Tour of University of Virginia Campus

okay well here we are at the University

of Virginia 9 a.m. and we uh we had a

scary morning today we woke up at 5:30

and our bus was departing at 5:30 on

schedule but

somehow the Greyhound is always late but

it was pretty scary because we just

rushed downstairs I caught the concierge

and he said I I thought I need to leave


okay amigo and he arranged a taxi we

were able to get on time amazing we

would have been a bad day because we

would have missed the city pretty much

the entire day we missed that one bus so

here we are that's the fraternity house


anyway I think that's Monticello but I'm

not sure

this is a very amazing looking

he's architecture if I'm surfacing


it's considered a must-see big school I

got left

would have a picture there speculation

the chapel on the University of Virginia

campus the guy across street said I'm a

servicing designed it the

this is the rotunda at the University of

Virginia campus and I don't know a lot

about it but I you could tell that

spectacular piece of architecture Thomas

Jefferson designed it

and the Rotonda style it actually was

copied into the Capitol building as well

as at Monticello so it's not surprising

that they also have it the Rodale server

rotunda at the State Capitol as well

that's where that's why the DC has the

rotunda it was copied from the Virginia

State Legislature



the statue it looks like Jefferson has a

parchment paper and it's very likely is

the Declaration of Independence which he

he wrote

and the back when you hear the fireflies

that's a falcon

remember it's flying away really fast

where we sit can't see many I got it I

got it out there he goes flying again oh

it's a is that this is a falcon bird

this is it real song I got a good angle

I see his eyes human race it's the

fastest animal on the planet you can

dive at 200 miles an hour

it has amazing eyes as one reason the

eyes are recovered at the New York City

hotel because neither afraid of it

the same things


he's licking it is the king Reina it's

funny very focused look


I got them playing now we're on the

other side of the beach in the Rotonda


all right here's your room at the

Cavalier in in Charlottesville didn't so

you have the traditional two beds not

not as luxurious is the Jefferson but

they will do three girls and so forth or

actually the Jefferson look like sticks

in them they did yeah but how many

didn't need though um it's nice down you

know here you got there old hockey then

I did not do that have those I know how

to date but they don't have money to

change this yeah they sent kind of it

Motel is feel the scene the bathroom a

lot worked or not very not very nice but

the rooms pretty good ok let's look at

them you gotta give the University here

wow it then and also our quirk of the


this is the University of Virginia and

to the left is the Great Lawn that we're

going to Cantina in a moment this is the

Great Lawn at the University of Virginia

it's pretty well known and famous I

didn't actually know about it until I

came here and some people told me that

that's the case


there's a piece of the original you can

perceive Virginian structure


I'm sure there will come up to put in

the museum

like I said it

everywhere you go here on the University

of Virginia campus it's amazing sites

here these are amazingly enough Syrian

dorm rooms on a very historic site okay


did um I was a forced to be in it oh

okay you get to decide when you want to

take a picture that frame Kristine

is it inside a science building

this is at the University of Virginia

and look at how they copy this with so

many other schools I think even a

Stanford UC thing like this is separate

even they have is that UCLA is wrong so

they copied it from University of


you can have a Starbucks right by the

University of Virginia it's a

nice-looking start work for a new

probably coaches out later

you have a nice loud sound area right

outside the University of Virginia

probably go sightseeing

see Kara birth