The story of the Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

we're at the western wall actually the

small part of the western one Jerusalem

Israel and we are entering it at

Thursday which is a permit medallion

before we will put this at them notes

between the West Roman stones we will go

in you can see their cheap-ass yarmulkes

if they don't have a hat please take one

yarmulke and put it on you there's no

wing that it won't slide away don't

worry yeah yeah that's okay but if you

want to take a picture with the yarmulke

you need the yarmulke and let's go to

see one of their major parades the

ladies will throw some switch on the

children and you will see me running and

eating them you can do that you yeah

they are really enough for the Bible

lessons I am meant a fish ma let's go



welcome yes

inside that beautiful box is the Torah

Oh Cassie is already a man he is already

finished to read it it's that it's it's

a Bible scroll that was written by hand

by this cry see that's the lien on the

head see the box on there yeah we talked

about it and he's now going to read from

the Bible can you take a picture oh good

I'm taking a video of it then because

you can take a picture of it and so as

he leaves for celebration sorry yeah

Wendy here we live it will be a matter

and before that the women would have

brought some sweets on him and said that

the women are hiding in the way mr.

Trump was praying there all right then

family let's go into the air-conditioned

part the women cannot use it let me

remind you that seven stones from down

to up is from the time of King Herod but

let's go to the air-conditioned part

because this is a touristic area and

that is not


what you see there are three evangelists


there's a brand three times a day is it

the second prayer of the day the winner

must have tempt me to pray


Yesha la molina off going throughout


another 12 meters of the reservoir I

will talk about later on Jesse


let's go out and let's put the notes

between the west coast on



we see it and then go after a lot going


Oh Bar Mitzvah guy mistletoe


yes yes no no no no that what they

really is for mister it's a book of

Prayer the children read from the Bible

of course the over under the New

Testament is not exist in there too

different then all right put the notes

put the notes go and again go right I

will follow you I will follow you

absolutely yeah choose a place to the

places remember they've gonna don't try

to hide it

they're gonna bury it later on at the

Western Wall where everybody's taking a

picture of him I so believe it's a Bar

Mitzvah guy edit row' Bar Mitzvah is a

barometer can say Mazel Tov two years

ago yeah he's the man now there's not a

child anymore

all right put your note put it out