Where is The Villages, Florida


hi everybody hello there Jerry

he does know where the village is

newcomers and we've got a show for you

today to answer that question that many

people across the country having we get

it all the time people watch our videos

and then write me a note or a question

or comment you may see it it

where are the villages the today's show

is going to show you where they are but

first let me ask you a question

Alexa who's the greatest football player

of all time those of you that have Alexa

just heard that Tom Brady is the

greatest football player of all time

I just thought it'd have a little fun

with that we got comments that anytime I

mentioned Alexa they started going off

in your home and he's here in Florida

now that's right he's on the Tampa Bay

but today we're going to show you major

cities airports beaches beaches major

attractions and we're going to tell you

just how far they are so you won't have

to wonder here is the villages the

northern border of Florida all the way

to the South here's the villages it's

500 miles from north to south in Florida

the northern border to the southern

that's a long way now the wide point

near Orlando which is what we care about

it's about a hundred and ten miles from

coast to coast so where are the villages

the villages are about an hour north

west of Orlando now if you were at the

Georgia line heading south the villages

is about a hundred and fifty miles from

the Florida Georgia line or is it

Georgia Florida line I know I think

there's a rock there's a country music

group what is it anyway you'll tell us

in the comments and the villages is just

about in the middle of the state by the


when I say is the villages or should you

say are the villages alright because

there's more than one right right no the

villages is the name of our city the

villages so when you're talking about

the villages you should say is it sounds

funny but if we were talking about all

the villages in the United States would

say are the villages bla bla bla but

it's one so is the villages just a

little teacher business there

so today's object is to show you where

it is because we we kind of thought it

would be easy any will go to the beach

let's go to the beach one thing yeah

it's not easy to get to the beach today

we plan to show you just how far it is

from the villages to major cities to

beaches to airports to attractions so I

hope this comes in handy for you let's

start with the airports that's how

people get here often

Florida is a destination that many

people drive to especially if you live

on the east coast but there are airports

and there are four that are within an

hour-and-a-half drive of the villages so

we're going to show you these and we'll

also show them to you on a map and you

can kind of get an idea we'll start with

the one that we use most often and that

is MCO which stands for Orlando

International Airport Orlando

International Airport is one hour and

six minutes by car we just went there

two days ago it is the best way to get

there is across the toll road the

florida turnpike Orlando International

Airport from where we live in the

villages on the Turnpike to the airport

and back takes $11.60

Tawes no not five dollars and 80 cents

each way by the way all the numbers that

we give you today are just our ideas you

may find them be different they could

raise rates except for the times could

take longer for you to get there but

it's 62 miles 61 point eight miles to

Orlando International Airport another

Airport people commonly come into is

Tampa Airport the International Airport

and it is eighty-seven point two miles

away which takes about an hour and 28

minutes sometimes and especially during

crowded times holiday times when people

are coming to Disney World

flocking into Orlando will use Tampa the

time to actually get there is pretty

convenient because it's straight it's

mostly highway and there are no tolls

Tampa International Airport another

Airport that many people use and mainly

use this Airport because it's where

Allegiant flies Allegiant is an airline

that puts a lot of really low fares out

there of course then you pay for your

seat assignment you pay for your

carry-on luggage you pay for your

checked luggage but a lot of people are

using it and that is called the Orlando

Sanford International Airport it's near

Sanford Florida it's north west of

Orlando Sanford International Airport

it's still a short trip one hour and 23

minutes and it's about 79 miles another

Airport that we use from time to time is

Gainesville Regional Airport

it's about 71 miles up the road no tolls

Gainesville Airport it takes about an

hour and 20 minutes to get there we have

used it it's a small airport I believe

it only has three gates but American

Airlines flies in and out of there and

we fly American from

at a time so Gainesville if I can go

there I like to go there it's easy and

easy very convenient for us to get from

the airport to the villages or from the

villages to the airport you can take

your own vehicle you can park it there

that's a little bit expensive unless you

pay premium your car is going to be

parked outside you might forget where

you parked it like we did one time but

we like to take the villages

transportation and there are several

companies that are competing for your

business they range from $35 for shared

trips to $100.00 you know for private

vehicles but the one that I'm going to

mention today and I only mentioned this

because I like what they're doing is

groomed transportation we don't get paid

if you got a compensation but they offer

free transportation to active duty

military and I think that is a wonderful

thing our three sons are military and

that comes in handy they're offering $19

on one-way trips they are offering $19

one-way trips to or from Orlando

International Airport you're in the

villages you knew you were coming to

Florida you anticipated the white sandy

beaches but you didn't find any here in

the villages so you want to go where do

you go the most famous beach in Florida

is probably Daytona Beach Daytona Beach

is 75 miles from here and it's not

interstate it's kind of a kind of a trip

to get there it takes about an hour and

49 minutes maybe up to two hours

Daytona Beach so it's not right close

but Daytona Beach is one that is

accessible from here another Beach it's

very famous is the Clearwater Beach

which is on the gulf side it takes about

one hour and 58 minutes it's a hundred

and four miles away Clearwater Beach

each it is we've been there we've been

to Daytona we've been to Clearwater by

the way these numbers we're giving you

came straight off of Google so you know

we didn't go out measure these that's

that's where we're getting our

information now let's go to the shark

attack capital of Florida ooh that's

what I was told if you live in New

Smyrna or if you're the mayor don't

don't be mad at me I don't know that for

sure but New Smyrna Beach New Smyrna

Beach is about two hours from here 153

on a good day

one hour and 53 minutes New Smyrna Beach

about 77 miles it's on the east coast of

Florida right into the beach is another

really nice beaches on the gulf side

it's a 128 miles away takes about two

hours and 16 minutes and I hear it's a

very beautiful Beach Melbourne Beach

I don't think I've been there it's two

hours 20 minutes away give or take about

126 miles

Mel Bourne Beach it also is on the East

Coast on the Atlantic Ocean and I've

heard it's a very nice Beach Cocoa Beach

is on the East Coast and it's kind of

famous for the astronauts and the what

is that area over there no no it's

famous because that's where I Dream of

Jeannie yeah sorry about that

Major Nelson and major yeah well anyway

it's 110 miles away one hour and 57

minutes almost two hours yeah it's real

close to where they do the Space Launch

and there you go Cocoa Beach not really

a beach but a place we like to visit for


it's where you can see the manatees it's

where you can do some exploring and the

river Crystal River Florida Crystal

River is on the gulf side and it's the

closest of these attractions it's only

an hour away it's only 42 miles Crystal

River it's down highway 44 which

originated which goes right through the


here it's an easy trip and we've gone to

Crystal River on multiple occasions and

we highly recommend that amelia island

is on the East Coast and it's up near

Jacksonville it's a hundred and sixty

seven miles away it takes about three

hours and four minutes to get there I

hear a lot about Melia Island well we

went there remember your shirt says

kayak Amelia I know our Navy son was

showing us how how good he was on the

kayaking he he wiggled when he should

have waggle then he ended up upside down

in that kayak now was the high point of

the trip right there

thanks I'm the final beach that we'll

mention today is sanibel island we've

been to Sanibel Island it's a beautiful

place it's it's near Fort Myers which I

will point out to you in just a few

moments but about two hundred and thirty

miles from here three hours from 45

minutes to Sanibel on Sanibel Island

Sanibel ons beautiful place the largest

city near here is Orlando which is about

an hour away 56 miles and we fly often

into Orlando Gainesville Gainesville is

north Florida it's about an hour and 12

minutes from here

67 miles Jacksonville is on the East


it's 135 miles about two and a half

hours away Jacksonville

st. Augustine now st. Augustine's on the

Gulf it's south of Jacksonville known as

the oldest city in the United States

this was a Spanish settlement many years

ago also I have heard that that's where

a lot of people think that the Fountain

of Youth was located but we know that's

false because it's right yeah oh yeah in

the villages st. Augustine's two hours

and 22 minutes from here

101 miles st. Augustine

Fort Myers is on the gulf side south of


it's 198 miles about three hours and

eight minutes away

Fort Myers pensacola pensacola is up in

the Panhandle far west part of florida

we've been there many times that's the

home of the Blue Angels an incredible

flight demonstration team we love those

guys it's a long drive from here we got

a buddy that lives right up by there his

name is buddy yeah five hours and 48

minutes by car to Pensacola 405 miles

that is a long trip

Pensacola I don't know there's your

favorite spot I've been up in the

Panhandle Destin Destin was an easy way

to get when we went we're living in

Indiana Destin was a good dry forest but

a 10 hour drive but from here

it's 367 miles which is about a

five-hour drive five hours and a half

actually Destin yeah one time if you've

stayed with us you're gonna know some

trivia here about the newcomers we were

almost the Destin newcomers we really

liked that area we loved to go out there

on the boats and play with those

dolphins and that's

beautiful up there Oh white sandy

beaches there we are afraid of the

Hurricanes and one hit boy and just tore

that place up a little more than a year

ago so that's that's the main reason

that we kept coming down south of the

villages final city that we're going to

mention in Florida is Tallahassee about

three hours certain 18 minutes north

according to Google 212 miles

tallahassee tallahassee a lot of people

that come to Florida come here for the

attractions and a lot of those

attractions are close to the villages

and that's one of the strengths here but

again what is close it's a relative term

about an hour an hour and Walt Disney

World for example and when you say Walt

Disney World you can say Epcot and the

Disney Animal Kingdom you could say

Universal Studios and you could say see

a world and no Busch Gardens is in Tampa

oh sorry it's okay but uh they're about

an hour away just one hour from here

unless you get traffic problems and the

closer you get to Orlando the more

likely that is but it's it's an hour 56

miles to the Magic Kingdom and the

Disney area

Tampa Bay we mentioned Busch Gardens we

like Busch Gardens who went there on our

honeymoon 1978 yeah it's an hour in

nineteen minute drive 77 miles it's an

easy drive though it's an easy hour and

20 minute drive or so 77 miles Tampa is

about an hour in 20 minutes away 80

miles and it's charming little town with

a lot of Greek heritage the tarpon

spring area where divers would get

sponges and all kinds of neat things a

great Greek food there yeah we went to

tarpon springs not long ago six months

ago it's a it is a neat place a bore

city a lot of

Cuban influence in the Tampa area I

think in Greek as well so those are the

major cities that we're gonna mention

today there are others you know if you

want to go to the Florida Keys that's a

long drive

Florida Keys or a five-hour drive from

here yeah the Everglades Everglades is

cool I mean oh you know I'm a nature boy

so I like the Everglades Everglades is

about 300 miles it takes about four and

a half hours to get there if you wanted

to go to the Everglades

West Palm Beach we didn't mention that's

over 200 miles in about three hours

315 from here so that's just a look at

what some of the things are that you may

want to go to we hope you've enjoyed

this look at just where the villages are

just remember we're in Central Florida

we're about a hundred and fifty miles

from the Georgia line we're not near the

coast we're pretty close to the middle

of the state maybe a little closer to

the Gulf than we are to the Atlantic but

it's going to take you a couple of hours

to get to a beach until next time we'll

see you when you get here