The Tropical Rainforest Biome Facts

welcome to moomoomath insights in this

video I'd like to talk about the

tropical rainforest the tropical

rainforest is famous for trees rain

humidity and hot weather tropical

rainforests are found near the equator

notice the location of tropical

rainforests on this map let's take a

look at what the rainforest




the average temperature of a tropical

rainforest falls between 93 degrees and

70 degrees Fahrenheit year-round

tropical rainforests received up to 100

inches of rain

because rainforest received so much rain

it can support lots of trees in fact

there are so many trees in the

rainforest that they can be divided into

four layers at the very bottom is the

forest floor it only receives two

percent of the sunlight plants must be

adapted to grow in low-light the forest

floor also contains decaying plant and

animal matter you also will find lots of

fungi growing here that help decay the

animal and plant waste the next layer is

the understory layer it is found between

the canopy and the forest floor it is

home to a number of birds small mammals

insects reptiles and predators up next

is the canopy layer it is the primary

layer of the tropical rainforest and can

be called the roof of the rainforest it

contains most of the largest trees and

many broad leafed evergreen truth

and finally the emergent layer the

emergent layer are very large trees that

poke out of the canopy these trees

actually grow above the canopy they need

to be able to withstand very hot

temperatures and strong there is a huge

variety of plants and animals found in

the rain forest

and many many insects a couple examples

include telephone fogs big snakes apes

and gorillas this weird bird called the

Kessel Larry and many more I'll leave

links if you need to research this more

in the show notes so in summary the

tropical rainforest is found near the

equator it is hot receives lots of rain

and has the most diversity of plants and

animals of all the biomes thanks for

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