How to Find Your VIN Number

hello folks Larry with damage

we buy cars in lesson perfect condition

like to give you a couple of tips on

where to find your VIN number to your

car this is a critical number that when

you're selling your vehicle it gives

actually the profile of the car you

usually can find the VIN number on the

dash of most makes and models it is also

available on the door jamb of the

driver's side but we prefer to go with

the dashboard VIN number I'd like to

show you where that is please come with


okay folks this is the VIN number of

this particular model on most vehicles

you're going to find the VIN number is

on the driver's side this is the VIN

number that we prefer for you to give us

it's the number it's the vehicle

identification number it's from the

manufacturer so this is the one with we

request when we're asking you to get us

the VIN number this is the vehicle

identification number please make sure

you try and find it it's always going to

be on the driver's side it's either

going to be a little closer to the

actual post here or it's going to be

around this area but this is the vehicle

identification number or VIN okay on

this particular model there is another

area where you can typically find the

VIN number on most cars which would be

here in the driver's side either you're

going to find it here on the side of the

car you're going to find it in the

actual door jamb or in some occasions

you might find it on the actual door we

don't prefer to you to give us these

numbers just in the case the car has

been repaired and this may be a part

that got replaced it won't be the actual

VIN number of the car the public VIN

number or the VIN number that is on the

dash is always the most accurate number

to look at so please give us that number

when asked to provide the Vendome

okay folks in closing we have another

example which is a pickup truck again

the the overall a thing to remember is

that the VIN number is always going to

be on the driver's side in the dashboard

area typically look towards the porch

one of the pillars so let's walk over

here really quick okay so in this

particular model the VIN number is right

around the same area that the last model

had it on again you want to look on the

driver's side it might be a little

receded sometimes people put parking

tickets on top of them accidentally so

look for it in this general area this is

where you're going to find the VIN

number or the vehicle identification

number okay folks those two types of

vehicles that we just went through our

indicators of where the VIN number will

always be on a car we hope that this

information helps you please remember

that when you're trying to sell a car to

damaged cars the more information we

have be it images the VI n number good

contact information is going to make the

whole transaction more successful thank

you and please use damaged cars comm we

buy cars in less than perfect condition