HEARTLAND TOUR CBC | Filming locations | Moving to Canada series Ep 7 | Alberta | Amber Marshall


dreaming all the time when I


thousand stars


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then the Prairie


morning guys welcome back to our Channel

kc new hero names beck and corner hello

and um we're currently in alberta and

we've come here on holiday from

australia to see if we want to move here

and today's our eighth or ninth day you

know I'm not sure and we've decided to

head off to where my favorite TV shows

filmed in High River which is Heartland

so we're really excited we're going to

be taking the backroads there so we're

coming from Kenmore which is where we're

at now along to Broad Creek and then to

Black Diamond and then out towards High

River we could have gone towards Calgary

and down but we decide we want to go

this way because what were country folk

and we like to see the mountains in the

back country so come with us on our

little adventure today

hopefully we don't get stuck no I

couldn't hopefully we didn't get stuck

they are



look at the day off

did you say wait sorry we're just sorry

yeah we just saw a deer and a bald eagle

back there oh my god we didn't get to

video that AOPA that went fluent to a

passive way too fast



I can smell it's right in front of us

got my favorite road-tripping meal

gonna beef jerk you never tried this one

before hopefully it's good hair you can

have some not let's try some

hey guys we're in Brad Creek and we just

saw some deers again that was so cute

look at those toady is there


this is calm


wait for better days to come and carry

us back when for the tribes


and look at this amazing Trading Post

behind me so Western looking and now we

are just down by the river about to take

some photos look at that so beautiful

and just so blue and oh so lucky he's

coming over for a photo that's pretty

cool it's amazing

last again

dream anomic time


thousand stars


shouldn't it all just tell


the prayer is from


yeah hi guys we're here at the racetrack

that heartlands filmed on and as you can

see it's really snowy here and the

racetrack is obviously closed for the

season but it's still really beautiful

over here is where all the rodeo scenes

are filmed as well as obviously the

racetrack scenes there's all the scenes

where Amber Marshalls leaning on here

and then just behind here is all the

seats where they have all the spectators

watching the rodeos and you've seen

Georgie and Jade running up and down

exercising on so this is where I think

Tim has his racehorses in the earlier

episodes in these little stalls here

they look pretty familiar the green and

white ones and over there I reckon over

there just driving off down to another

Heartland location but look how

beautiful these properties are Conor's

just reversing back look at that

tree-lined driveway it is so pretty look

at that just beautiful dream property

right there


guys were at the next filming location

it's the little little wooden chapel

seen in Hartland I'm pretty sure this is

where Lou and Peter got married I might

be wrong or she interrupted went to

interrupt Mitch's wedding but either way

it is so cute and so beautiful let's go

and take a look just tell me


all right we're off to Black Diamond now

and then we'll head off to the next

filming location of heartland


yeah we'll be fine baby hon stop where

the halfway







I lose my voice


hey guys we've just arrived in High

River and it is so beautiful very

different to what's seen on heartland

obviously a lot more populated a lot

more shops not all cute and Western on

every shop but we're about to jump into

the museum now and show you guys the

museum with all the Heartland stopping

it at this way how do you see them out

here look at all the beds at the front I

let's have squirrel did you see the


that's how fast we're always seen lots

of animals today all right let's go in

Wow that is the saddles Hudson rodeo

that's pretty cool

so here's the clothes that Amy entire

war it's pretty cool


oh that's Linda Bartlett's music careful

would cover


that's cool


so all of Maggie's diner things


in the uniform from Maggie's diner


there's another saddled and bridled

O'Connor they actually did this on 4th

Avenue where they brought the cattle to

the police station

yeah actually brought them all through

4th Avenue it's pretty cool I wish we

knew where the Heartland ranch was this

Jayde's chuck wagon advertisement


and then this is Tim Fleming's rodeo

saddle that he won for bulldogging so

settled up here I think this saddle

appeared in season five totally

unrelated but in the next room over

there's this really cute little kid area

little kitchen

dress-up area in here don't go in there

a lot in there so we just paid a

donation $5 donation to come in and then

you can just browse around and have a


what are you doing Riley he's standing

up on a bear sitting on a bed so in the

museum we got given this map and it

shows you a few locations on here that

you can walk to where Heartland films so

we're gonna go and check those out now

oh my god we're about to head down to

Maggie's diner and I know you can't

actually go in it's just a prop a set

but I can video through the windows and

show you guys the outside of it so I

wonder if the horse will be at the front

you know they've always got that I think

it's a white horse nope

how cold does it look


now you can actually go in darlin I wish

they had chalky odd right on there

somebody did right on there very dark in

there but can you say it oh you can see

on here I just have to have her look you

guys are saying it before me I'm

videoing it I don't even looked inside

very hard to video this time a night

with the Sun right on this window it's

just so weird seeing it in person

Khurana said he found the big horse it's

inside locked up let's have a look

oh yeah I'll show you guys I know it's a

Palomino on I always thought it was a

white one it's inside the tack room bit

look at all the ice hanging off

somebody's a bit tired down there and

crying so this is the tack and feed

store part of the diner if you can see

in there is full of tap go see um not

short of money ropes and hoiding and

horse feed and everything in there

and here's the back of it and make ease

DynaTAC and feed store I'm pretty sure

in this recent episode our season season

13 and they picking up rubbish on the

back here Tim and flu I'm pretty sure

so apparently on heartland season sorry

season episode 7 before my hydrophobia

Emily Blokland arrived up here as mayor

of Hudson in 2012 here

so apparently in season 4 2010 this is

where an airbrush or I think template

doesn't say on here brought down a whole

heap of cattle 30 head of cattle down to

the police station that's just in this

little car park here imagined on this


so this is the main street where you

sort of see Heartland filmed when I sort

of parked up or driving it looks more

Western authentic Heartland sort of

style I'm pretty sure that one over

there supposed to be the chemist wasn't

it when one of them went to go get a

pregnancy test so this is George Lane

Park who was apparently in season five I

don't remember it but I'm thinking is

season 13 when George II graduate this

is also used them



look at the sea is calm

just way back one choice girls in one

day you see everyone down there to see

Jimmy down there run who's gonna go up

the tree so this is the pavilion were

just talking about I know it definitely

was in season 13 when Georgie graduated

from high school that's pretty cool

pretty cool to be here and now i know

when i rewatch it where i was it so

that's it for us today guys it's um a

bit of a drive back to Calgary so there

are a few other spots you can do on this

tour but we highly recommend it Conner's

or he watches Heartland but I'm more

into it nee still had a good time if

you're interested in the rest of our

Canada episodes or coming over here and

potentially moving here make sure you

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time bye guys yeah