Jez Forgets The Turkey - Peep Show

where's the turkey Jeremy or the turkey

where's the turkey I thought you were

getting the turkey you what no Turkey

you [ __ ] idiot Jeremy you total

[ __ ] idiot that was your job you

[ __ ] [ __ ] you [ __ ]

you're a [ __ ] that's why you are a

[ __ ] [ __ ] it was a joke Marc I

was joking it was a Christmas joke Artie

oh of course I've got a turkey it's an

organic turkey I took ages researching

it online it's going to be delicious

that pear looks like a lovely turkey I'm

sorry I've flew off the handle a bit

that wasn't very Christmassy no it

wasn't I apologize

jairs what what are you we're gonna open

them in bed aren't we

what if our feet touch if our feet touch

we [ __ ] obviously how do you read can

you teach me to read you want me to

teach you to read yes I mean not

literally but how