EZ Pass 101

you're going to need to bring their tag

number from the vehicle

we recommend their driver's license we

have them fill out the application once

we fill out the application and we

process it we will give them the device

instructions inside in the non read back

the cost of it is $10 the device itself

is straight as an Andre bag is so if you

go to another facility that you choose

not to read because you have just the a

plan on it where you go out of state and

put it in this laundry bag so it does

not read directions say is three inches

down two inches over but you want to

below any window tint or antennas and

then you just press it up against it

make sure that you can see the Hatem

symbol towards you you know you have it

properly mounted

because you're going to check it out

today you're going to take the film off

the back of the jewel locks you're going

to have the Hayden plant facing you

you're going to make sure it's below any

window tinting or antenna lines and then

you're going to mount it just like that