hello everyone its James Chamberlain and

today we're going to be playing

jailbreak and I'm going to be showing

you where the I'm sure most of you know

about it already but if you did in there

is I'm actually another crudo bass on

the one in the volcano there is a

volcano in jailbreak that I am going to

show you today I will pause the video

while I wait for it to open jailbreak

and I'll tell you what it did alright

guys I'm back I'm now in the jail going

out to get a car and take you there me

just really quickly get up to the top

right now I hope you like this cool

kernel-based as much as I did when I

first found out about it because I think

it's really cool alright and I may

depending on my time I'm actually fly a

volcano to it after I'm fly a helicopter

to volcano so you know what the talk is

like after this I'm you make a left on

the main road drive down this path the

gunstore donut store all that stuff and

I'm right before the bridge you're gonna

make a left on a dirt road

roughly you probably already know this

but um I think it's kind of cool and not

everybody does so I fear I might as well

make a video on it

I'm past the garage here and here we are

at the bridge make a left turn B this

tunnel right here there's a tunnel

coming out of the mountain which is

obviously a little suspicious now here's

where it is if I was a criminal actually

this would open for me this door right

here automatically but since I'm not on

the sense I'm a cop it won't and I'm

just gonna have to go through now here I

am well you know um criminals are in

here and they kill me because I'm a cop

but here the base in here is a volcano

as you can see it there's glass here

so you can't fall in and cars spawn here

there's cars and you can get the

Lamborghini if you have a hundred

thousand cash you can get guns you can

take off on the second my mouse tipped

over but you can take off on your prison

clothes and just put on your regular

outfit and now I'll be back with a

helicopter and on a fly that in the


unfortunately it looks like no

helicopter is spawning so I'm gonna have

to go to the young I'm gonna have to go

to the little prison or how do I say a

little person I'm gonna have to go to

the little pop the little police station

in the city to get a helicopter and I

hope there's one there because I really

want to show you this I'll be back once

I have one I ended up having to join a

new server but um I did get a helicopter

and I'm heading to the volcano now so

I'll let you know all right I don't know

if you can see it right now but right

there is the volcano

let me ran my helicopter really quickly

and um let me try and land here just a


this isn't the best place to land

actually this right here is where I want

to land can I get down there right there

right here all right so I landed me

Haley and um unfortunately they didn't

tell us 114 a.m. in the game so it's

really dark which is I'm a bother

especially considering I'm trying to

show you guys something but I think we

can do it I think we can do it now here

is a volcano let me walk around it so

you can see right there there's not

something you want to fall into if you

do fall into it then you will die right

um I think it's really cool I hope you

enjoyed the video I just figured I might

as well show you the volcano and here's

what happens when you fall in now as you

can tell there's nothing else around

here but I hope you enjoyed the video

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