Live replay: Donald Trump's Minnesota campaign rally



















all right



all right








he's a special








you're always on the run now


i think you got to slow down

you really don't remember





but you really don't remember






don't believe it's coming back soon





i think






ladies and gentlemen please welcome the


of the united states donald j


the trump who died who gave that right

to me and i gladly stand


i love this up


god bless the usa


from the lakes of minnesota

to the hills of tennessee

across the plains of texas

from sea to shining sea

from detroit down to houston

and new york to l.a

where there's pride in every american


and it's time


i know i'm

the free who died who gave

her still today





next to you and defend her still






hello everybody hello duluth hello


oh thank you 34 days from now we're

going to win minnesota we're going to go

and win four more beautiful years in the

white house and do more than anybody's

ever done before from the white house

we're looking to set records i really

enjoyed last night's debate with sleepy


i brought those hats out here because

minnesota's a little on the windy side

and like a genius i sent them all out

and i'm getting blown to pieces and

that's fine

that's okay i love it i love you to have

whatever we have we have it together

that i can tell you

the verdict is in and they say that we

we all of us won big last night


and i don't know did you hear about this

in the history of cable television had

the highest ratings of any show in the

history of cable television

and it had the second highest ratings of

overall television

in the history of television does

anybody know what was first like mash or

something i guess smash no they had the

final episode of mesh

and uh i don't know what was what does

anybody know but we were second in the

history of all of television

but the biggest ratings in the history

of cable television it's an honor

last night i did what the corrupt media

has refused to do i held joe biden

accountable for his 47 years of

life 47 years of betrayal

and 47 years of failure i held joe

accountable for shipping your jobs and

dreams abroad

and for bowing to the violent mob at

home can you imagine these people the

way they take

over these democrat cities i don't even

believe it the whole nation saw the

truth did you see last night

name one i said sleepy joe

name one law enforcement group

that supports you and then chris wallace

says don't do that that's not

can you believe this guy i was debating

two people last night

i was debating two people last night joe


is too weak to lead this country you

know biden lost badly when his

supporters are saying he should cancel

the rest of the debates

now i understand he's canceling the

debates let's see what happens i think

that's not going to be a good move

i don't think that's going to be a good

move i don't think television with those

ratings they're never going to let them

cancel you don't know television like


what are they going to do you know

someday we're not going to be doing this


what are they going to do without trump

what are they going to do those poor

people look at all of them

whoa that's a lot of people


what are they going to do

what are they going to do when in 8 12

maybe 16 years i said let's hang it up

let's say

16 more years

but what he's doing is what you do when

you lose so let's see what he does i

don't think he's going to get out

and i've got news for joe if you ever

became president you have to deal with

some of the toughest people in the world

and chris wallace is very very easy by

comparison i will tell you i know i'm


i know them all liberal media is upset

that i took the fight to biden and

exposed his very dangerous agenda

oh there's a beauty here we go

here we go there's another beauty out

there go home

to mom go home

go home tomorrow these are the same

media outlets cheering violent

demonstrations in the streets cnn

the new york times they think rioting is

just okay just do whatever you want

you can do whatever you want you don't

have to wear a mask you just riot 25 000

people standing on each other's face

do whatever you want can you go to

church no can you go to restaurants no

can you do anything no but you can riot

that's okay

arson's okay but challenging sleepy joe

is totally off

uh so disappointed in fox i'm not just

running against joe biden i'm running

against the corrupt far left media


and communists in the democrat party

and the special interests who've made a

living bleeding our country dry and

that's what's happened for too long

we've turned it around but don't forget

when they turned it around i had to

fight other things like

a fake impeachment i had to fight a lot

of things that

are not like that wasn't in the agenda

never forget and we fought it very well

and frankly we had great support from

the republican party

except for one person we had great


never forget they are coming after me

because i am fighting for you and that's


and this is a choice election our

opponents put

america last i put america first and

that's what i've been doing for three

and a half years

our opponents want to erase borders i

will defend

our borders you see what's going on in

our southern border by the way that wall

350 miles already gonna be finished very


they don't talk about the wall anymore

fellas what's going on they don't talk

about it they used to talk about it

every day he's not going to get his


but when you're a real estate developer

you always get financing this was

this was like easy he's not going to get

his financing then we got our finance

they don't talk about it anymore we're

up to 300 almost 360 miles we're doing

about 10 miles

a week and uh and yeah mexico is paying

for it you do know that right they keep


there's going to be a border charge at

the border uh for the trucks and cars

and it won't even have to be a lot

there's so many cars and trucks going


but mexico is paying for it they've been

great they have 27

000 soldiers right now on our border and

we appreciate it we appreciate the

president of mexico

our opponents will send your jobs to

china i will keep your jobs in america

our opponents

want to erase our nation's core values

and i want to defend

preserve our nation's historic values

our opponents stand with rioters i stand

with the heroes of law


did you see last night i said say the

words to law enforcement don't even say

good or bad

sleepy joe say law enforcement

he goes no i'd rather not say law

enforcement sleepy joe

law enforcement with safety no no no

just law enforcement they tell me that

all the time too please

just say law enforcement with safety sir


it's just law enforcement it's very

simple it's a very simple term

not with safety unsafety i mean it's law

enforcement he wouldn't say it right

then i said name

one group in the entire nation i've got

minnesota now i've got everybody

name one group in the entire nation

from law enforcement that's supporting

you well well well ella

thank chris wallace okay let's go to the

next question he's in trouble

he's in trouble let me protect him for

fox joe biden says antifa

is just an idea

well ideas don't assault cops and they

don't burn down buildings

antifa is a domestic terrorist


i proudly receive the endorsement of the

fraternal order of police

the national association of police


the national troopers coalition the

international union of police


and law enforcement organizations and

departments in

florida ohio north carolina

colorado arizona nevada

wisconsin pennsylvania michigan miss

minnesota good

i was getting i was getting worried


new york's finest they've never done it

before they came in new york's finest

these are great people they could solve

that problem in two minutes all they


is their authority back it's been taken

away from them horribly

new york's finest never endorsed a

candidate for president before and

they're great people

they can do it new jersey illinois and

many many more

i won't bore you but i could go on all

night i just said joe give me one please

he was joking he was i'll tell you he

got saved

joe biden is saying he owns the


and extremism and his party that he owns

it he it is

you know it's not his party it's not

joe's party

that's not you got crazy bernie you have

aoc plus three

you got all these crazy people these

maniacs you have the green nude how

about the green new deal he just about



then he said no i agree with it i said

you know it's a hundred trillion dollars

that's more money than this country can


in the next hundred years if

everything's perfect it's so crazy

it's he wants to rebuild every building

in the village

take it down and rebuild every building

let's say does that include the empire

state but let's take it down and rebuild


these people are crazy no more cows no

more airplanes

no more nothing biden even vowed to

eliminate our tax cuts

that means you'll take away your child

tax credits

because i gave you child tax credit a

thousand thousand dollars a child

he wants to take away what i gave you

and revoke our historic tax relief

right to the middle class it went joe

biden also refused to answer questions


packing the supreme court don't you love

the supreme court i mean how good

how good is amy how good is it

how good is amy

you know her professor at notre dame one

of the most highly respected

fill that scene fill that seat you

better believe me

how good is she so her professor one of

her professors one of the most highly


legal scholars in the country said

been teaching for a long time said she

is the finest singer she was first in

her class graduated first of the class

he said she is the finest student he's

ever had of all the students thousands

of students

she's the single best student that he's

ever had now he's saying you know she

would have run for president

instead of joe he was like last in his

class she had her

can you imagine this is a big difference

i don't know how do you like amy for the

supreme court yes

if he gets elected the hard left will

appoint radical justices who will

terminate the second amendment no more


no more guns as you all saw biden also

refused to explain

why his son hunter was paid 3.5 billion


protected by chris by the wife of the

former mayor of moscow

and they talk about me with russia i

have nothing to do with russia

and took out 1.5 billion dollars from

china he manages makes millions of

dollars a year right

then he got 183 right 183

000 a month would anybody like that job

you don't have a job you're not employed

you get thrown out of the military for

unfortunate reasons

your father becomes vice president and

you get hired for 183 thousand dollars a


with i think a three million dollar

upfront payment

i think they could have had him for less

would anybody take that job and he knows

nothing about energy what do you know

about energy well that's not my thing oh

that's okay

i mean could you imagine if i did it how

about when sleepy joe said

you're not getting the one billion

dollars unless you get rid of the


when you get rid of the prosecutor we'll

send you the money

they got rid of the prosecutor he said

now the money comes i mean can you

imagine if i said that

unbelievable and the press doesn't want

to talk about it and chris wallace like

well we

we don't want to discuss that oh really

chris oh it's so sad i'll tell you it's


hypocritical so sad this is a matter of

national security and economic security

the bidens got rich while american

workers got robbed

how can you deal with china if you take

out three and a half billion dollars and

make all sorts of money how can you do


a critical issue in this election you

saw what i did with china

billions and billions a year they pay us

i gave a lot of it to the farmers 28

billion dollars

a critical issue because they were

targeted by china a critical issue in

this election

is the future of the minnesota iron


that's why i'm here this was just

supposed to be a little get-together and

then they said sir we got thousands of

people want to show up i don't know

i don't know how many are involved this

was supposed to be an iron range


but it turns out big you know biden has

20 30 people they've got those circles

today he had a little bit more like 30

or 40 but they were too close together i

sent him a note

to joe they were too close 34 people

right next to each other

and yet he complained about our rally

right our rallies

now it's an honor that so many people

showed up because this was going to be a

little quickie just to say


because obama closed the iron range and

i opened it

and a man

a man came up to me a tough man a man


a worker a construction worker real


and he looked at me this is two years

ago he said sir

you've given us back our life and he was


and i said when was the last time you

cried he said i can't remember i said

you never cried when you were a little


you never cried this is not a crier this

guy was tough as hell

he said sir he took our our life away

and let me tell you about joe joe will

reinstitute that ban in two minutes

if we lucy you better vote for me

minnesota really i mean honestly



he said you gave you gave our lives back

a lot of lives thousands of jobs

and they closed it up as vice president

joe biden wiped out


he wiped out so much and that includes

what he wiped out

in the great state of minnesota and

we're not going to let it happen anymore

we're not going to let it happen

anymore thousands and thousands of


we're not going to let it happen anymore

they were all laid off and now they're

all back

and by the way they say what the hell do

i know about iron ore

but i've put a lot of steel and a lot of

iron over the years

but you know they say it's the greatest

iron ore anywhere in the world and you

should have it

after i put tariffs on foreign steel the

iron rage came roaring back

but the biggest thing i did was knock

out his executive order

i've knocked out so much of the things

that he did


he can't can't like me too much i would

say he doesn't like me too much hey did

you see what happened with the fbi today

they caught them cold comey either has

the worst memory in history did you

i don't remember that did you spy on

president trump's campaign

i don't remember that

did you go for a coup

did you go for a coup uh i don't i don't

remember all right

i'll tell you we caught him cold it's

about time that something

happens okay it's about time that

something happens it's enough

we got plenty of information on these

crooks a bunch of crooks

thing like that's never happened in the

history of our country and it's about

time that something happens

we rescinded the federal withdrawal

in superior national forest you'll know

all about that

you people especially to restore mineral

exploration for the iron ore miners in


well we've done for minnesota i lose

minnesota i'm never coming back i don't


i'm never coming back we protected iron

range workers

from frivolous lawsuits that was a big

deal right the frivolous lawsuits we

started construction on the soo lock

to get iron ore to market very quickly

so not only did we open it we get it to


we fixed the locks because you couldn't

even get it out those things were so old

and broke and now they're

going to be very shortly in perfect

shape i opened up

permitting for copper nickel mining

anybody involved oh

that sounded a little far out but a lot

of people doing that

and i strongly support the replacement

of the decaying

line 3 pipeline we're going to replace

it it's all done

it's all done all of this is why nine

democrat mayors of cities in the iron


have endorsed me over sleepy joe biden

are they here i don't know if they're

here tonight

these people are fantastic look at these

great congressmen where are they





we had a ceremony a month ago where i

introduced every one of them you know

i'm not introducing you again it's

freezing out here

but i want to thank you you're great

people great mayors and

i appreciate the support very much he

said democrats have voted for

i want to vote for trump that endorsed

me fully

we've done a good job over there

everything in good shape right

good thank you very much it's a great


if joe gets in the radical left will

shut down

the iron range forever it's going to be

gone they're not going to be able to

open it again not easy to open a thing

like that

not easy a lot more difficult than

people would think earlier today

i took another historic step for your

state when i signed an executive order

provided billions of dollars to

jumpstart production of critical

and other minerals which will create

countless jobs and are so important

for our country minerals

i will always protect the state of

minnesota i will do that it's been very

good to me

we almost want it we almost want it one

more speech

i had a choice do i do michigan which we


do i do i should have done them both

one more speech we lost by very little

think of that though has it been won by

a republican i don't get that because

the democrats have done such a lousy

pathetic job

hasn't been won since 1972.

reagan lost it was the only steady loss

remember so we're going to change that

we've got to change

it who's going to do what we've done for


right another massive issue for

minnesota is the election

of joe biden's plan to inundate your

state with a historic

flood of refugees

biden and crazy bernie sanders have

agreed on a manifesto did you see last

night i didn't agree i didn't agree

after the show they said oh actually he

did oh great they fact checked

they found out he made a mistake slight

mistake it's the worst thing you've ever


but they pledged a 700 increase in


700 percent congratulations

minnesota congratulations now

and what about omar where she gets

caught harvesting

what the hell is going on i hope your

u.s attorney is involved

what what is going on with omar i've

been reading these reports for two years

about how corrupt and crooked she is

let's get with it let's get with her

i mean frankly harvesting's terrible but

it's the least of the things that she

has done

how to help then she tells us how to run

our country can you believe it

how the hell did minnesota elect her

what the hell is wrong with you people


what the hell happened these guys in the

stand up

are you are you a big fan of omar i

don't think so stand up look at this guy

he looks like

nobody's going to fight him i don't

think you're a big fan of omar right

now she's been crooked for a long time

this is the least of it

it's time and you know what aoc also

it's time

it's time you take a look at what the

corruption the disgusting corruption

700 percent increase refugees coming

from the most dangerous places in the

world including yemen

syria and your favorite country somalia

right you love casamagi

this guy loves somalia biden will turn

minnesota into a refugee camp and he

said that

overwhelming public resources

overcrowding schools

and inundating your hospitals you know

that it's already there to disgrace what

they've done to your state

just it's absolutely it's a disgrace

okay biden has even pledged to terminate

our travel ban on jihadist regions

opening the floodgates to radical

islamic terrorism remember i used to

talk about it all the time i got a band

remember they said you'd never be able

to get a band

and then i lost at the lower court i

lost at the court of appeals

and they said he lost he lost in

houston's then i won at the supreme

court they didn't even report it

and they still say he lost from the

travel ban he lost he lost

but they are talking about the first two

courts they forget to say that at the

supreme court

these are the most dishonest people it's

hard to believe actually but look at all

those cameras that's a lot

they love it i love every time i'm

getting ready you know they've gotten

very good at this every time i'm getting

ready to hit them the lights just go off

you know those red lights

my administration is keeping terrorists

extremists and criminals out of our


and we're keeping them the hell out of


and we've ended the refugee influx into

your state you were one of the

most hard-hit states for whatever reason

we've ended it you know that right you

know that does anybody know this

does anybody know this i don't think

they tell you about it but you know they

talk about

the suburbs women in the suburbs i ended

a regulation

that nobody would have done this brings

public housing low low-income housing

into the suburbs and by the way just so

we can get this right

30 of the people in the suburbs

are low-income people 30 of the people

in the suburbs are minorities

and so we're ruining this american dream

for everybody but he's got

a plan it's the worst thing you've ever

seen having to do with zoning

they zone you out they build low-income

housing next to your house

it's crazy and then i hear i'm not doing

well in the suburbs

i'm not doing well in the suburbs are

you people crazy

are you crazy i just explained this no i

just explained it

thank you no it's crazy and they came to


great people ben carson a lot of great

people and they came to me and they said

sir why don't we just amend it i said no

really i want it out i want it over i

want it ended

well it would be a lot easier to amend

it i said no i want it over it's not


it's killing your suburbs and it is it's

killing your suburbs and then they say

women in the suburbs don't like

president trump

i don't think so that happened last

summer remember

that happened remember last time they

said he will not do well with women

he will not do well with women

he will not do well with women these

were the idiots

on election night four years ago he will

not do this will be a very short night

for donald trump at the time

this would be a very short then at the

end they said he did really well with

women it was sort of weird

anyway we did well with everybody

actually and we're going to do even

better now we have more

enthusiasm look at this crap this was

supposed to be a few people

this was supposed to be this was

supposed to be just a little celebration

i said oh good a little celebration i

figured a couple of hundred people like

sleepy joe gets in his best day

i said how many people about ten

thousand sir i said oh that's yes

in just three and a half years we've

secured america's border rebuilt

awesome power of the us military

obliterated the isis caliphate

fixed our disastrous trade deals and

they were a disaster

and brought jobs back home to america

and back home

to minnesota we brought a lot of jobs


last year before the play came in from

china you had the best year you've ever


the year before that you had the best

year you've ever had until the following


and we're doing it again we're building

it up rapidly china came up they gave

us the plague it's no good we're never

gonna forget that i did a trade deal the

ink wasn't even dry

and they let that happen we're never

gonna forget it we built

the greatest economy in the history of

the world and now we are quickly doing

it again

we've added a historic 10.6 million jobs

in the last four months

that's a record the likes of which has

never even been close to being



to fight the china virus we launched the

largest national mobilization since

world war

ii we pioneered life-saving therapies

reducing the fatality rate 85

since april think of that meaning you go

to the hospital

and you got a lot better chance i'll

tell you what i spoke to

a gentleman today from pfizer i speak to

all of these guys these are great

people and they're coming up with things

that are phenomenal

regeneroned we are coming up with things

that are phenomenal including

therapeutics with therapies it's

incredible what's happening you'll be

seeing it

you'll be seeing it very and by the way

with biden it would have been years

before you came up with any of this

stuff years it would have been years

he complains you didn't knock fast

enough and yet he's all over the place

calling me xenophobic because i closed

the border okay how do you figure that


this guy just a politician he's just

another politician 47 years he hasn't

done a damn thing

but now he's going but now he's going to

i haven't done anything in 47 years but

now i'm going to

europe is almost a 50 greater excess

mortality rate than the united states

you don't hear that

through operation warp speed we will

develop and distribute

a vaccine in record time it's going to

be very very soon

and before the end of the year maybe

sooner than that on november 3rd

minnesota will decide whether

we end this pandemic defeat the virus in

return to record prosperity either way

we're returning

either way we're going to have the


we're rounding the turn or whether we

allow joe biden to kill the recovery you

know he wants a shutdown this guy says

let's shut it down

a lot of death caused by shutdown


death drugs alcoholism

horrendous family fights horrendous

family face

and he wants to destroy those suburbs by

abolishing single-family zoning all of

these things are just a horrible thing


what he wants to do and i think he's

going to do it because he's not smart

enough to understand that

the other side has big problems you know

we did something great with the greatest


in history and we had to close it down

because we lost millions of lives

and now we're opening it up and we're

doing it at a level like nobody's ever

seen before and it's a great thing

and we're going to be back in business

very soon except for some democrats

and they'll all open up they're going to

all open up right after

november 3rd they'll announce we'd like

to uh tell you that we're all opening up

november 4th

did you see the one group they said

we're opening up yeah right after the

election i think we'll open oh that's

great these are terrible people

because they're more interested in

politics than they are in the

lives of people they want to confiscate

your guns

and indoctrinate your children there's

poisonous anti-america

rhetoric and lies to combat

the toxic left when you see this that


left-wing propaganda in our schools we

are launching a new pro-american lesson

plan for students called the 1776


we will teach our children the truth

about america that we are the most

exceptional nation on the face of the

earth that's what i want them to know

we are joined tonight by some real


friends of mine they fight with they

take they just win they know how to win

i'm telling you you have some great ones

and they really are they're great people

the impeachment hoax they fought it's so

great these are real warriors i call

them warriors representatives

tom emmer

jim hagedorn

and pete starbuck great hockey player


and i'll tell you we have some

incredible congressional candidate so

we're going to work

because we've got to get nancy pelosi

the hell out of there and we're very


we have some candidates tyler kristner

where's tyler

where's taylor thank you tyler great job

i hear great things tyler

a man with the greatest name in politics

lacey johnson

great guy great guy

and somebody that's going to help us a

lot along with tyler

lacey michelle fishbach thank you


thank you we're going to be working with


and they all have my total endorsement

you know that okay

the next u.s senator from minnesota is a

man who was born for this position

unlike your current senator who nobody

knows who the hell she is

who is she i said who is she is she in

the senate

jason lewis

thank you jason great job you're doing

that we got to get jason in got to get

them all in

rnc co-chairman tommy hicks tommy hicks

thank you tommy

and mike lindell he makes more pillows

this guy


he makes more players thank you mike he

goes to a lot of my rallies he likes


we like him here as well tonight is

96 year old world war ii veteran dr

john rings red

look at you whoa

you look great john wow

you look good handsome thank you john

thank you very much it's an honor john

after years of rebuilding other nations

we are finally rebuilding our nation

in 2017 i signed a very historic

executive order

making it difficult and really just

looking at what

government policy has to do in order to

buy american and hire american you ever

see biden he's got to sign

buy a market i said he got it from me

i've been doing this for a long time

he copies my campaign copies our

plans these copies a lot like you

haven't heard that before

he invested 2.5 trillion dollars in the

military we put 2.5 trillion in

we have the best weapons all made in the

usa we have the greatest weaponry we've

ever had

no country no country has ever come

close to the kind of firepower we have

hopefully hope to god we never have to

use it

we have firepower and weapons and the

republicans did it because the democrats

so we have to have that

otherwise we're going to be at the mercy

of other countries we have the greatest

firepower the greatest weapons

in the history of the world hope to god

that we never have to use them

and we launched a new branch

of the u.s armed forces first since

the air force in 75 years it's called

the space force that's a big deal

we killed the founder and leader of isis



we took out the world's number one

terrorist and the murder

of so many american troops and plenty of

other troops

kasim salamani is no longer with us

i withdrew from the last


total disaster the iran nuclear deal

okay obama gave him 150 billion

that was bad but he gave 1.8 billion in

cash how the hell do you do that

what does 1.8 billion in cash look like

they must have looked at that they said

man plane loads of cash i kept my


recognized the true capital of israel

and opened the american embassy in


i also recognized israeli sovereignty

over the golan heights and instead of

endless wars we are forging peace in the

middle east


and i was nominated for three nobel

prizes and not

one i didn't get one stone i didn't get

one song

i have to tell you because they refused

to ride it when obama got his

nobel prize they didn't i mean it was

the biggest story i've ever seen right

and he didn't even know why he got it he

got it like immediately upon taking

office what a difference

but i told my first lady i told her

first lady

darling you're going to be so proud of

me tonight we're going to watch


and you're not going to believe how big

this goes what happened what happened

darling i won the i was nominated for

the nobel peace prize

for israel right bahrain

united arab emirates and then again

again i was nominated again for serbia


all different then i was nominated a

third time but i said first time

second time i was a little bit yeah i

know i love you too

but i said to our first lady watch

this tonight darling it's going to be

and i turned to lester holt number two


i turned to lester hall and they covered

one star was about reign

another was about the environment

another was about something else

another was a bad hit on me another was

something else

so now we're through with about half of

it now they went to the longest

commercial i've ever seen

not supposed to you know when you report

the fake news you're not supposed to get

free airtime from the us government

right does anybody know what that means

and then they went on to the second half

again and again and again she looked at

me darling i don't think they're going

to cover this i said

it's impossible it's a nomination

for the nobel peace award it's

impossible guess what it ended we got


then three days later we got nothing and

on the third time

the third time i said let's not even

watch we're not going to get it

these people are sick but i did more in

47 months than sleepy joe biden did in

47 years

and now he's pushing the most far left

platform in history

the biden plan would destroy social

security and destroy protections for

people with pre-existing conditions

give free federal health care to all

illegal aliens

bankrupting medicare well you know it's

going to happen they're going to pour

into our country when you hear that

they're going to come in

they're very smart very sophisticated

you'd be surprised band school choice

and ban all charter schools no more

charter schools no more school choice

well we're making a lot of progress

in a second term i will provide school

choice to every parent in america

a vote for republicans is a vote for

safe communities

great jobs and a limitless future for

all americans and in conclusion over the

next four years

we will make america into the

manufacturing superpower of the world

and we will end our reliance on china

once and for all did you see what he

said last night

about manufacturing obama said we're not

going to ever have manufacturing again

you need a magic wand last night he said

we're doing manufacturing no no

they gave up in manufacturing i have

almost 700 000

manufacturing jobs i said how can you


these bad news they lie we will make our

medical supplies right here in the

united states

we will hire more police increased

penalties on assaults

and we will ban deadly sanctuary cities

we will uphold religious liberty free


and the right to keep and bear arms

second behind

we will strike down terrorists who

threaten our citizens

and we will keep out we will keep people

out of our country

thank you

but we will keep out of these ridiculous

endless wars in countries that you've

never heard of and you never will hear

of it's ridiculous

and we're bringing them all home you see

that we will maintain

america's unrivaled military might and

we will ensure peace

through strength that's what we have

ridiculous we're all over the world

we're in places nobody ever heard of


we will end surprise medical billing

require price

transparency i've already signed it can

you believe it kicks in on january 1st

can you imagine if this clown gets in

and they'll say you got price

transparency what's that that'll have

such an impact it kicks in i said to my

people you think you could have kicked

it in a little bit earlier

i'd further reduce health insurance

premiums and the cost of

prescription drugs which we're going to

be bringing down massively because of

favored nations

we will strongly protect medicare and

social security and we will always


those incredible people as i said with

pre-existing conditions

america will land the first woman on the

moon and the united states will be the

first nation to land

an astronaut on mars and it will be soon

you have to see nasa has become again

the greatest

space center in the world you had to see

what it looked like when i took over it

was terrible

we will stop the radical indoctrination

of our students

and restore patriotic education to our


right we will teach our children to love

our country honor our history

and always respect our great american


and we will live by the timeless words

of our national

motto in god we trust


for years you had a president who

apologized for america now you have a


who is standing up for america and

standing up

for the great people of minnesota thank


but if we don't win i'm never calling

you great again

so get your friends get your family get

your neighbors

and get your co-workers and get out and

vote we got to win

we got to win

early voting has already begun don't

wait please go out and vote

did you see in new york today a hundred


fraudulent ballots they sent out a

hundred thousand ballots

wrong names wrong addresses wrong

envelopes other than that they did quite


think about a hundred thousand so you

know what their solution that's okay

we'll send out another hundred thousand

i said

really what's gonna happen to the first

hundred thousand who's gonna vote them

this is crazy what's going on this is


from saint paul to saint cloud

from minneapolis to minnetonka

and from rochester to right here in

duluth i like to live

this great state was pioneered by men

and women

who braved the wilderness and the

winters to build a better life

for themselves and for their families

they were truly brave

brilliant incredible people they were


and they were strong they didn't have a

lot of money

they didn't have a lot of luxury but

they had grit

they had faith and they had each other


they were miners and lumberjacks

fishermen and farmers

shipbuilders and shopkeepers but they

all had one thing in common

they loved their families they loved

their country and they loved

their god

proud citizens like you helped build

this country

and together we are taking back our


we are returning power to you

the american people with your help

your devotion and your drive we are

going to

keep on working we are going to keep on

fighting and we are going to keep on

winning winning and winning


it's true it's going to keep on winning

you know minnesota maybe i'll just do it

real soon because we need jason jason

where's yours

jason's going to come jason lewis going

to be your senator

you're going to win so much you know

that one right you've heard us i do it

or not

but this beautiful crescendo of a speech

and now i have to

ruin it with the story with jason but

let's do it anyway

but we're going to win so much because

minnesota before i came around was not

doing too well

okay was not doing too well then you had

your best years ever

but we're going to win so much and

you're going to go and see your great


jason lewis he's going to say and you're

going to see emmer

and you're going to see all of them and

you're going to say mr senator please go

see the president we're winning too much

we can't stand it sir

minnesota we're not used to winning this

much it's too much sir

please go see well i don't want to do

that please senator go see

the president we're winning too much we

cannot stand it for years we've done

poorly before he came along

now we're doing so well and we're

growing now stronger than ever before

we don't want to win so much mr senator

so your senator's going to come in hi

jason how you doing sir

minnesota's winning too much we have to

stop it

i said what are you talking about sir we

have to stop but it's just too much


we have to stop it i say jason let me

tell you

i know the people of minnesota and they

love winning

they're going to keep winning we're

going to win we're going to win so much

we're going to keep on winning and

you're going to have the greatest year

that you've ever had

next year and the year after and that's

where it's heading so i just want to

thank you and jason

i'm sorry i will not follow your wish

thank you very much but we're we are

we're one movement

we're one family we're one beautiful

people and one glorious nation under god

and together with the incredible people

of minnesota

we will make america wealthy again we

will make

america strong again we will make

america proud again we will make

america safe again and we

will make america great again thank you

minnesota gardenville


young man there's no need

there's a place

and i'm sure


dreams but you've got to know


this all by


to the himself i'm sure


you can hang out with all the boys


i was once in your shoes

take a walk up the street




there's no need



are you listening to me