Visit Tri-Cities: Inside Tips on What to See and Do in the Tri-Cities

I am Hector Cruz and I am your guy to a

bolder brighter better tri-cities the

tri-cities is a great place to live and

visit we enjoy a relaxed pace of life

that allows people to really unwind and

enjoy beautiful vistas unique adventures

and wonderful dining experiences with

over 300 days of sunshine any time of

the year is a great time to visit parks

trails rivers golf courses wineries and

so much more follow me I'll show you


golfers love tri-cities because you

could golf year round here

our community is home to ten golf

courses that offer a challenge for every

level of play from the novice to the

accomplished veteran golfer you could

test your skills at a top-rated course

or play a casual game with friends

there's something for everyone if you're

feeling adventurous I suggest trying

foot golf on the links on the Columbia

River it's a fun hybrid of golf and

soccer the carousel of dreams is a

family favorite in the tri-cities region

the carousel opened in September of 2014

and riders of all ages have enjoyed more

than 185 thousand rides during the

carousels first year the authentic

century-old carousel features 45

restored wooden horses created by

legendary carver Charles Carmel the

carousel is as much a work of art as it

is a family amusement there is even a

hand-carved husky and cougar for you WSU

and u-dub bands after picking their

favorite horse kids love to try to grab

the brass ring for a chance to win a

free ride

there are many other family-friendly

activities to enjoy including the reach

interpretive center the family fishing

pond and the playground of dreams

tri-cities is in the heart of Washington

wine country and the world-class wine is

complemented by a variety of dining

options local chefs really take

advantage of regional produce to create

inspired menus you can enjoy a meal at a

neighborhood Bistro local gastropub or

at one of the numerous specialty

restaurants along the Columbia River for

more casual fare the local food trucks

are definitely worth a visit and if you

take a chance to take in food truck

Friday you are in for a real treat we

are anxiously awaiting the opening of

the Manhattan Project National

Historical Park the first National Park

to feature three separate locations we

look forward to welcoming guests from

across the United States and throughout

the world as they travel to the

tri-cities to learn more about this

innovative project that changed the

history of the world one part of the

Manhattan Project history that is

available now are tours of the legendary

B reactor tours are available from April

through September they fill up fast and

you will want to make advance

reservations just contact us and we'll

provide you with everything you need to

know we're here to assist you in

planning an enjoyable visit just let us

know how we can help we hope to see you