Where is the waist? Where are the hips?

hey everybody its Matt shoe here with

Josh hash and we are going to talk about

a topic today that gets everybody

confused it gets us confused he gets

clients confused and it's about this

whole area and we want to talk about the

waist the hips but the glutes what are

all of these things so we did we've done

a lot of talking with clients we say you

know use your hips you know use your

butt whatever and people would say well

what is that and you know you talk about

your waist you're like is that it's my

waist here or is it here and it gets

really confusing because the language we

use around it is all over the place so

we wanted to go over some key points

here so you know where things aren't

anatomically just so you understand what

people are talking about when they say

all these different words so we're gonna

start at the highest point of this whole

little crazy area to start making this

clear so the highest point when we talk

about the waist the waist is actually

generally defined as a narrowest part

between the ribs and the pelvis so on

Josh you can see narrowest point is

basically right above his belly button

it would be where his love handles would

be if he had love handles right now but

right now doesn't really have them so

good face the camera so you can see he's

got just just that little area it starts

to come out here right up above that's

where that that waistline is for him so

it's a narrowest point between the ribs

and then the iliac crests on you know

your pelvic bones okay so the real

confusion starts happening though when

we started thinking about the waist

because then we also have the waistline

with our pants right and that has

basically nothing to do with where

nobody wears them up here not anymore

yes yeah yeah you're like you're your

mom maybe what I'm talking about

so the waistline on their pants is all

the way down here we talk about the

waistband right it's down here is

nowhere near where the knot that suppose

a natural waist is okay on women is also

gonna be a little bit different and it's

gonna be different on different people

if you have a lot of extra belly fat

your waist

just maybe even hard to find right it

may not be that narrow here so but in

general we're thinking about

just above the belly button as being a

place where we consider it the waist in

terms of the hips the hips get the the

term hips gets used for basically

everything with the pelvis a lot of

times like you see somebody moving their

hips or swaying their hips from side to

side a lot of times people are just

talking about the entire pelvic region

that's fair when you're measuring


the hips are doing like a waist to hip

ratio a lot of times that's the whole

circumference around the widest portion

of your your pelvic area so it could

just be your whole butt all the way

around here now when we're talking about

hips what are we talking about well

we're talking about more of the

anatomical hip all right so kind of like

where your femurs coming into your

pelvis which is like where the hell is

that right that's yeah basically if

you're looking for like hip joint then

hip joint is super hard hard to actually

pout and you can't palpate into your hip

joint with your hands but what you can

find is on the sides of your legs you'll

find that like bony bony bony part up

here just lower than your waistband

there's gonna be like a super bony part

there if you moved up and then you moved

way in like if your fingers could go

straight deep in there

that's where you would find the hip

joint so a lot of times people say like

oh my hip you like like you know my hip

joint hurts and they'll say it's deep in

the joint I've had people say like oh

it's it's deep in the joint and they'll

be pointing here right this is not where

your hip joint is right your hip joints

like we're way up in there and then deep

in there so it's important to know the

anatomy here just so you have a clear

understanding of what actually hurts or

what may feel weak or wherever that is

you know if you say like oh you know my

my hip always hurts and you're pointing

like back here you know sense yeah this

is kind of the hips but what are we

looking at here really we're talking

about glutes

we're talking about glue max a lot of

times people saved Milo back hurts and

the point here and you're still saying

well that's still glue max right so it's

important to know your landmarks to know

your Anatomy around this whole area so

hips we also sometimes use sloppily when

we're just saying like that whole pelvis

region or like yeah glutes right guys

we'll say use your hips we want you to

use your butt muscles and your

hamstrings sometimes it's just easier

shorthand to say that's a good way to

generalize things but you're trying to

dive deeper into you know knowing what's

going on actually like where this point

on your on your body hurts then it's

probably more efficient know like an

that thing where your actual hip joint

is like what this muscle actually is

it's not all just your hips my hips so

yeah but it's a lot easier for us to in

shorthand just say use your hips right

we want you to we want your hip joints

to be the things that are articulating

while you're moving you know rather than

say your vertebral joints your

intervertebral joints we want the hip

joints to be moving which means the hip

muscles like your butt muscles

hamstrings are doing the work to help

you control the range of motion that

you're trying to accomplish so yeah

hopefully that clears up that topic

there is a lot of ambiguity around those

words so hopefully this makes things a

little bit more clear and I hope you

remember that pain sucks life's in it

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