2020 Puget Sound Campus Tour

welcome to the University of Puget Sound

during this video our athletic

department will guide you through our

gorgeous campus and amazing athletic

facilities you will meet with many of

our head coaches athletic trainers and

other administrators who are ready to

help you reach your success both on and

off the field Court track pitch pool or

other area of competition hi I'm Gabby

Berg and I'm graduating class 2020 uh we

are outside of the library right now our

library has a lot to offer to our

students we have free printing which is

included in your tuition we have the Mac

lab we have the PC lab we also have the

makerspace which is helpful with our 3d

printers we have a lot of books inside

but we also have a unique feature where

we can access books online from

different libraries which comes in handy

during research especially if your

senior doing a thesis during finals we

have study spaces and the library is

also open 24/7 which is helpful for

those late nights there are also a lot

of librarians here to help you

you can reach them 24/7 via email or

also you can come in and make

appointments this is our Music Building

along with the Bennett Concert Hall

University of Puget Sound is one of the

few liberal arts colleges in the country

with a conservatory style School of


over 400 university students are

involved in our courses lessons and

ensembles our students gain the skills

and experience to go on to the finest

graduate schools or suit careers and

performance teaching scholarship music

business or other musically related

fields one of the best parts of being a

student-athlete at the University campus


the opportunity to both be a very

competitive athlete and an outstanding

student in all areas of study especially

within the sciences which can be very

lab intensive

athletics programs do a great job

helping students balance those schedules

giving you the opportunity to excel in

both areas and not have to feel like

they're choosing one over the other

my favorite part each spring for us is

seeing our guys receive all-region

all-conference honors at the same time

being accepted to multiple graduate


you're in the lobby of Whitehall which

is that which holds the religion foreign

languages history government as well as

honors programs for the university

majority of our students will use this

building extensively one of the key

features of this building is that the

faculty offices are right next to the

classrooms that they teach in to work on

that one-on-one interaction with your

faculty a lot of our students also have

study abroad opportunities with faculty

on in disability hi this is Mark Massey

head volleyball coach and I want to

introduce you to where Hauser Hall home

of our amazing Health Sciences Center

this is one of my favorite buildings on

campus because it was designed to create

a mind-body research interaction between

the exercise science neuroscience and

psychology departments in addition our

number one ranked occupational and

physical therapy doctoral program is

located on the first floor surrounded by

a unique outdoor mobility therapy area

the hallways outside each department

aligned with impressively detailed

research summary posters from

professional scientific organization

presentations the students often

collaborate directly with faculty

members that publish these research

findings best of all there are quiet

alcoves at the end of each Hall to sit

and think and relax and view the fir

trees and majestic Mount Rainier out the

window hi I'm Steve Martin I'm an

assistant softball coach here at the

University and I want to talk to you

about campus housing so to my right and

behind me are a couple freshmen dorm so

single and quad style living available

for freshmen and then as you get older

we have apartment style living like

Trimble Hall and so the idea is your

freshman year you're living in a dorm

and then your sophomore through senior

year you could choose to

in apartments talador or we have themed

housing so we have a row on campus

that's team style houses like there's a

Hawaiian house in the basketball house

for softball we do have a softball house

it's not technically a theme house but

it is on campus house

I actually just behind our softball

field that some of our players will opt

to live in and then your junior and

senior year you also have the choice

choosing to rent a house off-campus if

you like to so lots of different options

and I think one of my favorite parts

about living on campus is that

everything is in such close proximity

that whether you're in a dorm or a theme

house or off-campus house they're all

super close that you can walk pretty

much everywhere my name is McKenna

I am a 2019 Puget Sound softball alum so

I'm gonna tell you about the Student

Center on campus so this is the Wheelock

Student Center behind me you'll more

often hear it called the sub by students

so big thing in here is the kind of

dining area the cafeteria it's open from

really early to really late so it's a

great place either for workouts to grab

something to go or after practices we'll

come in here they're big long tables so

you can fit the whole team at a table

and hang out for probably too long and

then downstairs there's also the cellar

which is a pizza place so really great

pizza there's also a little convenience

store where you can get other kinds of

snacks they do smoothies they have ice

cream by the scoop and that's open open

even later then the main dining area is

there a bunch of other student resources

inside the Student Center there's

diversions cafe dives it's a really

sweet cafe on campus I can hang out and

study upstairs there's chaws which is

the Student Health Center on campus

downstairs is the mailroom the bookstore

Campus Bookstore

as well as a UPS which is our campus

radio station hi I'm Kim the UPS women's

soccer coach we're here in the lager

store where it doesn't matter who you

are you can find everything you need for

dorm life for school

and to go to all your lager favorite

sporting events so here we are in the

Student Center and what's possibly the

most important room to daily life for

students which is the dining hall so

most students are going to come through

here every single day probably multiple

times a study

hangout and there's lots of great food

options here

there's graphical options if you're in a

hurry there's also 8 different stations

that will make food to order salad bars

sandwiches a burrito station and the

allergy-friendly station is really

amazing they make food that suits

everybody's needs and is amazingly

delicious also it's worth noting that

for lunch years in a row now we've been

rated one of the top 10 colleges for

being vegan friendly and personally I

make a point of coming in on Tuesdays I

hit up the tortilla station for fish

tacos with guacamole and mango salsa

that's built in 1964 Baker Stadium and

pain-filled hosts home games throughout

the school year with a gorgeous view of

Mount Rainier in the background it can

hold up to 3,500 fans and our student

section affectionately named the

lumberyard surrounding the field is Don

Shotwell tract home to our track and

field teams as well as many members of

the community and our out-of-season

student-athletes east field is located

adjacent to the athletics and aquatics

center and one of the field options for

our women's and men's soccer programs

along with our women's lacrosse program

this grass field provides another game

and practice facility for our teams

enabling all student-athletes to have

spaces to practice on throughout the

year Laura Baker is our multi-use

practice field it's a hundred and sixty

yards long field turf with bins of

lights which allow teams to practice

after labs and classes have concluded in


this facility has ample space for our

thrillers soccer teams lacrosse baseball

softball and football allowing for all

teams to get the most out of their

practices and reach their full potential

hi I'm Casey Fujiyama

and I'm the head women's basketball

coach I'm Lisa Fujiyama

I'm the head cross-country and track and

field coach here at Puget Sound we're

here to introduce you and show you

around the fitness center here at Puget

Sound we have a unbelievable facility

here it's about twelve twelve thousand

five hundred square feet we have you can

see a bunch of upstairs we have all of

our bikes and cardio machines and we're

going to show you around the rest of the

fitness center here in Puget Sound we

offer a number of different classes that

utilize the fitness center they range

from strength and conditioning classes

to circuit training and anything else

you can think of across the board we

also have a great strength and

conditioning coach and we are constantly

working in the in the weight room and

working out using all of the spaces

using all of the racks the pulley is TRX

everything that we can do to gain an

advantage whether it's on

on the court or in the pitch hi my name

is Craig Bennett and I am our director

of sports medicine here at the

University of Puget Sound I am one of

three full-time athletic trainers that

is responsible for coordinating the

medical services for all of our lager

student athletes right now we're in our

sports medicine facility and this is

where we take care of the sports

medicine needs for all of our student

athletes and provide basic medical

services that include injury evaluation

injury treatment rehabilitation and then

we do everything we need to do taken

care of basic injuries to longer term

rehabilitation I require a little bit

more time and utilizing of our

facilities and our modalities that we've

got here we have three full-time

athletic trainers and a staff of a few

part-time athletic trainers we're very

fortunate in our sports medicine

facility here we have our team

physicians office that our students can

utilize and our team orthopedic surgeon

comes in on Monday evenings and our

other physician is a family physician

just like a family physician that you

would have at home but also has a sports

medicine fellowship and he comes in on

Tuesdays so we're fortunate to have both

of our physicians here on campus in our

sports medicine facility two days out of

the week and if we need to we can

contact and communicate with them as

they understand just as our staff does

that we have student athletes we have a

little bit more of a sense of urgency in

determining our medical

necessities and we do take care of our

injuries and so having our team

physicians on campus and having regular

access to them throughout the week is

very important and so we have everything

from to traditional modalities here as

well as we try to utilize as much

hands-on manual therapy and treatment as

we can at the same time one of the

things that we try to provide for our

student-athletes as often as we can as

an understanding of how can you take

care of yourself and how do you learn

how to recover what can we do to help

you in between practices and

competitions that give you the

opportunity to recover for the next day

so that you can get the most out of your

intercollegiate student good experience

here at the University of Utah

Jason Han hello been here for seven

years Meredith has been here in some

capacity for seven years but now she is

a full-time athletic trainer here at the

University of Puget Sound and then I

have been here for 15 years and what a

great place this is welcome to Walla

school this athletic facility opened in

2016 every place their original wallis

pool from 1857 this state-of-the-art

facility is known as one of the fastest

pools here in the Pacific Northwest in

addition to the lanes that we have here

we also have safety spectator seating

in addition we have spectator seating

for all those who come in we host

various groups in here and there's

hundreds of students that come and

access the facility we have kayakers

water polo team and other individuals

that utilize the facilities this also

hosts our varsity teams for

cross-training and other athletic


hey I'm coach Simon's with the men's and

women's tennis program here in Puget

Sound if you choose to come here this is

where you get to play tennis every darn

day we have a pretty good here as

loggers I mean of course every day it's

a great day to be a longer but we have

it really good oh you're with the tennis

program we're just steps away from

sports medicine steps away from the pool

steps away from my office when we got to

go eat and put together a plan for how

we're gonna win this season we're just

steps away from the fitness center and

but quite honestly the best part of this

is is we have six beautiful indoor

courts new roof new ceiling last year so

we're really thankful to be out here so

no matter what's going on on the outside

you're always able to just a couple

steps away from out from you're just a

couple no matter what's going on on the

outside you're just a couple steps away

from playing out here on your own courts

so we practice here we play our matches

here and really think we'll to have

these goals hi my name is Aubrey Shelton

on the men's basketball coach here

and welcome to Memorial Field house this

is our historic historic arena it's been

here since 1949 and this is where we

have our men's and women's basketball

games as well as I look at the

volleyball team play it's incredible

venue it's got an old-school

feel it

two or three thousand people in our

student section with the best and entire

conference in this facility this

gymnasts the best muffins

is so excited to play games here

are our student-athletes really support

one another to let our basketball team

just football players and baseball and

softball across that you all be there

cheering us on

I say for volleyball the others as well

it's an incredible environment it's a

really fun place to be

just couple words about me I actually

went to school here as well I graduated

205 and think of my masters in teaching

at OU 6 as well so two-time graduate and

I'm from Tacoma I grew up here in Tacoma

I went to Lincoln High School

so this place is home to me so excited

to be back here now I've bought on my

third year of coaching and it's so

particularly for Tacoma kids Tacoma

students like I know what it's like to

go to school here the pride of being

here to multiple in Tacoma

this is again this is home the campus is

an absolutely gorgeous and as you've

seen this was a very special place the

indoor facility for baseball and

softball was opened in January of 2019

the turf facility houses 270 foot cages

one tee cage and two indoor mounds the

cages were set up with the versatility

allowed the teams to use it as one large

turf area or up to five separate hitting

areas the indoor mounds allow pitchers

and catchers to throw bullpens as well

as space live hitters with a combination

lock on the doors it also allows

student-athletes easy access to work on

their craft outside of normal practice

hours lockers softball field sits to the

left of the athletics and Aquatic Center

on part of East field with another

gorgeous view of Mount Rainier it is one

of the most scenic fields on campus the

facilities team does an amazing job

ensuring that the field is maintained

and ready to go for each practice in

game next to the field of batting cages

and bullpen facilities for the athletes

along with their own Clubhouse and team

room which is attached to the home

dugout lager baseball field was opened

in the spring of 2000 on the southern

tip of campus it is a natural surface

filled with a gorgeous view of Mount

Rainier out behind center field the

facility added stadium seating and a new

press box in spring of 2017 along with a

new indoor hidden facility down the

left-field line in the spring of 2019

the team also has their own Clubhouse

attached to the home dugout which is a

place for players to spend time with

each other before and after practice and