Ways to Track with FedEx

with FedEx you have access to a variety

of tracking solutions that enable you to

access information and obtain visibility

into the status of your express ground

freight and FedEx office shipments

whether you're simply checking the

status of a single shipment looking

through customized or residential

deliveries to fit your busy schedule or

managing supply chain logistics for your

business FedEx has a solution for you

for a no frills and no fuss tracking

experience simply go to

and enter up to 30 tracking numbers door

tags or reference numbers in the track a

shipment module on the home page here

you'll have visibility into the status

of your shipment whether it's initiated

picked up in transit or delivered it

doesn't get much simpler than that

managing numerous shipments and need

in-depth tracking details FedEx tracking

provides you with in-depth visibility

and allows you to filter and customize

your tracking information however you

like access as much or as little

information as you need expecting a

shipment delivered to your home but your

plans have changed use FedEx delivery

manager to manage how when and where

your delivery arrives at your residence

with FedEx delivery manager you can

customize the date time and address

choose to hold a shipment at a FedEx

location provide delivery instructions

and much more whether you're an online

shopper looking for one-off tracking

information or a large business managing

hundreds of shipments FedEx has a

tracking solution to fit your needs

plus you can take advantage of the same

great tracking features you experience

on your desktop as you would while

on-the-go with your mobile or tablet

device on FedEx comm or with our FedEx

tracking app ready to get started for

one time tracking go to and

enter your tracking information for

robust tracking capabilities go to slash tracking and log in or

sign up to customize your home delivery

go to slash delivery manager

and log in or sign up