University of Michigan Campus Tour


hi everyone so today I'm going to be

giving you a tour of the campus so

there's a lot of tradition and history

that comes to know if you go here or not

there is a curse that goes with it if

you step on it if you touch it it says

that you'll fail your first Blue Book

exam so definitely don't do that years

ago it was told that if you stepped on

it and then you ran at midnight all the

way from here to the bell tower behind

me you would break the curse if you got

there by 12:00 time unfortunately the

clock doesn't time to 12:00 anymore so

you're a little bit stuck so just don't

step on it so like I said this is the

hub of everything on campus a ton of

school buildings are around me during

the spring and summer students will hang

out in the grass they'll read and study

they'll slackline they'll feed the

squirrels it's all very exciting student

hand out flyers and try to clubs so I'll

show you some of the buildings that are

around me so is the chemistry building

they're redoing it right now there's

always a lot of construction we're

finalizing on campus and then there's

the data science building you have down

that way or go there in a second but you

have the Shapiro under greater

undergraduate library or the ugly the

Hatcher Graduate library is here and

then Mason Hall is right here where

there's a ton of classes and meetings

for clubs so let's go that way and we'll

go see so this is the Shapiro

undergraduate library affectionately

known as the ugly because it used to

look very ugly before they redid it

several years ago now it's very

beautiful inside it's open 24 hours a

day for students studying there's a cafe

or you can get coffee so if you are

studying area working on a group project

chances are you're going to be in there

and then to my right down here is what

is known as the engineering arch so the

engineering school used to be down here

it's now up on North Campus which will

be later but this arch also has some

strong traditions with it it's said that

if you are under that arch and you kiss

someone at midnight that he will

eventually marry that person so keep

that in mind is a good or bad thing if

you're walking with anyone in the diet

so now we're all the way on the other

side of the diets across the street and

all the way over there is where we just

we're on the diad so this is the bell

tower I was talking about earlier so

this is where students with run if

they're trying to break the Bluebook

curse so here now that you can hear a

lot of music students playing the bells

really cool music it also lights up bass

blue at night which is really cool and

there's actually some classes in the

bell tower so you could be lucky enough

to actually go in and have a class there

on the other side of this area we have

this fountain unfortunately it does

closed for the winter and that's not

right now students are on winter break

you might notice it's a little quiet

around here with this fountain that has

also a lot of traditions with it so when

students are here for orientation they

will get in the fountain and walk to my

left towards the diag towards where

they're going to study into a lot of

their learning and then at graduation

students this way towards the Rackham

graduate building on to better things

and possibly on to graduate school so

we've never worked our way around the

other side of the Diane

we just were in the dyads earlier on the

opposite side of that big light building

that's actually angel Hall and all the

columns on the opposite side of that

connected is Mason Hall where we just

work and then we also behind we have the

art museum in the History Museum and

then you can see that big red statue in

front of me now behind me we have the

Michigan Union which is another hub of

activity on campus so it's actually

under construction right now

unfortunately it's gonna be opening very

soon when you're seeing this art might

already be open they're redoing the

entire inside to make it modern and very

nice but inside they have resources for

student organizations there's a lot of

restaurants places to study and hang out

I actually worked here when I was a

student so I'm very excited to see what

it looks like after but it is like the

diag one of the main hubs for students

here so here we are at the log quad over

to my left and across the street is

where we just were at the Michigan Union

and then behind us across the street is

the diag where we were earlier we're

just behind the libraries so here is

obviously where all of the law students

here go to classes and all of these

buildings around me this quad is also

very popular spot for graduation photos

in the spring it's very beautiful also a

fun fact so if you kind of look around

at the buildings so this was almost a

filming location for the Harry Potter

series you'll notice it kind of looks

like Hogwarts of it and the reading room

that's to my left it looks a little bit

like the Great Hall from Harry Potter so

if you're a fan and you're able to

follow the rules

I would HIGHLY I mentioned the

engineering school



we have to enter here at the stadium the

football stadium here it is the largest

stadium in the United States the second

largest in the world so if you are going

to be a student here if you're passing

through I highly recommend going to a

game here with 110,000 other people it's

an incredible experience so I hope you

enjoyed this tour and go blue