How to Find the URL

so I've had a number of questions on how

to find the URL of the website in order

to post that to blackboard and I'm going

to address that make sure that

everybody's on the same playing field

with that it works in any browser I

happen to have Firefox open so this is

your main screen I just always have it

set to Google not a problem now I want

to find the URL so it's going to be

right up here in the left hand corner

it's on this little bar it usually has a

key or it has a padlock and it's going

to have some kind of these other little

tools over here so this is your URL so

what you need to do in order to copy

this is you're gonna have to highlight

the entire URL you'll push ctrl C or you

can right-click if you're on a PC and

press copy so then once you have it in

your copy you can open up a new document

in my case I've chosen a Google Doc you

can either right-click and paste it'll

ask you ok we'll let you do that so you

have to use ctrl V so it tells you that

in case you don't remember so you're

going to hit ctrl V and it will paste

the URL in there once you press ENTER

it'll make it what we consider a hot

link so hopefully this clears up how to

find the URL and then also how to copy

and paste it into an actual document