The Last Flight of the U.S.S. Constitution - Fallout 4 Lore

while exploring the ruins east of Bunker

Hill you'll come upon a giant wooden

ship lodged in the ruins of a large

building companions will often comment

on the scene how in the hell did a shift

get all the way up there as you get

close you are approached by a mr. handy

robot named lookout steady steady

accessing pre-war records record found

109th Infantry Regiment 2nd battalion Oh

aye there tis Providence a member of the

Congressional armies a lever to us in

our hour of need

I was in the army but what's the

congressional army standing order sir

proclamation 3 all members of the US

Army are hereby members of the

congressional army the captain requests

your presence on the bridge the

double-quick SAR this lookout has

different dialogue depending on whether

or not you chose to use the male or

female sole survivor if you choose male

the lookout mentions your military

record if you choose female the lookout

mentions your career as a lawyer one of

the scientists in advanced systems try

to figure out how this boat could have

ended up here eventually he just gave


scanning accessing pre-war records

record found driver's license s 9 1 3 2

8 8 6 2 lawyer

oh I their citizen you are hereby

conscripted another congressional army

you're doing what you don't have the

authority to do that we are in desperate

times madam Proclamation 22 allows all

crew members to conscription essence for

the warrant there's no way I'm joining

your army under the terms of

proclamation 22 your consent is not

required we are in a state of emergency

so now I'm in the army

all right your cooperation is greatly

appreciated madam this wrecked building

was formerly called the Weatherby

Savings and Loan this

as a bank inside we find cash registers

filled with pre-war money and we have to

wind our way through the ruin to reach

the top floor once at the top we can

admire the large jets that seem to be

attached to this ancient ship these

almost look like the Rockets that we

find in the arc jet systems building

during the quest that we did when we met

Paladin dance to enter the ship we open

the bottom hatch and as we walk the

captain of this vessel addresses his

crew at length we are approached by a

police protectron named first mate

identified intruder intruder requesting

permission to cute lethal force

wait you're going to kill me we're the

only ones that will be doing the killing

around here affirmative this must be a


you invited me aboard why we accepted

that invitation is entirely another

matter no records found try that and

you'll be nothing but scrap metal pal I

got no problem shooting robots threat

detected awaiting permission to

terminate target I captain standing down

having survived our encounter with the

first mate we can continue to the top

floor to find a staircase that leads to

the deck here we find the captain of

this vessel a sentry bot wearing a

stellar hat

named Ironsides Oh none of your lip mr.

navigator have the crow's nest and two

points off the port bow jump to it hi

our soldier has arrived

I trust the first mate didn't give you

too hard a time

in too long since we've seen the

congressional army are you broken why

the hell are you talking like that the

queen bull guilty of the common soldier

it warms the circuits first ninth

congressional army what why are you

talking like that this is the pride of

our Navy the USS Constitution as a

commander it is my privilege to impose a

certain measure of the Quorum mongst my

crew thanks for calling a marvelous game

shows you have the proper number of

appendages still so all as well I am

captain Ironsides commander of the USS

Constitution why are you even here

on this ship it's ancient this vessel

has more than once been the seat of all

great nation's naval power this is not

fitting she'd on this mantle again you

didn't explain why you're talking like

that look around you in these times of

great unrest is it not prudent to adopt

the manner of a more civilized time that

answer is not to your satisfaction I'm

afraid you must make your peace with it

are you crazy

do you even know what year it is do not

mistake my genteel manner for

derangement sir I am fully aware but it

is the year of our Lord 2287 your

lookout told me to come up here why I

confess we need your assistance you

visit this fine vessel in trying times

it called these long years on her airy

perch damn you Willoughby savings alone

I spit at you how did it even get up

here now this I have to hear a harrowing

tale of that there can be no doubt or I

should say I assume it is I came upon

her she is top the Sargassum sea of

rubble and misfortune you should just

abandon the ship I agree I take what I

can and then burn the rest it is not in

my character sir to retreat simply

because the odds aren't great I will


that's quite a predicament well at least

you've given us something to laugh at

for a while a sad state of affairs for

such a historic ship frankly I can't

believe that hunk of wood is still in

one piece oh that's we are in agreement

what makes us me most is my inability to

assist in the war effort

my gun decks have not but more rats in

there the whales as targets enough

pleasantries the Constitution has

systems that need repairs to carry out

its mission what war effort against

Communist China of course but if any

redcoats or Canadians sail nearby I will

give them a good thrashing

to be sure to avenge the burning of our

nation's capital would be a sweet

victory indeed fix the ship yourself I

don't take orders from you I insist you

do sir it's a court-martial offense to

disobey the orders of a superior officer

if I helped you I expect part of the

payment up front

what's a singular request where are you

in the Navy I would remind you of your

oath but as a soldier I will authorize a

performance bonds payable immediately

consult with the ship's person consult

with the booze in there mr. navigator

and kin they will relay your

instructions as soon as we are dismissed

the ship gets attacked soldier man the

cannons kill them only as a last resort

a few warning shots usually scare that

rattle off scavengers emerge from the

ruins and start to attack for robots

aboard the ship and you come out to the

fence you can activate a nearby circuit

which controls the cannons arrayed on

the deck this fires the cannons

annihilating most of the scavengers you

can then pick off the rest of the ranged

weapon or hop on down to deal with them


when done we need to find the purser

that Ironsides talked about to get our

upfront fee this is the terminal on deck

and it's here we learn a little bit of

history about this ship the USS

Constitution was a museum ship in Boston

just like it is in the real world today

that's right the USS Constitution is a

ship from our own history it was

designed by a man named Joshua Humphries

who used an unusual design at the time

they gave the ship a lung keel and

narrow beam he mounted it with very

heavy guns and extremely sick planking

it gave the ship's hull greater strength

than most frigates of the time which

came in handy as this ship was used in

many fights including the quasi-war of


first Barbary war against the pirates

the war of 1812 and it even had a role

in the Civil War its most famous

encounter was against the French vessel

the HMS Garry air the Garry air opened

fire upon the USS Constitution but the

cannonballs just bounced off this was

due to the exceptionally sick hull of

Joshua Humphreys design the Constitution

defeated the Gary air and became famous

everyone nicknamed the ship Old


since the cannonballs just bounced off

this of course is why the century but we

find is named Ironsides back to fallout

lore we learn from this terminal that

Ironsides was a tourist pot his accent

and way of speaking was likely

programmed to be an amusing attraction

however after the great war of 2077

Ironsides found ways to overwrite his

programming to release himself as he

says from the shackles of his tourist

robot programming eventually he

developed a mission of becoming captain

of this vessel but we don't really know

how it became equipped with the rocket

boosters or how it got lodged in this

building Ironsides tells us that the

ship was like this when he got here

which doesn't make a lot of sense if

he's been here the whole time as a

tourist robot maybe he's talking about

his new personality his new role in life

as captain of this vessel

maybe that is when he counts his

existence or maybe the Bostonians of the

time in this Fallout universe equipped

the vessel with these giant rocket

boosters so that it could put on amusing

shows possibly during the fourth of July

at any rate we can collect our fee from

this terminal and then head below deck

to talk to the bosun your very presence

does this humble gift a great honor my

programming would find it amiss if I did

not also interject blond leave the

captain You certainly have her much

obliged for the compliment is every

robot honest her broken cooking face I

may be missing a few parts and it

considered standard on my model broken I

should say not do you often just

interject as you put it indeed I do I

exclaimed on except

and not because I've been reprogrammed

five times that poor heartedly embrace

these marvelous turns of phrase and

anachronism my little heart burns with a

fetus love in a pension for our captain

Azhar why were you reprogrammed was the

captain in one will confide this only as

a cautionary tale the captain requires

all crew to speak in the proper idiom we

are the inheritors of a sacred tradition

there was a time I thought he was well

bowling with many programming or

seasoned calculable wisdom Alex Marine

expedition valiantly returned with

much-needed supplies including

replacement power cable sir alas we

persevere lack of appendages finally

self equal to the task of repairing the

cables myself to someone else repair

firstly this crew is programmed for Fort

Marshall pursuits and they are dare I

say useless in this endeavor

oh we're I hale and hearty but fate is a

cruel mistress how do you Your Honor I

was stolen from me in their prime with a

full to sector effect on their warranty

the scavengers come blessed them object

isn't they and they defended our sisters

when the ship's surgeon still with us

the ship had a surgeon what happened to

him sadly he is no longer with us

another casualty enough for ice gas in

war with the scavengers it's passing

it's a terrible loss look around

the captain's mission brought us here

but it was the surgeon will remove the

Constitution now it falls to us to carry

on his work I'm not a mechanical I would

despair but it appears my despairing

lead has been forcibly removed so

instead I will awake the cables repairs

with unbridled and

I'll see what I can do about your cable

offer you mind sorry emulators like they

buy the microsecond once you have

resolved this matter I beseech you to

return to me to accept undying gratitude

so he wants us to repair the power

cables on this vessel we find big yellow

cable boxes and if our intelligence is

higher than 3 we can jerry-rig these

ourselves otherwise we can find the

necessary cables in a big metal box

right next to the first yellow cable box

with those in hand we can go to the

three yellow cable boxes on the ship and

repair the wiring we can then head back

to the bosun to tell them of the good

news listen o course is the Constitution

signed again systems conserved

regatta night a hearty congratulations

Wow whoever they just brought to light

further filters in a power grid the

power relay from our Shan previously

complained about is fluctuating wildly

why are you ashamed of that the Morrell

sir there were dark times but I mean all

manner of baseless complaint against

again the manner in which the ship is

run and the possibility of our sacred

mission but now I see the error of my

ways the door help perhaps I can atone

can't you fix anything yourself your

criticism squarely hits the mark sir I

fear the British builders many of fine

mr. handy on its face I trick you to aid

us once more don't worry I guess you

have been running too late for you sir

our relay coils are common enough time

might I recommend checking the local

shop case sir they would be some

assistance fair winds and following seas

on the wall we find a fuse box but now

in this ship it's called a power relay

box we need to find power relay coils

and these are actually easy to find they

drop off of machine-gun turrets all the

time if we don't have any handy we can

use an intelligence of 5 or greater to

repair them otherwise we need to go and

find some once repaired we can go back

to the bosun our clothes and

steady I would applaud you the last who

cannot due to my lack of clamping

instruments but the salsa bazaar please

tell me we're done indeed we are

so no more problems with the power area

one it flows like a veritable torrent

through our cables if I may say so the

surgeon would be proud well you're very

welcome both intuitive kind I require no

further assistance but I'll miss the

navigator it's also be sent by troubles

scuttle buddies a guidance system is on

our last legs if you've not already

speak to it there Z well next up it's

the navigator we find him topside from

mr. navigator we can learn more about

these scavenger attacks hi soldier

scavenger threat eliminated damage

assessment will commence after this unit

has completed scheduled duties

why did the scavengers attack scavengers

have a dead ship 17 times destroyed 30%

of ship's systems

stole 5% of ships store logic error

captain's orders authorized scavenger

termination only if necessary to

preserve the ship if they've attacked

you 17 times why don't you fight back

unit suggest captain's Cole processes in

need of extensive maintenance I didn't

know helping you guys would turn me into

a target owning redundant entire

Commonwealth region is classified as

extremely dangerous

you robots do a good job of defending a

ship Proclamation what defend the

Constitution by any means necessary

guidance system offline multiple arrows

diagnosed first error guidance chip

stolen this unit requires its returned

who stole your guidance chip guidance

chip is one entry on the list of stolen

items refrain ship at scavengers forward

recon station captain has approved a

bounty or a Twitter this boss is

prohibited unless absolutely

after pinging a lot and available for

your use sir so the scavengers stole the

ship's guidance chip and we need to find

a way to get it back well there's a

dinghy in the very back of the ship and

the robots have turned it into a little

elevator we can take the dinghy elevator

down to the ground and then head west to

top with the scavengers now I wanted to

talk with these guys during the day so I

found a bench and waited at daybreak

even though it was raining I managed to

find the scavengers in their

headquarters they are led by a scavenger

named Mandy Stiles

oh shoot those [ __ ] didn't look at

the ship on our orders they weren't

trying to frag yeah anyhow they just

wanted to kill the frickin robots so

some of your guys almost got me killed

we told those crazy [ __ ] not to

attack it's not our fault alright so

they were scavengers but not with you

well they were kind of with us we're not

really used to working together it's not

like anyone is in charge but we do have

an agreement everyone works together

gets an equal share when you balls to

board the ship those [ __ ] just kind

of lost it they broke our agreement and

paid for it

how did you get aboard anyway we thought

you were going to get cratered for sure

does it really matter how I got a board

fine don't tell me how I got a board is

my business not yours

alright forgive me for asking he knew I

was an Army veteran zone he let me on

the ship army isn't that some old-world

mumbo-jumbo whatever

get got the city inside huh all that

Salvage the real mother lode just

waiting to be stripped and sold he's all

the junk inside really that valuable

well yeah we could keep diamond City in

parts for months with all them gizmos we

never have to scrounge in the gutter and

care so it all boils down to greed like

it always does hey if we sell those


I don't know they could help orphans and

stuff us humans could use it a lot more

than those robots so you talked with a

tin can what do you have to say what do

you think he said no frickin clue

the only talking we ever did to that

rust bucket was him yelling at us about

chill hauling crap like that while his

robots tried a murderer we talked about

a lot of things let me guess he wants

his computer chip back right well too


it's our Salvage now you know what he

needs it for his rocks the huge goddamn

rock that's on the side of his boat he's


rockets why is he building rockets who

knows maybe a bomb maybe I'll launch

himself into space who cares it's

valuable as hell that's what matters

he didn't tell me that of course she

didn't because he's off his damned

rocker I'm sure there's a good reason he

needs them you seriously want to help

that idiot bolts for brains

so he wants to build a rocket you can't

seriously be alright with that screw

that robot and come work with us there's

dozens more of us nearby it's only a

matter of time before we come out on top

I'm not splitting my share with him you

holding out on us Davies you got some

magical way in there this guy's got a

free ticket aboard so shut up help us

destroy that freakin tin pan once and


are all what's in it for me never

thought I'd say this but those robots

are so daft I'd help this lad for free

what do you think the tin cans gonna pay

you maybe in some freaking doubloons

stick with us and you'll be rolling in

capped so you in or out now we can

respond to this entreaty a number of

ways we can simply say no no deal I'm

with Ironsides you're siding with that

Daffy robot then screw you [ __ ]

you're lucky we don't gun you down if we

choose this option we still have to get

the guidance chip which is found inside

a filing cabinet inside the building

there's a guard posted at the door and

he's watching us but after a while he

will walk away if we wait till we're

hidden we can loot it but the still

alerts the scavengers they all opened

fire on you forcing you to kill them it

was one of it you meant with another

option is to say that we need some time

to think about this I need to think

about this you kiddin what's there to

think about that robot is daft as a

brush don't take too long a real crack

the constant you should open ourself

then you'll get nothing this puts them

off their guard we can go to that back

room wait until we're no longer detected

and steal the guidance chip then we can

unchain and sneak out the back door but

we have to be careful because we find

fragmentation mines on the ground we

have to disarm these before we leave the

third way to avoid bloodshed is to

simply agree to the plan we could be

honest we really want to side with them

or we could be lying we don't have to

make that choice yet yeah I'm in what's

the plan

thank God I almost thought you were

buying into the whole pirate thing

that's the right call I've been working

this claim for months like hell I'm

letting this greenhorn take any of my

calves we got no choice we need him

Davies we need to sabotage those Rockets

if they blow up that will put those

frigging cannons offline so if you find

rocket parts for the tin can given to me

first and Davies will make some special

improvements I repaired the ship's power

systems is that going to be a problem

power systems that won't do nothing

closest we ever got to screwing him over

is grabbing their guidance chip and if

we kink her with that then who knows

where the simple land if it takes off we

need to sabotage the rocket itself

they're super complicated easy to break

he's got to be missing some parts

you better not double-cross me Trust is

a two-way street the guidance chip is in

one of the filing cabinets inside you

better not renege on our deal if we

choose this option they tell us that we

can retrieve the guidance chip freely

now everything inside this house is no

longer set to owned we can let the

guidance chip and everything else if we

want so we should take advantage of that

opportunity now with the guidance chip

in hand we can go back to the USS

Constitution and find the yellow

guidance dish on the deck nearby there's

a little controller where we can place

the chip and then we can talk to the

navigator hey soldier chip recovered

dispensing boundary Diagnostics robot

one error remaining guidance radars

transmitter is not functional requires

replacement what's wrong with the

transmission diagnostic inconclusive no

functioning mr. handy is available for

detailed analysis and this is the part

where I bail you out again

soldiers statement effectually valid

acquire Poseidon radar transmitter at

specified map coordinates further bounty

will be displaced

upon completion our next mission is to

get a Poseidon radar transmitter if our

intelligence is greater than 9 we can

repair it without having to go hunting

otherwise we are sent to one of two

Poseidon energy locations the first is

the poseidon energy turbine number 18s

in the big end of dungeon chest

inside the turbine or as I was wee

may be sent to the poseidon energy

reservoir this place is infested with

ghouls and it may take you some time but

like at the turbine we find the radar

transmitter in an end of dungeon chests

at the bottom of the reservoir back at

the USS Constitution we can then go to

the guidance dish and install the radar

transmitter once done we can again talk

to mr. navigator hi soldier guidance

system fully functioning LT dispensed it

is required you commence dialogue with

the captain sir captain iron sacks

you've been of service to our noble


I am pleased you recover the guidance

chip without bloodshed though the

scavengers have cost us Rivas injury our

goals must be nobler than based revenge

why did you want to spare the scavengers

like invest they are a blight upon my

existence those scalawags killed many of

my Marines went down to a skeleton crew

due to that fit but they are citizens of

the Commonwealth citizens we're pledged

to protect against foreign incursion

which is not without its Byerly the

scavengers tried to convince me to blow

up your rocket they seek to impugn the

honor of the military truly there's no

debt they will not think to I find I

must reward your considerable efforts

with the final labour we stand but a

hair's breadth away from embarking on

our sacred mission so now can you tell

me what going on complete this task and

I will gladly relate our mission until

then silence vigilance the ship requires

terrible pop bearings from a nearby

Factory it will undoubtedly be a

dangerous mission but I have faith you

will succeed I thought I was finally

done with this we are defined by the

calibre of challenges we choose to

undertake so attack adversity is Gaston

I'm always happy to help I would expect

nothing less

now we've got to find some turbo pump


sadly no amount of intelligence allows

us to bypass this step the game will

randomly pick one of three locations

either the core Vega

assembly plant fort Hagen or the General

Atomics Factory I got the core Vega

assembly plant

off to Lexington we go inside the plant

we deal with the Raiders and then inside

one of the Raider pods were the bosses

we find the turbopump bearings in the

end of dungeon chests now that we have

these bearings we have a choice to make

do we side with the scavengers and give

it to them so that they can sabotage it

or do we bring it to Ironsides and

install it ourselves I will show you

both outcomes but first let's help out

Old Ironsides now Ironsides gave us a

key to his personal captain's quarters

inside we find a hatch open this is the

turbo pump with the correct part in hand

we can install the FLL free turbo pump

bearings to complete this portion of the

quest also while we're here we can loot

a copy of the u.s. covert operations

manual urban camouflage sitting on a

table inside the captain's quarters it

makes you permanently more difficult to

detect while sneaking once done we can

report our success to captain Ironsides

and at last he tells us his plan Jim the

tower on the starboard bow steady as she

goes mr. navigator look missing at long

last we'll set sail at our hero of the

hours - think you've earned a double

share sir well done set sail you'll need

a hell of a lot more than lot to do


is reasonable on the eve of our voyage

the need for secrecy is long past our

twin NX 42 rockets will alight and then

Morris when this dreaded

savings-and-loan the constitution will

launch into the heavens and after gently

land in the ocean then we take our

rightful place as defenders of the

Atlantic you're going to what thing of

brilliance is it not you're gonna blow

the whole damn ship up oh ye of little

faith there is a spent 14% chance of

that that's ambitious as they say

nothing ventured nothing gained

mr. navigator put her through her paces

we need to those motherless curl

prepare to broadside defend the

Constitution until our last breath the

scavengers attack like the last time we

must fight them either ranged or jump

down to engage in closed quarters combat

these scavengers are more highly armed

than the ones we met previously they

even use missile launchers at you once

they are dealt with we can go back to

Ironsides to see if he really does

intend to put this thing in the air both

be good the scavenger assault has been

broken not one of them scallywag stick

put on our vessel All Hands prepare for

launch they're still going through with

this even tired the scavengers will


maybe now or never this is a horrible


well me if I fail I'll be going then

there is one thing we need power from

the auxiliary generators commence our

voyage I fear I must call upon you one

last time I'm getting tired of doing

your errands there is nothing left to be

done victory more bitter defeat is all

that remains I've come this far

I recognize that without your

considerable efforts you would not be

here where's the generator on the top

deck of the Royal Arms Apartments

scavengers may yet remain so have a care

consider it done I admire your pluck

here is your amply deserved reward

Godspeed you sir as a reward we get the

broadside err

this is a unique heavy weapon that takes

cannon balls as ammunition it does a lot

of damage but you only get one shot at a

time and it's so slow to reload you can

upgrade it at a weapons workbench but

the upgrades are okay they're not

stellar in my game I don't think I would

replace my Gatling laser with it but it

sure is a fun weapon to use now one may

be concerned with lack of cannon balls

as ammunition but you can always use an

iPod pod from the automatron dlc to go

find more stacks of cannon balls if you

do you'll find stacks of cannon balls in

30 or 40 balls which does make this a

viable weapon for everyday use but back

to the task at hand we need to turn on

the generator at the Royal Arms

Apartments the apartments are the

destroyed building just across the

street from where we

and the scavengers headquarters climbing

all the way to the top we find a circuit

breaker next to a radio ironsides will

talk to us through this radio once ready

we can flip it - ready for our

experience our how in the hell that a

shift get all the way up there one cow

how in that habit of shift get all the

way up there


as a navigator white the engines printed

seaming the zone shall be more no longer

come points to stop

with an explosion the USS Constitution

roars to life and sails from atop the

Wetherby savings-and-loan across the

water you hear that

then it smashes into a giant skyscraper

effectively ending the maiden flight of

the USS Constitution century that ship

ends up everywhere except the water

ironically the building it crashes into

is Weatherby investment trust they went

from one financial institution to

another one this one deeper in downtown

Boston now that he's got a new home we

can head back to talk to Ironsides to do

so we head to the Wetherby investment

and trust there's a Slocum's Joe in the

basement of it we have to go through a

big wrecked bus to find an elevator

which leads to the top of the building

at the top of the building we find

another elevator that brings us to the

rooftop here we see rubble has formed a

ramp that leads down to the deck of the

USS Constitution what a glorious success

true the mission is not quite complete

but one cannot deny all progress you

consider this a successful hearted

leader but now you're stuck in a

skyscraper you're no better off than you

work that is where you are wrong now we

commend the high ground and once the

Rockets are be built and refueled

I wager at this rate we should land in

the ocean in one perhaps two more

launches my circuits pedal with

excitement I'm sure everyone in the

Commonwealth could see your maiden

voyage to be certain and all rockets

gave our enemies much to consider you

really are going to launch the ship

again if the courage and support of my

faithful crew our eventual triumph is

assured there's no way this ship will

survive another launch ye of little

faith I guess it all worked out it did

I'm glad I could help

what instrumental sir a veritable

godsend in recognition of your

courageous role in this

I hereby promote you to the role of

honorary lieutenant and being that I

earn well cannot actually fit below

decks I hereby give you the captains

quarters as well three cheers for our

new left hand keep it really hip hip

hooray hip hip really nothing like an

insane robot with irrational hope I just

love Ironsides in all these robots as a

reward he gives you a first lieutenant

hat which is a handsome looking hat

sadly it does not accept ballistic weave

unless you have a mod installed but it

looks amazing nonetheless many meters of

course along the z-axis still assessing

expensive damages nothing new course

awesome play upon something so

magnificent I'm programmed to burst with

excitement bizarre the ship's structural

integrity is well below recommended

levels but peace boss and certain

everything will work out so much work to

do I'll have to factor in extra time for

the lack of appendages now you can use

the captain quarters as your private

player home if you want there is every

crafting work events you could possibly

need inside the ship and the bed is

yours you do get a well-rested bonus by

sleeping in it the only problem is that

all of the items in the captain's

quarters are still set to owned this has

got to be an oversight on Bethesda's

part and it effectively makes this

player home not really realistic because

if you place any of your items in these

owned containers suddenly they are now

owned by the robots and they will attack

if you take them if you play on the PC

however you can get around this by using

console commands to set the ownership of

these boxes and containers to the player

then you can take items in and out

without entering the wrath of the robots

now that's just one way to end this

quest there was another option let's go

back in time to the point just after we

collected the turbopump bearings from

the carvaka assembly plant instead of

taking these to the Constitution and

installing them let's instead take them

to Mandi Stiles

you got any of the tin cans parts let's

see if we can give them a little

surprise I have something right here let

me see Hey

what do we have here Davies Davies

yeah Mandy what the hell is this I've

never even seen a metal like this that

is some high-tech [ __ ] there turbopump

bear can't make stuff like that anymore

what is a turbo pump rockets need fuel

loads of it and fast

the turbo pump beads the engine and

it'll defect with it you got big


so is this what we're looking for or not

yeah this is it if a turbo pump craps

out your Rockets got big problems

hand it over after we're done with it

iron size is going to get one hell of a

surprise when you lights them rockets

so if you sabotage the bearing what's

going to happen to the ship

the Rockets gonna blow that'll take the

defense systems down then we storm the

ship before they come back online to

hand it over already at this point we

have a couple of ways to respond we can

say we'll hold on to it I think I'll

hold on to it

what'd you get Nicole feet there's no

people on that ship no one's gonna get


so give it here now she does make a good

point no one's going to get hurt they

are after all robots we can use our

leverage to negotiate a better deal

right now I have leverage so I want to

renegotiate our deal you wanna what the

greenhorn wants more caps let me shove

this good easy Davies if we don't take

off those cannons we are nowhere here's

500 caps extra hand it over if we turn

up our nose at these 500 caps Mandy does

not respond well really 500 caps that's


you son of a David get your wish waste

him they attack forcing you to kill them

interestingly Mandy's last words are

always mother another option is to say

that we're not ready yet and to leave

with the bearings this is our final

chance to change our mind without

bloodshed and give the bearings to

Ironside you know what enough I'm not

getting into it I'm leaving combat once

you'll come to your senses or we can be

up front with Mandy and say that we've

changed our minds I changed my mind I'm

not going to work with you you playin us

Punk you playin us waste this [ __ ] in

which case they attack forcing us to

defend ourselves but if you sympathize

with the scavengers if you feel like

they are right we can go ahead and give

the bearings to Mandy

fine take it you had me worried there

babies how long will it take to sabotage

already done just a splash of the old

hydrochloric bearings like bees got zero

tolerance carry a goal once Ironsides

has all of his parts get off the ship

we'll meet up and watch the Rockets blow


Davies covers it in hydrochloric acid

which apparently is all that needed to

be done not sure how that's going to

cause an explosion but hey it's fallout

physics I'm not going to worry about it

from here

the quest goes on as normal we install

the booby-trapped bearings and then go

up to captain Ironsides whereupon he

will continue thinking that the ship is

ready to fly he asks us to turn on the

generator we go back down and we meet

Mandy inside the apartment hey over here

the Rockets are starting go ahead and

give him his power once the Rockets blow

then we strike heading up to the top we

flip the circuit breaker lid and turn on

the generators as normal excellent

commencing final countdown but this time

as soon as the rockets explode all of

the robots on board the ship opened fire

we now have to go topside to clear the

vessel of all robots and finally put

down Ironsides I die as I use the

service to this great nation I found it

difficult to loot Ironsides but you

can't loot him but you do not get the

broad cider you only get the broad cider

if you end the quest in Ironsides favor

instead all we find on his body is his

personal hat which looks just like the

first lieutenant hat once the robots are

dealt with we can go back to Mandy she

now stands in the street with a bunch of

other scavengers ready to loot the ship


Constitution is all ours

you guys did good I'm surprised you

survived you're not making this easy

see we had a vote and we decided we're

not going to split the hall with you

from what it's worth I voted against it

you voted to backstab me we've been

fighting Ironsides for months a lot of

people died they say you just can't

stroll in at the last minute and get an

even share the ship should be mine I did

all the work that attitude makes us a

little easier surely we can work

something out sorry pal I really am it

gets worse

they also voted to have you dealt with

permanently cannot have you disputing

our claim later so here's the part where

you die you [ __ ] just signed your

death warrants I don't respond well to

being double-crossed looks like even if

we do everything for these scavengers we

still have to kill them strangely enough

the scavengers like Davey is back at the

scavenger HQ whom we do not find in the

street don't turn hostile but to

complete the quest we still have to kill

them this brings us to an ethical

dilemma which option is right now

clearly one of these

options is the most beneficial to the

sole survivor if you side with Ironsides

you get a unique gun a unique cat plenty

of caps and access to a brand new player

home but if you side with scavengers you

miss out on the unique gun siding with

Ironsides is the most practical solution

but these are just robots Mandy raised a

good point when she said that she wasn't

going to be killing anybody they just

wanted to destroy the robots to scrap

the place who are we to get in their way

scavengers are just doing what they do

they scavenge for scrap in the wasteland

to make a living for themselves and can

we really fault them for that now it's

true the first time we meet them they do

open fire on us unprovoked we didn't

know they were there we didn't know they

were staking out this claim and yet when

we're on the deck of the ship the first

time they do attack us now Mandy did say

that those goons were not hers really so

I'm not sure if we can really hold that

against her and these robots are

delusional Ironsides even to the point

of reprogramming robots to think the way

he does remember the bosun tells us that

he initially objected to a lot of

Ironsides plans instead of listening to

those arguments Ironsides reprogrammed

the bosun five different times to make

him more compatible with his plans now

of course if bosun were a human being

that would be morally reprehensible you

would be violating his free will but

bosun isn't human being is just a robot

so as what Ironsides did really wrong

but also consider the nature of

Ironsides yes he is a robot but he has

been evolving for 200 years

kind of like codsworth codsworth is more

than just a mr. handy robot he's

developed not only a distinct

personality but his own morals and

ethics in view of the world can we

really say that he's not a person

maybe codsworth has evolved personhood

over these 200 years and if codsworth

can do it maybe Ironsides did it maybe

by betraying Ironsides we're not just

destroying a robot but we're destroying

a person Ironsides clearly isn't mad he

knows the exact date and time but then

again he does still think that were a

war with red Communist China so

something is clearly off with the robot

that said he's got a greater personality

than any of the scavengers he values

human life more than

scavengers do he sees it his moral

obligation to protect them as US

citizens he likes it if you're able to

resolve things without bloodshed that's

an admirable human characteristic we

don't know that at the time we have to

make the decision of course we don't

know they're going to betray us

but Ironsides clearly values human life

he has humanity should that not be

enough to make him worthy of

preservation you know what in this

situation I don't think I can make an

ethical call I don't think it's moral to

side with iron sights and I don't think

it's moral to side with the scavengers I

don't think it's ethical to kill the

scavengers unless they attack first

if they attack first as they do when

they betray you then of course one must

defend oneself and it's ethical to kill

them but until that point they're just

scavengers and it would not be ethical

to kill them here's what I decided I

decided that I'm a scavenger too and I

found a way onto the ship I as a

scavenger have just as much right to

scavenge what I want off that ship as

any of the scavengers on the ground it

doesn't matter how long they were there

it doesn't matter how long they've been

quote staking their claim I came upon

the ship just like they did I wanted to

scrap and salvage and as a scavenger I

have just as much right as they if they

attack me for scavenging from this ship

they have become hostile and it's

ethical to defend myself I can then

choose to work with these robots for any

reason I want maybe I find them funny

maybe I think the world would be a

better place with a bunch of half-crazed

robots killing Raiders and Gunners from

atop a ship in the middle of downtown

Boston the scavengers certainly weren't

going to be making the world a better

place by scrapping all of the salvage it

was Mandy who mockingly talked about

saving the orphans no they were in it

for themselves they wanted to make a

buck and I wanted to make a buck neither

of us are ethical or unethical for

wanting to make a buck but Mandy and her

goons become unethical when they attack

other human beings simply for trying to

do what they are doing make a living in

this wasteland so I chose to side with

Ironsides for the loot and because I

think the robots are funny even though I

value those scavengers lives more than

the robot and even though I would like

to have kept them alive I killed them


because they attacked me first now after

the USS Constitution finds a new home

atop the skyscraper we can go back to

Mandy's headquarters and she's still

there it was a bunch of other scavengers

that attacked not Mandy not Davies they

don't talk to us they don't even

acknowledge us but they're not hostile

and at this point even though we have

cited with Ironsides it would still be

unethical to kill them we would only

kill them if they opened fire first but

that's just how I saw things in this

quest ladies and gentlemen how did you

see things where do you come down on the

ethical or unethical line but more

importantly did you have fun with us

encounter I sure did this was one of my

favorite quests in fallout 4 I loved

everything about it

I wish the player home had been a little

bit more practical but thankfully with

the use of console commands we can make

it so do you use the broadside er in

your game in everyday combat is it a

practical weapon for you but those two

had many more plans for this weapon in

the code we find weapon mods and

ammunition that didn't make their way

into the game that were designed for the

broadside er which is a bit of a shame

but even as it is it's a fun weapon to

use let me know your thoughts in the

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