How to Check and Add Transmission Fluid, presented by Jiffy Lube

hi my name is Chris welcome to the Jiffy

Lube check and change series we're

highly-trained Jiffy Lube technicians

teach you how to do some simple

preventive maintenance texts on your

vehicle to help you save money down the

road they're all very easy to do and if

you catch any problems early can really

save you some headaches later hi today

I'm going to show you how to check and

top off your transmission fluid

transmission fluid keeps your vehicle's

transmission lubricated so it properly

shifts gears to do this you'll need a

clean rag or a few paper towels a long

funnel and some transmission fluid

different vehicles use different types

of fluids so check your owner's manual

to make sure you have the correct type

of fluid when you check the transmission

fluid it's best to do it when the engine

is hot and running so first make sure

the vehicle is in park and the emergency

brake is set next you'll need to locate

the hood release which can be typically

found where your left knee is when

seated in the driver's seat if you can't

find it look in your owners manual now

that you release the hood you want to

open it and find the dipstick the

transmission dipstick looks a lot like

the oil dipstick it should have either a

yellow or orange handle if you're not

sure about the location you can check

your owner's manual now you'll want to

pull the transmission dipstick out and

wipe it clean with your towel once

you've cleaned the dipstick return the

dipstick back to the original position

and remove it again doing this will

ensure a clear reading of the fluid

check the level on the dipstick and make

sure the level is within the hash marks

if the level is low you will need to top

it off with transmission fluid to

restore it to the proper level the next

part is really important before topping

off check your owner's manual to make

sure you have the correct fluid for your

vehicle now we'll take our long funnel

and place it in the tube we remove the

transmission dipstick from once the

funnel has been inserted you can begin

adding fluid just add a little fluid at

a time and recheck the level with the

dipstick by adding a little at a time it

will ensure that you don't overfill the

transmission now that the level is back

to the full level you can replace the

dipstick and

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oil change and that's it it's really

that easy be sure to check out our other

videos and learn how to check other

important fluids maintaining proper

fluid levels will help keep your vehicle

running right and help you leave word

behind thanks for watching