What's It Like Inside University of Washington? | UW Campus Crawl Tour

magical libraries prettier yard than

Harvard Yard sailgating

cutest school mascot what's it like

inside the University of Washington find

out on this campus crawl

we are now walking in the center of

University of Washington or as the

students call it u-dub right behind me

right there is a world-famous library

and it has a reading room that's the

size of an Amazon warehouse it's huge

we will go check that out later we are

now walking through the most stunning

and most beautiful part of u-dub campus

the quad this in the spring all these

are cherry blossom trees so it's gonna

be all pink and green very photogenic

location but right now everything is

dead and yet to bloom but this place

honestly reminds me of the Harvard Yard

with the grass and the red brick

buildings I'm gonna be honest with you I

think this might look a little bit

better than Harvard now can I lie

although most of the cherry blossoms are

not out

we got one sneaking right through here

if I come back just in like a month or

two this place would be absolutely

stunning I can already imagine it this

is a huge role of sororities and frat

houses and on Fridays and Saturdays it

can get really really rowdy all near


and some part of the appeal of

University of Washington because it's

known as a huge party school so if you

like that definitely check this place

out go down we are now at the Huskies

Stadium the home of the dogs let's go

dogs this is one of the biggest stadiums

that holds 60,000 people and on Husky

game day all the students have three

tickets to the seating and they come

here and cheer for the Huskies

let's go Huskies the stadium's not open

obviously but you can kind of see how

big this stadium is and that just goes

to show that these sports culture at

University of Washington but also

Seattle is huge people love love the

Huskies go dogs once again so when a

football games happening have you ever

heard of tailgating where you basically

part your car in front of a stadium and

then you host a party at the trunk of

your car

well you dub has a special tradition

call sailgating where you do the exact

same thing but instead you're partying

on a boat because the Husky Stadium is

right next to a lake so it's really easy

just to chill here on a sunny day on a

boat enjoy have a couple of beers have a

couple drinks go for a dive and go watch

the game that doors that is the most

unique student tradition I've ever heard

sailgating tailgating I gotta say that's

pretty cool right behind me right there

is the electrical engineering building

where most people major if they want to

work out the tech companies then yeah I

mean this way is a fountain that is not

on but this fountain is one of the

biggest ones I've ever seen it's way

bigger than anything else Danford and if

we wouldn't fountain hopping in this

oh it would be more like fountain

swimming oh there's a duck there's a


I'm extremely tempted to jump in except

it's Seattle weather and it doesn't look

too clean inside it's a Sun Dial body

you never see the Sun in Seattle so how

would you ever use this useless as per

campus Crouch tradition we're gonna show

you what a typical classroom looks like

every single University

so traditionally University of

Washington is actually known for kind of

larger classes but they do have these

smaller type of classes where it's

around 30 people in size this is a

computer electrical engineering

classrooms and everything looks really

really new which I love because sitting

in an old classroom although feels nice

sometimes it can feel a little dated

being in this new environment you can

really know and understand what the

teacher is teaching and preaching

so please do what the teacher says and

right here you got some good knowledge

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for more campus crawl behind the scenes

let's go dogs


we are now entering maple Hall one of

the best residences on u-dub campus and

this this residence is really cool

because it has a lot of different

facilities there's a place called area

oh one and it includes a game room a

makerspace and he sounds studio this is

open to all students this is area a1

this is what I look forward to on this

campus tour while I was researching they

have a lot of recreational activities

such as pool billiard arcade machines

computers for League of Legends but they

also have a make your studio check mate

GG bro

all right you owe me dinner this is

quite the coolest part of this campus I

think because it's the makerspace we

went to one in Columbia but this is a

part of the residence building in maple

hall there's so many 3d printers in here

and there's equipment for you to

basically make anything you can dream of

into reality and that's the theme of

campus grow to explore your dreams in

the makerspace they have stuff for

textiles metalwork 3d printing and

digital work so basically it's like

every aspect that you involves you

creating something you can create here I

think just by having this in here it

expands your creativity by a metric time

we're now in the cafeteria it's called

local point they serve a bunch of

healthy options so you can just come

downstairs and it's

this is basically the dead center of

University of Washington and all around

me are libraries classrooms and if you

look down that way you'll see an amazing

view of the mountains behind me that way

you would be able to see a huge

beautiful mountain with snow glistening

at the top but it is raining and it's

really windy uw is usually a stunning

school when it's not raining but usually

it looks like this Seattle is known for

its rain and overcast so maybe like four

months out of the year you're probably

gonna be pretty depressed and stuck in

your room all day right behind me is the

administration building but you know why

does the administration building look so

nice so it looks like a castle

everything I you dove just works so well

together I like the way this school is

built we're now entering Susilo M Allen

library this is the most iconic building

at the University of Washington because

it features the infamous or famous Harry

Potter room let's go check that out we

are now walking into the giant study

hall in Susa library and there's over

350 thousand square feet of study space

I thought UC berkeley's study hall was

big and I saw this one


like I could like flying brooms all the

flights this place looks magical

on the weekends over here in this Susilo

library it can definitely get a little

bit crowded because there's a lot of

tourists like me coming by but on the

weekdays that's when this turns into the

most studious space that you'll ever see

everyone is stunning here and you just

feel so inspired to achieve your dreams


in addition to the study hall - solo

library also has over two million books

so there's this huge database so you can

just reach anytime as I was making my

last crawl through the u-dub campus it

suddenly occurred to me who is a

narrator in the beginning and why does

he sound like that guy from Animal

Planet also after I leave you dub what

university should I visit next then it

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large bird poop on top scary

welcome to the University of Washington

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