Human torso overview (HD video, basic)

all right human model torso guess organs

got stomach large intestine small

intestine spleen liver is going to be

back here it's not in it

pancreas here kidneys both back here

adrenal glands we've got the descending

aorta inferior vena cava then the renal

artery and veins and you're going down

attles are going to come down the iliac

region I'm just going to be the common

iliac artery and veins and then they're

going to branch down when the internal

iliac SAR going to branch off of that

the medial sacral artery this should be

the inferior mesenteric artery and

superior mesenteric artery they both

should be above the real glands from you

and the renal artery in veins diaphragm

is gonna

and close the abdominal cavity the aorta

that's below the diaphragm is going to

be the descending abdominal aorta and

above the diaphragm it's going to be the

descending thoracic aorta which is right

here so you are a pulmonary trunk

anterior interventricular sulcus

coronary sulcus the oracles ventricles

matrons behind the oracles going to come

up brachiocephalic artery the carotid

arteries are going to come out pull the

jugular veins also they sit

/ word