The Great Gatsby (2013) - Tom takes Nick to the Valley of Ashes Scene (8/40) | Momentos

tom had invited me to town

apparently for lunch at the yale club


the day took an unexpected turn

come on what do you mean

trust me what are we doing

what are you doing

oh god tom hey wait a second


hello wilson how's business

yeah i can't complain uh

so uh when you sell me that car

well i've still got my man working on it

that only works pretty slow don't he

maybe i better sell it somewhere else oh

no no no i wasn't seeing that

if it's business you should be talking

to me

get some chairs why don't you so

somebody can sit down

uh sure yeah let's talk business

sure i'll get the chairs uh

why don't you uh once you entertain yeah

no thank you no uh mrs wilson okay

nick carraway oh a pleasure uh nick's

the writer

oh oh i'm in bonds actually i want you

to get on the next train now yes

can we get the dog for the apartment

whatever you want

you want a soda oh i'm fine

call your sister if you like him no no

uh that's all right i think catherine's

said to be very good looking like people

who ought to know oh really i can't

hey you want to embarrass myrtle

let's misbehave