yeah



we are yeah this is the one that a lot

of people struggle to do yeah and the

thing is some people they use it in the

wrong way you feel the reverse you go

music for you

yeah I'm dancing with the music it's not

it's not you and the music turning clash

together yeah it's a blend together yeah

and then we can put all the moves that

I've just taught you guys together in

one upon another song again

and use that just put the whole thing in

together and you guys will see I know

much because I know some girls in here

you're watching because you want to see

me do my thing


yes it is not so when you cook is still

going around the circle same thing same

thing I didn't stop about gonna stop

just stop right there and try and just

fling it back so I don't mean either

stainless or bursting you know but it's

just that you do the same things but

backwards yeah so the same rotation spin

but just steel backwards then you just

go back as you guys you know some type

of thing because you guys understood

that but um yeah so let's try it out now

whatever every single move so we're

gonna start with the rotation then we're

gonna start with the tip and I'm gonna

go back into rotation then do the

reverse just follow what I'm doing and

hopefully get and if you don't get it

just go back


not from this video

I knew my explanation must be the best

but you guys won't understand that is

something that I never was taught I

taught myself to get on paying yeah from

the ceiling I'm doing yeah so feel free

to try it out give me your feedback on

how it's gone and if you guys were able

to get the hang of it and hopefully you

guys now know that I am the best of it

all this other guy saying that they're

not they're the best but really and

truly doing what the skill is permanent

I'm achievable you know you know what's


you got weights I'm saying










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not even see this video coming on your

couple days but not everybody I'm going

do Martin