The University of Tennessee is a public research university in Knoxville, Tennessee.

hi everyone my name is Ashley Anderson

and I'm the northern California Regional

admission representative with the

University of Tennessee and I am so

excited that you're here to learn more

about what we have to offer at UT

okay so to get started at UT we are a

large institution we have about as you

can see 22,000 undergraduate students

total we have about 28,000 students at

the University of Tennessee and so you

get all the benefits of the big school

you get the d1 athletics lots of school

spirit as you can see over three hundred

and sixty different undergraduate

programs you also have research

opportunities that abound so there's a

lot to offer at the University of

Tennessee now as I mentioned we have

about 360 different academic programs so

whatever it is that you're interested in

there's a really good chance that we're

gonna offer it at UT now by no means is

this list going to be exhaustive I

encourage you to go to our website to

check out all of the programs that we

have but some of our programs that were

most well-known for are going to be our

engineering programs we have just about

every type of engineering that you can

imagine including some harder to find

ones like aerospace engineering and

nuclear engineering

we also offer metallurgical engineering

and it is currently ranked number one in

the nation also quick plug about our

engineering programs is you can actually

get into them our admission requirements

are posted online on our engineering

page and you will see that at UT we have

the academic rigor we have fantastic

programs but again our engineering

programs are accessible which is a big

plus in my book we also do really well

in the sciences so you're going to find

everything from biology to chemistry to

physics environmental science we also

have computer science in terms of

nursing we offer a direct entry nursing

program we also have forensic

anthropology on our campus which is a

really unique major that we offer and we

have a body farm on our campus yes you

heard that right

our students actually study the

decomposition of human remains through

that program in terms of going back to

science we also have animal science and

that can be a program that's hard to

find those of them that school on our

campus in the realm of business

we've got really great business programs

including one that is ranked number

three in the nation and that's our

supply chain management program so

that's just kind of a quick snapshot of

some of the academic programs that we

offer but again I encourage you to go to

our website to see the full list of all

the programs that we offer and a quick

plug about UT is that none of our

programs are impacted and that's a term

that you probably hear a lot about out

here in California and so you can

actually get the classes that you need

and graduate on time at UT which not

only helps you save time but helps you

save money in the long run as well okay

in terms of our location I don't think

it gets much better than East Tennessee

right in our backyard just about a 50

minute drive from our campus you have

the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

which is the most visited national park

in the country yes you heard that right

we're able to offer things like skiing

camping hiking whitewater rafting all of

those sorts of great outdoor activities

right in our backyard in the national

park and so if you're an outdoor


please look no further than UT as it is

a great location for students who want

to get outdoors but for those of you

students who really like the feel of a

city and you're looking for a more urban

environment you get that too at UT so we

are located in the city of Knoxville

Knoxville actually has an airport right

in town and our students are just about

a 5 to 10 minute walk from downtown

Knoxville where you're going to find all

sorts of great entertainment options

great restaurants there's always good

concerts coming into the area and if you

happen to be a student that likes

country music you would definitely fit

in an East Tennessee since we are the

home since Tennessee is the home

country music in terms of our school

spirit this is a big draw for students

coming from Northern California a lot of

students want that school spirit that

you find at an SEC school like the

University of Tennessee we have one of

the largest football stadiums in the

nation we are located right on the

Tennessee River which you can see there

and fun fact we're actually able to

offer sailgating before our football

games in addition to tailgating which is

a lot of fun you'll see our ball Navy

there that's what we like to call it

right there by the bridge but there's

nothing like being in our stadium which

seats over a hundred and two thousand

fans on a game day when everybody's

decked out in their orange and white

everybody's singing Rocky Top smokey our

adorable mascot leads our team out onto

the field and it's just an incredible

environment to be a part of so if you're

looking for that school spirit element

look no further than the University of

Tennessee in terms of research

opportunities they absolutely abound on

our campus we are a Tier one research

institution which is the highest level

of research that you're going to find on

any college or university campus across

the country and at the Oak Ridge

National Laboratory which is run through

the US Department of Energy you're gonna

find lots of great research

opportunities especially for our stem

students the Oak Ridge National

Laboratory might ring a bell because

it's actually we're part of the atomic

bomb was built and it's actually where

the world's fastest supercomputer is

located which is called this summit and

we have a picture of it over here on the

right but the Oak Ridge National

Laboratory it's just about a 10 to 15

minute drive from campus it's very


we have about 14 faculty members who

have joint positions doing research at

the lab and teaching at UT and many of

our students are pursuing research there

as well so it's just an incredible

partnership that we're able to take

advantage of ok so if you like what

you're hearing and this is a very

condensed version of my presentation but

I encourage you to go online to learn

more about

application process our application

typically opens in August and we

encourage students to apply early we

will need your high school transcript

you can apply either through our online

university of tennessee application

which we call the VIP account and spur

ball in progress account or you can

apply through the common application

we'll need your test scores either a CT

or SAT and we always super score and

then because we review applications

holistically we're going to be looking

at these other factors which you can see

down here at the bottom okay I would be

remiss if I didn't point out our great

scholarship opportunities at the

University of Tennessee and so here on

your screen you can see that we're going

to be looking not only at GPA and for

your information at the University of

Tennessee we recalculated GPA it's

called the Corps weighted GPA so please

visit our website to learn more about

that but to qualify for these

scholarships students need to apply by

December 15th and have the GPA and the

test score to go along with it so you

would need either the a CT or the SAT

and you can see that we offer very

generous scholarships they range in the

amount of 4000 per year for four years

all the way up to $18,000 per year for

the four years now do keep in mind that

these scholarships were for students who

were applying for the fall of 2020 so

scholarships can change year to year

they typically don't change very much

but just make sure that you check back

later on to see if there have been any

updates made for the upcoming year okay

and then to give you a little bit of

context about how those scholarships are

actually gonna go back to this previous

slide how those scholarships help with

tuition when you take into consideration

all of our direct costs of tuition and

room and board you're looking at about

forty three thousand dollars per year

which really isn't too bad when you

compare us to a lot of the California

institutions and especially isn't so if

you qualify for one of these

scholarships okay so this brings us to

the end of our presentation thank you so

much for your time I would love for you


our mailing list and as I was talking

about earlier we call it our vol and

progress account so please pull out your

phone or your laptop whatever it is that

you have with you and go to VIP utk edu

again that's VIP utk edu to join our

mailing list now and then last but not

least here's my contact information so

please don't hesitate to reach out to me

I love working with prospective students

like yourself and with parents as well

so give me a call send me an email we

can schedule a time to meet in person

once the corona span or corona virus

pandemic is over or we could always

schedule a call via zoom or Skype thanks

again for your attention and go balls