THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA CAMPUS TOUR | Lecture Halls, Student Center & more | Part 1




hello everyone so today i'm going to be

taking you around

the campus alabama campus my mom my

lovely mom is taking me around

helping me film today so i'm excited

this is my outfit

this is um from lululemon it's like a

cute little

cardigan blanket looking thing this tank


i think it's from walmart and then these

leggings are from pink

and these shoes are from express


all right welcome to my parking garage

or parking deck

living off campus means driving to class

i don't have the luxury of being able to

walk to class

but it's a very quick drive i only live

downtown it's really not that bad

off we go to starbucks to get a coffee

because i'm obsessed with the pumpkin

cold brew

it's my new favorite i don't usually

park in this parking garage but this is

the first parking deck

if you don't have a i think it's a

yellow or orange pass

i could be so wrong then you have to pay

for parking so we're paying today

but the ferg is like the student center


there's all the dining halls and

everything there's a starbucks


auntie anne's

i want to jump in that fountain before i




there's this really cute place that i

like to go to under this bridge

we'll see if it's open

usually if kobit wasn't a thing this is

where i would do homework before

class like i'd always come here and just

catch up on work

you know notice how everything is empty

normally that starbucks would be popping

especially at 10 am

and it's not


so this is bb comer hall this is

basically where you take all of your

language classes

at a german class in here my spanish

classes international studies

and everything like that i don't go to

this building anymore i went my freshman

and sophomore year to finish my

um spanish communication credits

and i hated it so here we are


but basically this is over here right

next to the ferg

across the street is woods hall which is

where i go for my graphic design

on campus there's lots of food trucks

like this one this is called blends

they just have smoothie bowls smoothies

that's pretty much it it's one of my

favorites but they kind of just hop

around campus

there's also many other food trucks but

that's just one of like



so this is woods quad basically this

building right here actually used to be

an all-boys dorm when the university

first came to

existence and then they changed it

whenever they changed it to

co-ed this became a

class hall i guess but basically all the

studio classes were there for like art

and my digital media classes are in

there for graphic design and everything

it's just weird to think about that like

these were dorms

yeah and now they're not so behind me is

the gorgeous house this actually used to

be the first dining hall on campus

which is insane because like look how

small it is

wow now it's open as like a museum where

you can go and tour it

during the week for students it's free

visitors i don't know how much it is but

oh man that would be so cool to look in

so this is morgan hall this is the

english hall i took all my english

literature classes here

majoring minor in english that's your


so now we're on the quad welcome to the

quad um like the big

actual quad campus not wood squad or


but this is amelia gale gorgeous library

it's like one of the biggest libraries

we have seven libraries on campus but

this is the main one that i like going


to go and study and everything i would

take you guys in but unfortunately

with covid i can't and then

this way when you turn around we have

denny chimes

this is like the monument of alabama

basically it shines every 15 minutes

i don't know the history behind it but

it's cool looking so this is where all

the tailgating happens during game day

it's kind of an open thing

sometimes i come here do homework people

play football

frisbee bring their dogs but obviously

the sun gets really hot especially here

in alabama

not around people so if you're more of

the shade type of person

me you go over to the other side but

like i said people come picnics there's

bonfires over here lots of events that


but over here we're walking towards

lloyd hall this

there's a ton of classes in here i have

my global health class this semester

but there's one semester where i have

four of my five classes

in this specific building but it's kind

of a mixture of things they have a

chick-fil-a in there you can get

smoothie bowls there snacks it's a

really good haul

but the new college is there which is

basically a college where you can create

your own major or minor

and that is what i'm through for my

minor because we don't have a graphic

design minor offered so i created one

for myself


alright lloyd hall here it is in all its


i don't know i guess it's like a

favorite a lot of people have classes in

here like i said it's not a specific

thing other than new college

so these are brand new i don't really

know anything much about them

i'm assuming it's like one of those bird

scooters where you just rent them

and you're charged by how much time you

use it for but you're wanting to bike to


you got some we also got another bus

stop over here

gold two gold two goes from prez

kind of like the main route for freshmen

here so this is russell hall

it's actually the side of it the front

no one goes in through the front

everyone always goes to the side

but this is where you'll have a lot of

your beginner classes so like music 101

like intro to listening all of your

intro classes

because they're a lot bigger there's a

huge room in here

that holds like 300 people we're gonna

see if it's open to show you guys what

it looks like

159 is the auditorium that you'll most

likely be going to at least once before

you graduate

there is a class going on but it looks

really cool it's really big

can we peep in there's a class going on

but can we just no not open no

okay i'm sure it's one of the smaller

classes so they can socially distance


this is so cute it's a little newspaper

stand back in the day

you have newspapers and it's called the

crimson white

because it's white newspaper so the

crimson tide

so cute


university boulevard is one of my

favorite streets because of how pretty

it is especially over here by the quad

i drive through it just for fun

sometimes just because of the trees kind

of like go

over like a little tunnel sort of thing

but i love it


president's mansion so this is obviously

where the president lives and does all

of his shenanigans

a lot of people take grad photos in

front of it like in front of a fountain

and everything

i don't know much about the president

which sounds awful but here he is

this is reese piper my home where i do

all my classes for my major notice

number one pr

program in the country people always ask

why i went to alabama that is why

over here is the hub normally this is

open to

studying and everything people have

meetings in here i had a little

test subject study thing in here one

time this is the entrance


and then up here is where usually if i

have two classes back to back

i'll go up there and study eat my blends

smoothie bowl most of the time with

this major if you're in a bigger class

you'll be in room 216.

we'll see if it's open

this is one of the first classrooms i've

ever been in but this is like one of the

main classrooms that you'll be in

or halls i guess lecture halls if you

are in

the pr program creative media digital

media news media whatever it is

the professor always stands up here

there's a huge projector that comes down

right here

and they're also projected on these tv

screens but a lot of the times

i like sitting in the front row like

that is my seat right there

so this next room 222 i've had multiple

classes in

it's now entrance up here it's not even

like a floor it's like halfway to the

second floor i don't really get it but

so depending on how many people are here

i'll either sit there

at this table or in this little couch

area and just

catch up on work i did a video yeah

usually do that between classes but this

is just like a stepping stone

between the second and third floor i've

never been on the third floor of this

building like for classes

only for office hours i have a checkout

under westbrook

okay cool what's the name of the order

uh madison okay

so that room is where you can check out

all the camera equipment

mics lights tripods anything you need


filming so this classroom is where i

have a lot of my

labs i'm gonna see if i can use this

to get in i feel like it's probably not

gonna work but it's worth a shot oh

so they have there's usually a big

projector that goes right here but

everyone sits here to work on their

videos these are all imacs

very nice so i sit here and do my work


in my lab classes gosh they all are yeah

so obviously that was reese piper where

i live

on campus um we're now about to walk

down sorority row

there are some dorms i want to show you

but time to go

see what rush and story life greek life