Is my transom bad? Do I need to repair or replace it? Taking a closer look at my transom

hi I'm weighing the boat guy and today

we're gonna take a look at this transom

on my boat why is it called a transom

anyway where did the word transom come

from it's like a made-up word


I was getting ready to address these

holes here where I had taken off my

kicker motor bracket and as I was

pushing stuff through there I started

looking at this aluminum trim right here

and thinking wonder if there's a way I

can check to see what kind of condition

my transoms in so I actually going to go

take a look at it right now my plan was

originally just to fill in these holes

right here where my kicker bracket

mounted then there's the holes on the

inside and as I was thinking about

filling them in I was taking a look at

this aluminum right here and if you

notice it's got some pop rivets in it

and then it's got some screws and this

piece here is actually kind of kind of

loose and just screwed in right here

we're gonna take a look underneath here

and see what there is to see with

regards to this transom now as far as

this transom goes it feels okay I know

the floors are redone in this boat a

couple of years ago when I bought the

boat the previous owner had redone the

floors they were still just painted in

fiberglass he explained how he did it I

walked all around on there stomped

around and everything and it's very very

solid but I don't remember what he said

about the transom I remember him saying

it was good I think and I didn't know

anything about boats so I figured if the

motor wasn't falling off the back it was

fine and so it seems pretty solid but I

don't know what that means

it could be making those sounds we're on

a wobbly one when I push on the motor

nothing moves but I just would like some

peace of mind to know whether or not

it's any good no other thing I'm

considering is while I'm working back

here even if I don't have to fix the

transom when I fix these holes maybe

I'll replace this and I've tried taking

it off 10 different ways I'm gonna have

to cut it while I'm fixing this hole it

might make sense to fix that as well I

really don't know a whole lot about


typically in most of these boats they're

fiberglass and inside of them is plywood

and it seems like with these older boats

that it was just plywood that's in there

when people replaced transoms all the

videos I've seen of transom replacements

people end up cutting it out and they

put in Coos aboard marine grade plywood

and then they epoxy it and a fiberglass

at all in epoxy it make it super solid

and I'm sorry Mike like chickens are

being very loud to say and then I also

know that you know you don't need to be

messing around with a transom if you

really don't need to be messing around

with the transom if it's good you leave

it but I also know that holes in there

and leak points can cause problems and

obviously make your transom rot out and

you don't want your transom to rot out

one of the things that I've always been

kind of confused by is the design of all

of this because they don't seem to be

built very I mean they're fibreglass tin

but they don't seem to be built very

well and there's a lot of places where

it seems like moisture could actually

get in there's a whole lot of corners

and stuff on the inside which i think is

a bad design but that's just me my

observation about boats and I don't know

a whole lot so let's take a look under

here see what we got so I was looking

and on this particular section right

here it looks like I can just take out

this one screw which is holding this

piece of aluminium down I don't know if

this aluminum is original or it was put

on after the fact

all right let's see we're going so this

had been like looks like it had been

sealed on at some point in time but that

was a long time ago got a bit of

fiberglass right here we got a gap so we

got the exterior fiberglass which is

quite thick this see how this is moving

and I can feel wood feels damp and I

don't know what that is it's oaky stuff

so another thought is is this one of

those things where you cut a hole down

lower to see what's going on you know

possibly just cut out a square to take a

look at it even if this transom is

savable I probably should re seal all of

this aluminum along here

what's disconcerting is that I keep a

tarp over the boat and that's been

covering it and it's been that way all

winter long and that's still damp

feeling so I don't know what that is if

that's wood putty something putty like

in there but it's damp feeling so if

it's damp feeling up here I would assume

it's probably very saturated down there

I was looking up a couple things about

how you pull off your motor how much

does a 90 horsepower Evinrude two-stroke

motor way well apparently they're about

300 pounds or so or anywhere from 2 to 3

to 400 pounds so I'll need to get an

engine hoist and here to pick that up

and you disconnect everything if you

gotta take that off that could be a fun

project by fun I mean a lot of work

here's another thought - I have screws

on the inside here there's one two three

four five six seven screws with

something on the inside screwing to the

outside so I wonder if maybe the

previous owner had replaced that board

at one point in time maybe they just put

the screws in to help hold it together

for a little bit longer to sell the boat

didn't consider that option obviously if

I go to take on this project it's a big

project you're pulling the engine so you

got to disconnect everything you got to

get the engine off of here you got to

have a place to set the engine so I got

to have an engine stand and got to cut

out all of the old stuff clean it all up

put in new stuff do it properly

and then reseal it all back up again you

know resulting painting and everything

else and obviously replacing probably

all this sort of stuff putting new

Hardware on or whatever so it could be a

pretty long tedious job and could even

be pricey even with doing it yourself so

I don't want to tackle this unless I

really really find that I have to tackle

it if one of my friends tells me I can

get through one more season like this I

may wait and tackle it in the fall

obviously you don't want to have transom

failure with your boat transom failure

meets your basically your engine

literally can just drop right off all

this can give away so you could that

could sink your boat obviously cost you

your engine and you know just really be

a catastrophe so it's a very important

part of the boat but this boat was built

in 1976 so if that's original that could

be an important part of the boat that

really needs to be addressed

so we'll wait and see what my friend has

to say when he takes a look at this

I'll just button it back up for now but

this wonder how you make a new one of

these doesn't look hard just a piece of

angled aluminum and looks like they just

kind of cut it to fit as they went so

well thanks for watching be sure to

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with this in future videos I'll be doing

my fiberglass work my gel coat repair

and we'll probably take a deeper look

into this transom