Why You Should Vacation to Michigan's UPPER PENINSULA!

what's up outdoors peeps I just got back

from a vacation to the Upper Peninsula

of Michigan and while I wasn't

necessarily focused on filming

throughout this vacation I did bring

some of my camera equipment and I wanted

to showcase some of the beauty of the U

P I know this isn't my normal goofy

fishing video although I do fish in this

video but I actually thought this would

be really cool because I know a lot of

you also love be outdoors

and then on top of that I had a few

points that I wanted to bring up that I

thought were important I'm not sure

those at the very end so stay tuned but

for now I want to talk about the journey

which we took I went up there with my

girlfriend and this was my first ever

trip to the Upper Peninsula on the first

day we left early afternoon we actually

only got to a spot called Vanderbilt

Michigan it's not even in the U P yet

but we just crashed there had some

dinner and then left early in the

morning the next day and that's when we

got to the Mackinac Bridge which is by

the way outstanding and that was pretty

awesome so throughout this video I'm

gonna overlay the footage which I took

as we were driving over the bridge I

mean I'm used to big bridges because I

lived in California for a while but this

one was just absolutely gorgeous and I

was just pumped up when I saw it Wow as

I made it over the bridge we officially

made it to the U P and this is where we

kind of just explored around on the

beach I guess that would have been on

Lake Michigan because on the west side

of the bridge is like Michigan on the

east side the bridge is Lake Huron

welcome throw to you BA we were just

messing around on the beach and just

kind of walking around sightseeing but

the first major place we wanted to go

was actually a place called and kitschy

to Kiki and it's basically like this big

spring it's super super deep clear water

and it's got this little thing that's on

a pulley system and it's kind of like a

dock and you float out there and what's

awesome about it all of us fishermen can

agree there's these huge lake trout and

it's like 45 feet deep and you can see

to the bottom and you just see these

huge lake trout swimming around

unfortunately I can't fish if I could

have fished you know I would have I

would have tossed the metric and they

probably would have chopped it

regardless this place was awesome I

would definitely definitely definitely

recommend going to catch the key B if

you are up north

after exploring Kitsch to Kiki we've

made our way over to taquamenaw n Falls

which is where our campsite was for the

night now before getting to to Kalama

nan Falls I had actually been looking at

it online and I was really really pumped

about it and getting there it did not

disappoint there's basically a lower

fall section and then upper Falls and

you can actually take a hike all the way

up to the Upper Falls from the Lower

Falls that's about eight miles roundtrip

we got about a mile and a half in and we

cut it back because there was a ton of

mosquitoes out and honestly we were

super hungry regardless though super

cool hike pretty strenuous I would

definitely recommend doing it I would

like to get back and do that hike

regardless we did go to the Upper Falls

and I gotta say that is a sweet

waterfall basically the water is like

super light copper toned and I think

that that is something to do with like

the tannic acid in there from the trees

I don't know of a science behind it but

it looks really cool and I was pumped

about it that night we camped out apt to

comment on Falls State Park and I gotta

say the facilities were amazing and I

super enjoy to that campsite so I

definitely want to go back but after

sleeping on the ground getting up

relatively early we decided we were

gonna go to whitefish point which is

basically that little point on the Upper

Peninsula and we're just gonna explore

around there definitely is super pretty

Beach that was my first time ever

experiencing Lake Superior gorgeous Lake

it's huge and it's super awesome so I

was pretty pumped about that but as we

made it out of a whitefish point we just

kind of shot west from there and

explored along the way this is the part

that a lot of you are waiting for we did

stop at a couple little lakes along the

way and I found this one and

surprisingly I actually did in fact

catch a smallmouth bass Nidre


upper peninsula smallmouth bass baby I'm

not here for fish and I'm just here for

camping and exploring but I tell you

what you can't argue about catching

small E's I love small he's a little

nattering action baby it's juicy it's

just too juicy ladies and gentlemen I

love smallmouth bass especially in the U

P now unfortunately there wasn't a ton

of Bank access at this lake so I didn't

end up catching another fish and

honestly this trip really wasn't about

fishing but I had rods with me because I

always leave home with fishing poles

because I always think there's that

little itsy-bitsy chance I'm gonna catch

a fish that was a good time

regardless after that we shot up north

and we went to a place called Grand

Marais it's just a cute little town we

grab some lunch and then we started

moving our way out west now the thing is

that's really funny here is we got on

this road I don't think I have any

footage but essentially we on this one

road and that thing was rough

I had to drive probably 20 miles an hour

because that thing was just gravel and

it was bumpy it was brutal but we

finally did reach pavement and then it

was smooth sailing from there and then

we actually made our way out to muna

Singh which is where pictured rocks

national lakeshore is and so we just

kind of settled in for the evening

relaxed and then the first thing in the

morning we got up and did like a

kayaking excursion my girlfriend and I

were both in a tandem kayak and we kayak

too long pictured rocks national

lakeshore unbelievable definitely would

recommend 10 out of 10 definitely

something that everybody should do just

because it's well you're super active

while you do it

but at the same time you're getting

awesome sites and here on the water

can't complain there the only complaint

was that the tandem kayak did not have

any space for fishing gear not cool guys

not cool unfortunately on that

particular day it was super windy so we

could only go three hours in the kayak

rather than six but quite honestly three

hours was plenty so I'm not going to

complain too much as we left the

kayaking thing we kind of cleaned up and

then we actually just shot further west

and we made our way to Marquette

Michigan which is I think is the biggest

town in the U P by a whopping 21,000

people really cool little town but we

actually did a lot of hiking or

there and this is actually my favorite

part of the trip I don't do a lot of

videos about hiking because quite

honestly I just kind of find them boring

to make a video about it but I gotta say

this sites here were incredible a couple

of those trails around Marquette I would

definitely recommend if you are gonna

make your way up to the peninsula you

should definitely hit those spots

basically hiked up got on this kind of

strenuous climb up some rocks and once

you got on the top of this big boulder

you just had you can just see for miles

now I'm not gonna say that this was

anything like like a Colorado hike where

you're up 12,000 feet in the air this

was more like 1200 feet in the air but

it was enough to where you had a nice

vantage point of Lake Superior as well

as just all this forest fortunately I

got quite a bit of footage and hopefully

the footage does it justice



after our hikes I think we had like

28,000 steps so we were pretty much

brutally exhausted we caught a couple

beers had some dinner and called it an


the next day we actually made our way

down back to the lower side of the Upper

Peninsula and ended up staying on the

Mackinac Island which was awesome took a

little ferry boat out there got out to

the island and rode bikes around on the

island there's no cars out there so it

was really cool we just had a stated a

little bed and breakfast there in town

and I got to say if you're looking for

just kind of like a cute little place to

stay maybe with your family it's super

kid friendly I would definitely

recommend that as well because it was it

was a really neat experience and it was

a great way to end the trip by that

point we were feeling pretty you know

tired and kind of gross from all the

hiking and exploring and it was nice to

just kind of clean up relax and ride a

bike around have a nice dinner and then

the next day we shot south and made it

back home okay so why did I share all of

that with you well quite honestly I just

thought that a lot of you would enjoy

the video footage that I took in this

beautiful beautiful place but on the

other hand I thought it would also be

valuable because I think it's really

valuable every now and again to

disconnect I've talked about this a

little bit in the past but while I was

on this trip I basically forced myself

to disconnect solely because the Upper

Peninsula does not have great cell phone

service in most areas

so I wasn't able to get distracted by

emails or social media and it was really

nice to just kind of live in the moment

and experience Mother Nature and just

the beauty around me so for those of you

that are looking for a cool vacation I

thought maybe I could share the Upper

Peninsula with you and maybe it's a

place that you would eventually want to

go as well anyways I'm done rambling I

hope you enjoyed this video will

probably get back to some good old

fishing in the next one but thank you so

very much for watching we'll catch you

next time