U of U: Top 10 reasons to attend the University of Utah

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top 10 things that we love about the

university of utah number one acceptance

rate now at the university of utah the

acceptance rate is eighty-one percent

which is a pretty good rate for those of

you keeping track at home that's four

out of every five people get accepted

into the university now you might wonder

if that means that the University of

Utah isn't a competitively academic

university because so many people get in

but that's not the case and we'll dive

more into depth about why later in this

video for the meantime though we can

safely say that the U is a great school

academically so four and a very five

students getting in we'll take that also

the retention rate for freshmen at the

University of Utah is 90 percent the

average national freshman retention rate

is 78 percent what does that mean well

freshman retention rate is a great

indicator of student satisfaction

because it means that at the end of an

average freshman year ninety percent

stay on until their sophomore year if

that's happening it's gotta mean that

people are pretty satisfied with their

school so an 81 percent acceptance rate

and a 90 percent retention rate we'll

take it number two Utah is as of nine

years ago part of the pac-12 Conference

which for those of you that know

anything about football is what's called

a power five conference now I know it's

a football term but the pac-12 is one of

the biggest academic conferences in the

United States so what exactly does that


well first of all it means more funding

Utah is now in a conference with the

likes of Stanford Cal and Washington

those are pretty respected universities

and as such it gets extra funding for

Nobel caliber research labs and cutting

edge libraries not to mention the

one of the facilities at the University

of Utah have now gotten a major facelift

as part of its progress with the pac-12

a lot of people think that the Utes have

successfully parlayed their standing in

the pac-12 into higher academic

excellence and we would definitely agree

in fact the University of Utah is the

only school in the state to be part of a

power five conference that's pretty


so if you want to run with the big dogs

the University of Utah is the place for

you number three amazing sports teams

for those of you that have ever kept up

with Utah athletics well suffice it to

say they're pretty good in fact Utah is

almost usually consistently never not in

the know that sounds bad let's just put

it this way they're good

usually Utah football is in the top 25

nationwide and their basketball teams

not too shabby either also as far as

fandom goes ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit

recently ranked Rice Eccles Stadium

which is the University of Utah Stadium

in the top five rowdiest and most fun

places to go to a game in college

football not only that but our friends

over at niche niche a neat nice calm

also just ranked Utah is having the best

college sports in the state so again if

you're a sports fan if that means

something to you which it does to us

unlike some people in the state BYU and

Utah might be the place for you

number four location location location

nestled in the beautiful eastern bench

of Salt Lake City the University of Utah

is close to both downtown Salt Lake and

beautiful nature it's a hub for crying

out loud

recently our friends over at niche comm

also ranked Utah as having the best

location amongst all universities in the

state that's pretty good

why would they do that well first of all

like I mentioned all the aspects of

downtown Salt Lake are only about five

minutes west of the University of Utah

and if that wasn't enough you can take a

tracks train which by the way you get

free rides on with your you

versity ID downtown from the university

also you're about five minutes west of

the beautiful mountains lakes trails and

all the rest of that good jazz that Utah

Nature has to offer so needless to say

as far as the University of Utah goes

again it's all about location number

five education no but seriously though

guys as we alluded to earlier in this

video the you actually has some amazing

academics to start the University of

Utah has the only Medical School in the


now we're not trying to brag but that's

pretty good actually no we are trying to

brag that's that's what this video is

about it's also ranked number 41 in the

nation which is over the top 70th

percentile which again is not bad

also the use biology and chemistry

programs are amazing they've got loads

of other majors and the Eccles School of

Business was ranked in the 87th

percentile among all nationwide

universities that is not half bad you

know considering this video is about a

university we would expect education to

be on the list but we can safely say

that with the University of Utah it

definitely is speaking of Education that

brings us to number six which are the

professor's serious though the

University of Utah has amazing

professors in fact who else but our

friends over at niche comm recently

ranked the U as the college with the

best professors in the entire state

similarly the people at niche ranked the

professors in Utah in the 90th

percentile nationwide now I promise this

is not an advertisement for the guys

over a niche they just help us out with

our research a lot anyway the faculty to

student ratio at the U is also a lot

lower than it is in other colleges

across the nation what does that mean

well first of all it means that per

professor there are fewer students on

average meaning that each professor can

help each student out with more

personalized time and individualization

now I don't know about you guys but

considering how difficult college is I

think more time with the professor

typically is going to be a better thing

anyway no matter

what major or program you're in we can

promise that the professors at the

University of Utah will be great

academic minds who will work tirelessly

to help you in the pursuit of your goals

in college

number seven size and variety the

University of Utah is the second biggest

College in Utah and by a very narrow

margin now is that a good thing or is

that a bad thing well in our opinion

it's actually a great thing because the

University of Utah has amazing size and

diversity so if you want it the you

probably has it in fact they have over

138 majors over 50 research centers and

over 600 student clubs and organizations

so if you're a student looking for a

club ranging from academic to

recreational to musical to athletic

you'll probably find at the University

of Utah number eight diversity

now that might surprise a lot of you

because Utah usually gets a bad rap as

not having a whole lot of diversity at

the University of Utah that's definitely

not the case in fact ethnic gender and

geographic diversity is all above

average than most universities in the

nation surprised don't be that you is

also ranked the most diverse large

university in Utah and there's a very

fair mix of males to females also Salt

Lake City has frequently been ranked

among the most LGBTQ friendly

communities in the entire nation so if

you're looking for diversity and you

think that Utah might not be the best

place to find it

think again number nine

Greek life now that might be a little

bit surprising to you because for those

who have watched our cons video about

the University of Utah they said that

the Greek life of the U was a con but

they don't know what they're talking


guys don't Greek out because the Greek

life at the U is amazing now the U has

eleven fraternities and eight sororities

and yeah we'll be honest there might be

better places in the nation to join a

fraternity or a sorority but as far as

Utah goes it definitely has the best

Greek life in this

and by far the most chapters from which

you can pick from now joining a

fraternity or a sorority might get a bad

rap among some but if that's the scene

that you're into Greek life is an

amazing way to make friends engage in

activities and parties and participate

in meaningful community service and

leadership initiatives so again if

you're looking to go to college in Utah

and you're thinking about joining a

fraternity or sorority look no further

because the Greek life in Utah is

through the roof and rounding off our

list at number 10 is guys the University

of Utah has an amazing gym now you might

think to yourself that doesn't deserve

you put in a top 10 list but trust me if

you've ever been to the used gym yes it


as part of Utah's new deal with the

pac-12 and their increased funding they

just built a brand new state-of-the-art

gym called the University of Utah

Student Life Center

unlike most universities that reserved

their really good athletic facilities

for their sports teams

Utah's gym is open to any student and

any student could get in completely free


the amenities of this gym are so

numerous that to be honest I couldn't

memorize them so I'm just gonna read

them off to you the amenities include a

50-meter pool indoor and outdoor leisure

pools a large indoor hot tub and spa a

320 yard indoor running track a

four-story climbing wall a 15,000 square

foot fitness center outdoor mezzanine

outdoor fire pit five sport courts

racquetball courts for group fitness

studios and a combative room wow that

was a workout just reading those how

good really is the University of Utah's

gym well let me put it this way I went

to the U for three years and worked out

at their gym pretty extensively and

these guns didn't build themselves kids

alright guys well if this video didn't

convince you to go to the University of

Utah we're not quite sure what will

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