Live: Trump campaign rally in Goodyear, Arizona

we got some great polls and we are

getting great polls we're doing great in


doing great at north carolina doing

great i think in pennsylvania i think i

think it's going to be great we wanted

last time first time in many years

republican won we've done good brought a

lot of business there

did a lot of business went back to

pennsylvania so i think they appreciate

it but haven't seen the numbers they

vote late you know they vote like on

tuesday that's what they like i like

that too

but we're doing good all over we're

doing good in wisconsin we have a poll

we're one up in wisconsin don't don't

clap yet

today the fake washington post

abc now you know you think they'd come

out that he's four down he's five down

17 down and wisconsin i don't know

i had the same fraudsters here

four years ago they had me 12 down a

week before the election right

remember that i was 12 down abc

washington post bad

i mean just dishonest people and

we sent them a legal letter and by the

time we got to the election we were like


i wonder what happened but you know they

interviewed slightly more democrats than

republicans we looked at it i think

there's some kind of a law that you have

to do that

they interviewed a few more like a

number that you wouldn't even believe

i agree

i agree i agree but they're all sort of

in that bag they're all you know

abc terrible nbc is probably the worst

of all it's called comcast

c-o-n comcast because they're cons it's

a big con job

it's a big con job you know they spend

all that money for public relations and

then i talk about them that's the end of

the public relations

con job how did you guys do today please


section 230 mike lee how are you doing


you know what what they're doing is a

disgrace joe biden is a corrupt

politician and they refuse to talk about


you got to do it you got to do it i mean

it's crazy they're getting away

what the big tech is getting away with

they will not allow

anybody to even discuss it with me they

write false stories they can do whatever

they want

section 230 rand i hope you're all

looking at it okay

i hope you're all looking at it

because it was a lot of stuff today you

know they were up there and they were

very nervous in front of the senate they

were very nervous i have to tell you

that they were shaken up a little bit

because without section 230 they don't

even exist

they don't even exist for 47 years joe

biden betrayed the american people

and he betrayed hispanic americans

over the last four years i've been

delivering for hispanic americans like

never before


and hispanic american unemployment


an all-time low prior to the


it's crazy i love you too

nobody knows what happened the fake news

they're going look at all of them back


that's a lot of that's a lot of fake

news back there


look at that those red lights just went

off you know anytime i refer to them

they turned the light off

very quickly they don't want to have it

broadcast what i call

cnn bad names

hispanic american families saw their net

worth skyrocket by

64 percent

and i'm sitting in the hottest sun i've

ever felt

this is hot

my last stop also in your great state it

had a different problem the sun was hot

i've never seen wind like that

it's lucky i don't need teleprompters

like sleepy joe

because the teleprompters were falling

down they were going all

over the place i was getting a headache

i'm trying to look but i have a good

memory i remember


unlike unlike the sleepy one you know

he's in a lit again do you know that

fellas he's in a lid he gets skies in a

lid every single day

lid that refers to a garbage can they

put the lid on the can

he's in his he's in his basement you


by the way i'd like to be in a basement

i'd like to be in

some place i'd like to be in a beautiful

bedroom nice for a year and a half two

years never come out the whiteout

but i'm your president i have to i have

to come out i have to meet people

we have to meet people

and i said you know this could be a

little bit shaky right to meet a lot of


but we have no choice and you probably

haven't heard but i caught it

i caught it did anybody know that i

caught it

and then you get better and you're

immune and they say you're immune for a


they used to say you're immune forever

but when i got it i said i'm immune they

said it's only for four months i don't

know what happened

they said you're immune for a lifetime

right remember until i had it once i had

it now it's only up to four months

but i got better great doctors at the

white house we have great doctors great

doctors all over the country

i had doctors from all over the country

you know one thing i learned quickly

when you're the president and you're not

feeling too good i did feel great

you have more doctors than you've ever

seen in your life before i was like

it was like a public place and they were

gathered around my bed they said what's

the problem i said i don't know doc but

i'm not feeling too good

and i got to get back on the trail you

know what the trail is

right the campaign trail i got to get

back on the trail

get me the hell out of here doc johns


was great we have all the great

hospitals represented and i'll tell you

walter reed is incredible i've seen what

they do to soldiers they come back so

badly wounded

they fix them thank you thank you

walter reed is so great but they're all

around and they're saying

sir i think you're gonna have to take it

easy for a little while and they gave me

something called regeneron you ever hear

of regenero

and we're gonna make it available to

everybody that needs it

free free right free

antibodies and all i know and i don't

want to give any credit to this drug i

want to say it was me because i'm in

perfect physical condition and i'm very


i'm very young and i'm in perfect

physical shape

perfect you know i said that

jokingly i said that a couple of weeks

ago cnn

fake news here then went crazy he's not

in perfect shape but he's not

young they went crazy they thought it

was horrible a horrible

horrible statement now we uh we did a

great job and i would like to say that

the antibody that what they gave me

didn't help but it probably did

because i woke up the next morning and i

felt like superman i wanted to

i wanted to rip my shirt off just like


anybody ever hear of clockcat just like

the legendary clark kent

you know we're going to win the election

you know that i'm gonna win this is not

this is much more so than four years ago

i'm looking at some of our great

senators we're gonna win this election

we're going to have a great victory

and a lot of people want to go out on

tuesday they don't want to go out early

it's called

the great red wave when you see it

they always say sir could you please ask

them to go out on monday sunday you know

because you can go out now you can vote


but i said they don't really want that

they want to go out you know they want

to make it a little more convenient for


but when those booths open up you're

going to see something that probably has

never seen before you've never seen in


they're not doing well they had to get

that lead that leads going to be taken

over i think very very quickly

the biggest problem we have is if they

cheat with the ballots that's my biggest

problem that's the only thing

that's the only thing i worry about if

they cheat with the ballots right

if they cheat with the ballots and you

know they did find some in a garbage can

from the military military ballots it

had the name trump written they wanted

to go for trump they found him in a

garbage can

now if they choose oh hundreds of

thousands every day

you don't wake up and not read a story

about it every day there's cheating with

the ballots

and you have governors democrat

governors that are players

wise guys wise guys and uh

it's a disgrace you know in nevada we


nevada but you got a governor there

that's a player

and even if you want to speak they make

it very hard

to find a location but we found one and


000 people showed up a couple of weeks


latino homeownership is now at an

all-time high all-time high

and by the way if you look at new houses

if you look at automobile production

it's hard to believe it literally is

superseding what we had

prior to the pandemic and nobody's even

imagining that

to bring even greater opportunity and

prosperity to latino

and latino community and i say the

latinos and i say the hispanics and have

a lot of friends i say what do you like

better they said

you can call us anything


the latino community in arizona and

around the country today i'm announcing

the american dream plan

over the next four years the american

dream plan will bring more than two

million new jobs

to hispanic communities create over a

half a million new

hispanic owned small businesses which

will end up being large businesses if i

know you and i know you well

great business people great natural

business people

expand opportunities for federal

contracting it's going to be much easier

for you to get some of those jobs

and increase access to capital by

hundreds of billions of dollars you're

going to be in great shape you're going

to say i liked him very much

now if sleepy joe gets said they're

going to ask him about it he's not going

to have a clue he's not going to be able

to tell you this

more hispanic americans will be able to

buy a home

to afford quality health insurance and

to raise their families in a beautiful

safe neighborhood

and i will provide school choice to

every parent in america

school choice


joe biden would obliterate everything

hispanic americans have worked for

wiping out your small businesses

with lockdowns and regulations gutting

your police departments

and devastating your families with

massive tax hikes

he will attack catholic organizations by

the way hispanics

generally speaking don't like that too

much and ban

charter schools fund extreme late term


and surrender your country to the


socialist mob and you see that happening

how about portland right

you know how quick we could fix that

mike lee we could fix that in about what

30 minutes right the governor has to

call up he said

maybe a little bit less that's why we're

going to win a record share of the

hispanic vote

this election day we are going to win a


that's never been won by a republican

and maybe

maybe we're going to beat the democrats

that will be incredible that will be

that means you're on your way to great

business in 2016

arizona voted to fire our failed and

corrupt political establishment

and you elected an outsider as president

who is finally putting

america first finally

taking a long time

and if i don't sound like a typical

washington politician

it's because i'm not a politician

and if i don't always play by the rules

of the washington establishment

it's because i was elected to fight for

you harder

than any president has ever fought

for their constituents before

to show you how corrupt the washington

media is

i was just and did you see this this was

just revealed

it was just revealed that you know

anonymous you know this

anonymous that everybody's been looking

for that law enforcement could have

found early if they wanted to

but everybody was looking for anonymous

turned out to be a low-level staffer

a sleazebag who's never worked in the

white house

anonymous was a nobody a disgruntled

employee who was quickly removed from

his job a long time ago for

they tell me incompetence i don't know

what for but they tell me incompetence

you know where he works now she wants to

cnn can you believe it

works at cnn he wrote a phony book

it was just basically if you read if you

heard about anonymous was like somebody

that was right next to me

i thought it might have been hope hicks

was right

i thought it might have been jared i

thought it might have been

mike lee i was worried from the great

state of utah

i was extremely worried about rand paul

maybe it was rand

this is a low-level low-life

that i don't know i have no idea who he

is other than i got to see him a little

while ago on television

and i think they threw him out a long

time ago his phony book was just based


fake articles and left-wing outlets

he worked with the listen to this the

fake news

new york times right

and he's an employee of google he works

for google isn't that nice

the people that you guys are looking at

right now the whole thing was just

one more giant hoax from the washington


and a corrupt special interest group

i'll tell you what this guy

in my opinion he should be prosecuted

he should be prosecuted

the left-wing media and the swamp are

doing everything in their power to try

and stop us

and by the way we're here and they're


and their heads are exploding their

heads are exploding

the media has been peddling their lives

for the last four years

and they've had a lot to say but in the


here we are and we're going to win the

greatest election and you know what

this election is more important than

any election in the history of our


including the last one and i never

thought i'd say that

but you get the last word on november


you can ensure that when the results

pour in

the corrupt media oh they're gonna have

are you guys ready for this look at all

of them

look at all of those corrupt people

look at all of those corrupt people the

corrupt media i used to call them the

fake news i thought it was one of the

great terms i made but it's not strong


the corrupt media is bowing their heads

in shame

not cheering for sleepy joe

i can't imagine why they want him i mean

i can't figure it that one i can't vegan

but it's up to you this is your country

and you have to save and create a great

beautiful pathway for your country

get out and vote

you're going to show up in record

numbers vote for america

and against the corrupt media and

against the swamp and nobody ever told

me the swamp was that deep

or that vicious swamp creatures they are


and some of the worst creatures in the

swamp are the rhinos we got some rhinos


but they are a dying breed they are a

dying breed they're getting a little


they're getting a little tired of

calling it wrong it's incredible

under biden's cruel and senseless slot


countless americans will die from

suicide drug overdose

deferred medical care alcoholism

abuse so many different things the cure

cannot be worse than the problem itself

we would say that we talk about that

rant right brand news

that's what happens what happens to

a society what happens to a country you

take a look at michigan where she has

everybody locked down we won a case

in the supreme court michigan the

constitutionality we wanted they said it

was unconstitutional but in the meantime

she goes on with the appeals

the only one that's free to roam in

michigan is her husband

he's the only one he's allowed to go

boating and do whatever he wants

we got to open up pennsylvania we got to

open up north carolina

got to open up california got to open up

new york


if i lived in california new york

illinois i'd vote for trump


and you know what i used to say and it's

come so well our relationship

because of criminal justice reform and

prison reform and all the other things

with the

african-american community i used to say

what the hell do you have to lose and

they agreed with me and we're doing

incredible the relationship

what we've done is incredible

what we've done is incredible but i say

the same thing that the people living in

new york

california illinois automatic wins for

the democrats

i say vote for trump we'll cut your

taxes we'll get you back

we'll bring it back i say what the hell

do you have to lose

vote for trump there's three big states

you know it's tough when you have those

three big states automatically it's like

automatically put into it doesn't matter

who runs no matter who if we brought

back the

late great abraham lincoln new york

california illinois

so we got to run the gauntlet we got to

run the coast right

we and that's what happened last time we

won florida

and we won south carolina we won georgia

we won

north carolina remember that was going

to be their firewall

that didn't work out too well for them

and we won



and we just ran the coast didn't was

that a beautiful was that

that was one of the most exciting

evenings mike lee right

mike lee utah and we won utah right we

won them all

we won them all we had they said there

is no way to 270. remember 270 you need


there is no way for donald trump this

was at five o'clock before the poll


there is no way for donald trump to get

to 270.

like we're wasting our time i said i

don't think so but they turned out to be

right we couldn't get to 270 but we did

get to 306.

right there is no way

remember that one ohio

is great won by eight points they

thought we're gonna

tie they thought it was going to be

close you're not close

and they called immediately donald trump

has won the state of ohio and then they


not only one he's won by eight points

they said that is that

that was the beginning they said what's

going on here we're going to have a

bigger surprise

in six days who's there

if you vote for biden it means no kids

in school

no graduations no weddings no


no christmas and no fourth of july

together other than that you have a

wonderful life

you can't see anybody but that's all

right you have a wonderful life

he wants everyone to and it's not really

again it's not him i'm using this thing

but it's not him

he is a puppet he's a puppet he's a

beauty i'll tell you

look look look i shouldn't say this

because it's very disrespectful but i

don't care because he's not a nice

we have some historians here true

american historians here

he is the worst candidate ever to run

in the history of a priest if a

presidential election he is

the worst that's why there's tremendous

pressure on me

i wish he was a good candidate at least

if you lost you could say hey you lost

to a good candidate

how the hell do you lose to a guy like

this i don't care

i don't care we're going to win we got

to win

you're going to lose your country if you


the worst in presidential politics

now you're going to lose your country

it'll be a disaster he's not going to be

running things you have

kamala kamala

you know if you don't pronounce her name

exactly right she gets very angry at you

and then she thought you know what she

does when she gets angry she starts


like she did in 60 minutes

uncontrollable laughs

that means she's angry

sleepy joe wants to keep everyone locked

down forever including young people

which will cause enormous harm to

hispanic americans

african-americans asian-americans women

men everybody the biden plan will crush

you and your family

my plan will crush the virus and make

our strong

we're going to be stronger stronger than

ever before

our country will be stronger than ever


biden is the candidate of layoffs

lockdowns and

misery i am the candidate of jobs

vaccines and prosperity

our early and aggressive actions saved

over 2 million american lives

we saw it we had to make a decision

we closed it up we understood it we

saved remember we're supposed to be 2.2

million people were going to die

we started doing ventilators we didn't

have ventilators

we became the king of ventilators all

over the world were now sending


all over the world we did a great job we

weren't acknowledged we have

governors saying what a great job we did

everybody was saying what a great job

we did a great job wasn't acknowledged

and that's okay

but the generals the admirals mike pence

all of these people that worked on this

they should be acknowledged we did a job

the likes of which

nobody thought remember joe biden with


h1n1 which he always reverses

h1n1 right he goes n1h1 i said no joe's

the other one the swine flu right it's

the swine flu

he was a disaster his chief of staff

said they didn't know what the hell they

were doing

and now he's always telling me i should

have acted quicker except when i closed

our country

to china because it was so heavily

affected and europe

he was totally against it he said it's

he said

i'm xenophobic i said do me a favor

give me a definition joe he couldn't do

that because he didn't

he had no idea he had no idea what it


but here are some of the governors

talking about what a great job we've all

done we've done

but what a great job we've done in

fighting the giant virus

every time i uh called the president

he's quickly gotten on the line

when we asked to get support for that

mercy ship in southern california he was

able to direct that in real time what


federal government did working with


was a phenomenal accomplishment uh we

got 2 000

of these vehicle field medical sites

that are up almost all operational now

in the state

because of his support and those are the

facts his team

has been on it i know a team when

they're on it

i know a team when they're not on it his

team is on it they've been responsive

late at night early in the morning we

are working very well with fema region 2

and with the army corps of engineers

building four field hospitals that was a

decision the president himself took and

i'm grateful for it

these were just extraordinary efforts

and acts of mobilization and

the federal government stepped up we

needed help and they were there

he said everything that i could have


for and we had a very long conversation

uh and every single thing he said they

followed through on

we've got to have double the number of

ventilators that we requested for that

area of the state and in fact

uh we got them in frankly short order

have we lost anyone because we didn't

have a bed

or we didn't have a ventilator or we

didn't have

health care staff no the president was

extending support for new

swabs so conversation commitment

promise made promise kept

now to be fair maybe biden's not telling


because he's forgotten his own plans

watch biden's staff quickly swoop in to

shuffle him along

during a quickie escape the basement

trip to pennsylvania

here's the deal one of the things that

that is important

is that um

keep in mind although they're going to

vote on

uh barrett

i think okay that was terrifying

what kind of country we're going to be

four more years of george

georgia he uh is going to find ourselves

in a position where

if trump gets elected uh we're going to

be we're going to be in a different


56 of americans said that they were

better off today

than they were four years ago would have

been under the obama biden


so why should people who feel that they

are better off today

under the trump administration vote for

you well if they think that they

probably shouldn't

they think 54 american people are better

off economically today than they were

in our administration well their memory

is not very good quite frankly

a few moments later i'm running as a

proud democrat

for the senate

so vote vote visit

ohio we got in trouble when we're

running against the senator who is a


the governor okay well their memory is

not very good quite frankly


it saves a lot of words in fact i can go

home now goodbye everybody


thank you thank you

we only bring those very expensive

boards to a very special group of people

it's quite costly but it does save a lot

of talk doesn't it

joe biden has surrendered his party to

the rage-filled socialists and marxists


left-wing extremists the democrats know

that biden is just a vessel

to implement their socialist takeover

and that's what they're trying to do we

can't let that happen

that's why his running mate is the

number one most liberal member

of the u.s senate a sponsor of insane

this insane

a green new deal 100 trillion dollars

100 trillion if we made if we had the

greatest hundred years

in history we couldn't pay a hundred

trillion dollars

this was made up by aoc plus three who i

don't know if she's ever even studied

the environment has she ever taken a

course on the environment

i doubt it biden and his party have

spent the entire year

inciting violence and hatred against our

police our great police

last night the city of philadelphia was


by violent mobs of biden supporters for

a second night in a row

we could have stopped that that one we

could have stopped in 12 minutes

stores were looted nearly a dozen people

were shot

and dozens of officers were injured

would have been so easy

we're waiting for a call we'll send in

the federal government have to get a


we'll send in the federal government

we'll solve that problem so quickly

in seattle they took over a big part of

the city we said finally we have to go

in we didn't

have the permit we said we're doing it

anyway we let them know we're going in

as soon as we let them go we're going in

tomorrow morning we told them

as soon as we did that they held up

their hands and they said we're going


in minneapolis we went in a week and a

half later and i give the governor some

credit he said let's go

but it should have been a week earlier a

week and a half earlier

and they formed a line and it ended in

25 minutes it was all over minneapolis

that's why we're going to win the great

state of

minnesota we're going to win minnesota

because of that for two reasons we're

going to win because of that

and ilan omar we're going to win because

of her too

how the hell does she get elected she

does not like

our country i can tell you biden and


stand with the rioters and the vandals i

stand with the heroes

of law enforcement

and i think i've been endorsed by almost

every major police group in the united


and during the debate i asked him i said

joe who endorsed you any of the

law enforcement groups he couldn't name

one couldn't name one

then i said joe say the words law


say the words law and order he wouldn't

do it

he wouldn't do it number one he couldn't

remember the two words in conjunction

but more importantly he didn't want to

lose the radical left because if he says

those words

he loses the radical left this election

day you must stop

the anti-american rattle coal say i mean

these are

radicals from delivering the far left

and thundering defeat you have to

deliver them

a defeat like they haven't seen before

not just a little one we don't want to

win this close

joe biden is a corrupt politician last

night we learned that joe

was intimately involved in the biden

family's corrupt business deals with


while he shipped american jobs to china

by the thousands

if biden wins china wins when we win you


arizona wins and america wins

and you know that as big as that story

was last night

not one mention on social media

not one mentioned in big tech not one

mentioned in any of the major outlets

not one mention on any of the networks

only fox had it fox had it

tucker did a good job sean did a good


laura did a good job

not one mention so it's not freedom of

the press it's you know what we have

suppression of the press we have this is


this is no longer freedom of the press

this is suppression of the press

and we have some very powerful people

right here we cannot let this go on

it's suppression it's unthinkable what's

going on

and yet they'll write the littlest thing

if somebody else does

anything or doesn't have to do it they

make up fake stories

we're thrilled to be joined by somebody

that's done a great job and been

your great governor doug ducey

done a great job thank you doug

great job a woman who's running

for the senate currently a senator

respected by everybody

her opponent wants to terminate your


amendment martha mcsally martha


great great martha greg

martha come up just fast fast

fast come on quick you got one minute

one minute martha's sake

they don't want to hear this mother come

on let's go quick quick quick quick

come on let's go all right i'm coming

thank you president trump

arizona we are ground zero to save the

country we have

six days in just a few hours president


and the country are counting on us to

send him back to the white house

for four more years everything is on the

line and my race is about the senate


everything i wore the uniform for and

all you veterans did is on the line

everything is on the line we've got to

bring it home arizona

in my race will decide the direction of

the country the radical left can take

over in the senate

so if you want someone who's going to be

joe biden and chuck schumer's 51st vote

to take away our freedoms and our second

amendment rights and all the things the

president talk about

then you got a guy named mark kelly but

if you want a fighter

if you want to continue to have a

fighter who is proud to work with

president trump

for the great american comeback and

strong military and secure our borders

and your second amendment rights

then i'm your girl arizona i'm your girl

vote trump mcsally let's save the

country god bless you sir thank you

thank you thank you

very important and you know you can

think of a lot of things but think about

your second amendment his sole function

is to terminate your second amendment

and all of them that's what they want to

do and they're in lockstep

a friend of mine a great senator

somebody that has extraordinary common


that's one of the reasons he's a

successful man at what he does

senator rand paul

come on up rand look at him

look at this guy come on up come on

thank you here's to immunity

to immune people

i've got a message for independents

and libertarians my message is this

if you hate war like i hate war

if you want america to be supporting


not spending our money overseas and

wasting lives overseas in

unwinnable endless wars you need to

support the president who said this in


state of the union he said great nations

don't fight perpetual wars

thank you that's right

i have a message for african americans

across our country

biden and clinton failed you


the biden clinton crime bill locked up a


unfairly locked up a generation of young

black men

biden said lock them up their super

predators throw away the key

joe biden is responsible for decimating

our black community

when mike lee and i went to talk to the

president about the first step act my

wife was involved

we talked about how unfair it is look at

all the families out there

can anybody say your family is immune

from the scourge of drugs

that you haven't had a kid or a cousin

or a nephew or somebody that got hooked

on drugs

this president and i tried with

president obama we got nowhere

but this president passed the first step


that let these people that were serving

30 years in jail

for nonviolent crimes he accepts their


and i have a message for those of you

who are sick and tired

of both republican and democrat


sending your money overseas to countries

that hate us

president trump says and i say not one

penny more

for these countries that hate us

thank you thank you rent what a good guy

great job brian thank you very much we

have another great senator

from the state of utah and he is

uh he's a smart one he's a good one he's

a respected one

mike lee come on up

come on





to my catholic friends think about a

couple of things as you approach the


and your friends do think about amy

coney barrett and think about the little

sisters of the poor


to my protestant and evangelical friends

we have to remember this by the grace

of our lord and savior jesus christ that

we've had four years of prosperity and


to my mormon friends my latter-day saint


think of him as captain alumni

to pull it down he seeks not the praise

of the world or the fake news

but he seeks the well-being and peace of

the american people

are you ready to stand with me and

millions and millions of others who want

four more years

cuatro angels

thank you mike wow

good job

thank you very much rand and mike what a

job thank you that's why they're


senators and respected by everybody

thank you we have another great friend

i think he's going to be replacing nancy

pelosi soon i really believe

house minority leader kevin mccarthy

come up kevin where's kevin

come up he's going to replace crazy



he's an incredible guy my friend

thank you sir all right we got one


we're gonna elect the man who kept more


than he ever made

and we elect them we're going to have a


that defends them it stands for america

and when that day comes i want you all

to come to the swearing-in

it'll be before we swear in the

president again

but the reason why i want you to come i

want you to watch

nancy pelosi hand me that gavel

and i promise you this


i won't bang her with it but i'll bang

the end to the socialism

and yes to america

it's all up to you if you ask me the one

state that determines our future

it's arizona


i will promise you this i've never seen

a man work harder

i've never seen a man fight harder

and he's never asked anything but to

make america first thank you and god


thank you wow thank you

kevin mccarthy thank you kevin beautiful

really beautiful thank you



so two people that have fought hard love

your state

they're tough they're brilliant and they

are warriors

andy biggs and debbie lesko where

are you look at you

thanks andy thanks debbie


a friend of mine a lot of people say one

of the most powerful

men in europe nigel farage

come on up nigel

he's a very non-controversial person too


that's what we like come on nigel

he's very shy

oh i'm non-controversial and shy

compared to you i gotta say

four years ago i was honored to come to


to bring the brexit message the message

that you can beat the establishment

and that is what donald trump did

he beat the pollsters he beat the media

he beat all the predictions

and here's the worst bit they've never

forgiven him for it

they've never ever forgiven him they

have spent four years

trying to delegitimize him four years

of the russia hoax four years of a false


most human beings under that barrage

would have given up this is

the single most resilient and bravest


i have ever met in my


and when you vote next week you are not

just voting

for who the president of the united

states of america is

vital though that question may be you

are voting

for the leader of the free world

you are voting you are voting for the


current leader in the free world who has

got the guts

to stand up and fight for the nation


to fight for patriotism to fight

against globalism you'll be voting for

the only leader in the western world

with the real courage to stand up to the

chinese communist party you'll be voting

you'll be voting for decency

plain speaking and a man who in four


hasn't just cut your taxes hasn't just

improved the economy but a man

who right now is bringing israel


with arab nations in a way

that nobody ever believed was possible

and that's what he's done and i wish you


i really do thank you

thank you nigel that's something wow

thank you i'm glad i called him up

i'm glad i thank you very much nigel

that's something

he's responsible for a lot of things

that have happened over in europe very

positive things too thank you very much

a friend of mine who is a brilliant

brilliant gentleman he loves fights he

just loves fighting

he's somebody that's made a lot of money

with fighting a lot of people say oh

let's not fight but he disagrees

he owns that he's the head of the ufc

you know what that is

dana white the great day in her wife

thank you dana thank you this guy's

something i'll tell you what a job he's


state treasurer kimberly yee kimberly

kimberly where is kimberly thank you

kimberly good job you doing

how are the finances okay you're doing


good maricopa county supervisor

clint hickman

thank you clint good job clint

gop chair she's tough she's smart and

she's with us and she's always been with


she works hard kelly ward

he's great he's great

so thank you all very much i was very

interesting i didn't think you'd have

anyone speak but it was one after

another and i'm glad they did it right

that was great

we don't usually do that usually it gets

a little boring when people speak

this group was a hell of a group thank

you all thank you all very much

together we built the greatest economy

in history and now we're doing it again

we increase middle class family income

over five

thousand dollars more than five times

the gains

under the last administration

after the virus arrived we passed three

trillion dollars in economic relief

and saved over 50 million jobs many in

your state

many many in your state we've

experienced the smallest contraction and

the fastest recovery

economically by far of any

major nation in the world that's a big


and our numbers are going to be coming

out very shortly very soon gdp

and the fed in atlanta just made a


they said 35 now i'll take 25 right now

35 would be many times larger than the

largest number we've ever had gdp the

all-important gdp

35 is what they predict and let's see

what happens and it'll be three days

before the election

so i'll make you a deal if the number's

a bad number you don't have to vote for


okay but i think it's going to be

incredible if you look at housing starts

if you look at automobile and

all the productivity that we've had have

you looked at hiring 11.4 million people

over a short period of time

under my leadership we achieved the most

secure border in u.s history

and we built over 400 miles of new wall

including 200 miles right here

in the state of arizona 200 miles

it goes down very deep and it goes up

very high you know there are two reasons

it goes down deep one is to hold it up

and the other is for tunnels

you never had it so good and your

numbers are fantastic

joe biden has pledged to open borders he

even said maybe we'll rip down the wall

i don't think that's going to happen

he wants open borders if you don't have

borders you don't have a country

his plan would completely eliminate our

borders by implementing nationwide catch

and release you catch him

a killer a rapist whoever it is and you

release him into our country

and then in the debate he said oh but

they come back for trial no they don't

joke they don't come back

you don't see him again this would

trigger a tsunami of illegal immigration

from every corner all over the world

he's also pledged to

and you know what he wants to do give

free health care

and mass amnesty for all illegal border


bankrupting your medicare and your

social security systems

i don't think so and you know we all

have a heart we want to take care of

people but

everybody all over the world would pour

into our country

we wouldn't be able to do it under

biden's plan

you'll have no borders no health care no

middle class you'll have no country


we invested 2.5 trillion dollars in the

u.s military including nearly 1 billion


to build the world's most advanced

guided missiles

guess where we're building them right

here in arizona

we also passed va choice and va

accountability things said that

you'll never get them done sir you'll

never get it done we got them both done


where we can fire bad people that work

at the va that don't love our vets

we take care of our vets and now they

don't have to wait for two weeks three

weeks five weeks seven weeks

now they go and if they can't get good

service we have great doctors in the va

but if you can't get the service

you go to a local doctor local hospital

we take care of the bill

we have a 91 approval rating now the

highest ever by

far with our best

we took 100 of the isis caliphate

and we killed the leader of isis al


we took out the world's top terrorists

salamani is dead

i withdrew from the last

administration's disastrous

iran nuclear deal 150 billion dollars

for nothing

for nothing i recognized the capital of

israel and opened the american embassy

in jerusalem

and even got it built and even got it

built right i even got it built

got it built for supposed to cost two

billion dollars we did it for five

hundred thousand a slight

cost underrun that was called the cost

under and you don't see that in

government too much

i also recognized israeli sovereignty

over the golan heights

they've been working on that for 52

years i got it done in about two hours

every president promised these things

but they never got them done

a lot of pressure on people when you

have that jerusalem

golan heights a lot of pressure but we

got them done and instead of

never ending wars we are forging peace

in the middle east

we are forging peace

and i've said this and i've said it a

lot but i mean it with every breath

i've done more in 47 months than sleepy

joe biden has done in 47 years

a vote for republicans is a vote for

safe communities great jobs

and the american dream you know abraham

lincoln was a great republican just

remember that

i can be more presidential than any

president other than possibly abraham

lincoln when he's wearing the hat

that's a tough one now he was a great


over the next four years in conclusion

we will make america into the

manufacturing superpower of the world

and we will end our reliance on china

once and for all that's already started

we will make our medical supplies right

here in the united states right here in


we will hire more police increased

penalties for assaults on law


and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities

we will defend religious liberty free


the right to life and the right to keep

and bear arms second amendment

we will maintain america's unrivaled

military might

and we will ensure peace through

strength that's what we have

and the 2.5 trillion all made in the usa

we have the finest missiles and rockets

and tanks and submarines and

jets the f-35 stealth you can't see it

sir you can't see it that makes it good

i said i think that makes it good what

do i know

but i know if you're the opponent and

you can't see the jet you know what

you got a little advantage there

now we have the best in the world and

our nuclear arsenal has been refurbished

and restocked and hoped to god we never

have to use it

we will end surprise medical billing


price transparency already completed

goes into effect

bigger than health care you watch on

january 1st

lower drug prices even more first year

in 52 years the drug prices prescription

went down

but i instituted what's called the

favorite nations laws we pay the most in

the world

we're now going to be tied for the

lowest price in the world

we will protect your social security and

your medicare

and we will always protect patients with

pre-existing conditions

america will land the first woman on the

moon and the united states

will be the first nation to land an


on mars and nasa

nasa is now again the preeminent

space station there's nothing like what

we have what a job they've all done

including our great vice president

mike pence we will stop the radical

indoctrination of our students

and restore patriotic education

to our schools

we will teach our children to love our

country honor our history

and always respect our great

american flag

and we will live by the timeless words

of our national motto in god we



for years you had a president who

apologized for america

now you have a president who is standing

up for america

and standing up for the people of



from tombstone to tucson right tucson

does anybody come from tucson my friend

comes from tusa


from mesa to yuma from prescott

to right here in goodyear goodyear

we inherit the legacy of red-blooded

american patriots

who poured out their hearts sweat and


to secure our liberty and defend our


this great state was settled by some of

the toughest men

and strongest women ever to walk

the face of this great wonderful

beautiful planet

arizona's where wyatt earp and doc

holliday became

american legends it's where the great

american west became

the american dream and arizona is the

state where generations of pioneers and

prospectors minors and ranchers cowboys

and cattle hands

marshals and lawmen tame the frontier

braved the blazing sun like i'm doing

right now

and showed the entire world how the west

was won

they helped make america into the

greatest nation in the history of the


and the best is yet to come

citizens like you helped build this

country and together we are taking back

our country we are returning power to


the american people

with your help your devotion and your


we are going to keep on working we are

going to keep on fighting

and we are going to keep on winning



we are one movement one people one


and one glorious nation under god

and together with the incredible people

of arizona go out and vote

go out and vote we have made

america powerful again we have made


wealthy again we have made america

strong again we have made

america proud again proud

we have made america safe again

and we will make america

great again thank you very much thank

you arizona go out and vote thank you


young man there's no need to feel down








you can


but you've got to know this

one thing no man does it all by

to the himself i'm sure


it's fun


i was once in your shoes i said i was


ymca they can't stop


they have everything






ymca it's fun

what do you want to be



just a small town girl

living in a lonely world


he took the midnight triangle anywhere


a singer in a snow care room

i smell a wine and sheep

it goes on and on and on




see lights people




working hard to get my feel