Inside United Nations UN Headquarter (4K) in New York

Welcome to United Nations...

Welcome to United Nations Headquarter in New York

In this guide, I'll show you how to get in here...

and how to get into all...

it's not a guide!

Alright, let me redo this with my voice overs…

I am visiting the United Nations Headquarter in New York

and you are invited!

You’ll learn how to quickly get in and follow me on a rare tour of this historic landmark

including many of famous chambers and the hidden gems

Located in the Turtle Bay neighbourhood of Manhattan

on spacious grounds overlooking the East River is the home to headquarter of the United Nations

Although it is situated in New York City

the land it occupied are technically extraterritorial

The property was originally a slaughterhouse

and the current complex was constructed between 1948 to 1952 from the land donated by Rockefeller family

If you have a tripod, your journey starts right here at the hot dog stand

because you need to get rip of it

and my solution is...

ask nicely if you can leave it with the hot dog stand owner over there

and be nice!

buy a bottle of water


you need to come here at 801 at First Avenue to get your security sticker

so they can let you in!

let's get going!

Next you need to go through the security in the visitors entrance…

but don’t worry, no pad downs!

Once you are in

please enjoy the breathtaking view of the East River

and many of the artworks, including an Italian bronze sculpture Sphere Within Sphere

But let’s get inside the center of the world politics

The first floor main foyer is accessible to everyone free of charge

It features portraits of former UN Secretary Generals

artworks, and various exhibits


However, the official tour is expensive…

so I am going to pay up

and share with you the experience of roaming through some of rarely seem corners of United Nations Headquarter

Our first stop is the chamber that houses UN Security Council

a gift from Norway

It was designed by the Norwegian architect with the mural also painted by Norwegian artist

The UN Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations

it is the only UN body with the authority to issue binding resolutions to its member states

It’s responsibility includes the maintenance of international peace and security

as well as accepting new members to the UN

and approving any changes to its Charter

Going to our next room, we walked through the hallway decorated with exhibits

placing emphasis on the importance of the peacekeeping missions in the conflict area

protection of human rights

the remembrance of holocaust

and the statehood for Palestine

The next chamber we’ll visit houses the UN Trusteeship Council

It’s another principal organs of the United Nations

with a mission to ensure that those territories were administered in the best interests of their inhabitants

and of international peace and security

Its main goals is to oversee the decolonization of dependent territories which is fulfilled on November 1, 1994

As a result, the Trusteeship Council suspended its operation on the same day

and although under the United Nations Charter it continues to exist on paper

Today, the chamber is used as a general purpose meeting and conference room

Our next chamber houses the United Nations Economic and Social Council

another one of the six principal organs

with responsibility of coordinating the economic, social, and related work of 15 UN specialized agencies

The building is full of artwork gifts from governments around the world

including this one given by the United States, titled Rockwell’s “Golden Rule”

“Do Unto Other as You Would Have Them Do Unto You”

This 15-foot teak and gold replica of the Thai royal barge was a gift from Thailand

and as well as this Buddhist bell tower

This artwork is called “Chernobyl” a gift from Belarus

the left part represents the region’s past

the centre highlights the nuclear disaster

and the right expresses hope for the future

Leading the hallway to the last chamber is a exhibits that focus on disarmament

It features an arms expenditure clock calculating the daily worldwide spending on weapons

As well as a resource comparison diagram showing allocation of military spending in comparison to humanitarian and social causes

On display includes showcasing the horrors of landmines inflicted on its victims

and danger of Weapon of Mass Destruction

Also on exhibit

the statue of Saint Agnes found in the ruins of a Roman Catholic Cathedral in Nagasaki, Japan in 1945

one of the two cities that was destroyed by atomic bomb

The last chamber we’ll visit is the most famous and well known

The UN General Assembly

another one of the six principal organs of the United Nations

and the only one in which all member nations have equal representation

It is the main policymaking and representative organ of the UN

Its powers includes overseeing the budget of the United Nations

appoint the non-permanent members to the Security Council

receive reports from other parts of the United Nations

and make recommendations in the form of General Assembly Resolutions

And that concludes our tour

however if you still can’t get enough…

why not bring something home from the Gift Shop

What about sending me a postcard from its own United Nations Postal Office…

how cool is that!

With that being suggested

I hope your enjoy the tour of United Nations Headquarter in New York

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