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video guys will be discussing torque

converter what is torque converter where

it's located a few codes that indicate

better converter and what needs to be

done to replace it now as you can see

guys we have quite a few engines

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video is helpful so let me show you guys

what we will be doing today so as you

can see guys we had to remove the engine

and transmission out of this car few

things that we're going to discuss guys

if you have any of the following three

codes be zero seven four zero p zero

seven four one or p zero seven four two

guys those are known as codes of debt

forward transmission torque converter

you either have a better converter or

you sometimes you have solenoids in your

transmission okay this is your

transmission guys this is the

transmission pan right here and when you

remove the transmission pan you have

solenoids that control the torque

converter one solenoid usual but your

top converter is located okay between

the transmission and the engine it

connects the engine and transmission

okay the transmission to the flywheel

and it has usually four bolts that it

attaches to the flywheel now if you can

see these are the bolts so in order to

remove or replace your torque converter

guys you either have to remove the

transmission but in most cases on most

modern cars especially like this master

guy here you have to remove the engine

and the transmission out of the car to

be able to take it apart otherwise it's

impossible and it's easier believe me

taking the engine out of this car it

took us only two hours taking the

converter and the transmission of part

of all that was extra hour and a half so

two of us dealing about four hours

everything but if you're all experienced

it might take you a day or two to do

that so this is guys the torque

converter if that thing is bad guys you

may experience ok shutter shutter noise

vibrations when that thing locks up you

know you're driving down the highway

and when you have constant pressure on

the gas pedal that torque converter will

engage and if it's bad sometimes the car

will start vibrating if when it's locked

up sometimes it will not release the

cargo started vibrating even more and

then oh it's sitting it might kick ok

that's due to a bad converter also

sometimes I know on some cars you'll get

stuck guys locked up and the car will

die at a at a stoplight traffic light so

you have to turn the car off restart it

and any work again those are really

really guys common poles without

converters most people don't think about

that stuff but let us explain now why

it's important guys to replace your oil

often as well now this torque converter

has some vibrations it has some shutter

and that's causing bye-bye glazed ok

discs and this is the oil that came out

of the torque converter this is

transmission fluid the transmission oil

fluid goes from the transmission to the

torque converter to the pump ok let me

show you now here is your pump you can

see on the inside okay this is your pump

right there and you will need two guys

replace of oil quite often if you ask me

some people say it's a lifetime do you

want a transmission no it's all guys in

my opinion every 40 to 50 thousand miles

on automatic transmission we change it

on our own vehicles because otherwise

you can say bye-bye to your car Calais

transmission you can see it takes quite

a bit of work if you go to mechanic shop

you can expect thousand dollar bill

torque converter itself usually it's not

so expressively the range is rebuilt

anywhere from 200 probably to 4 or $500

but the labor is extensive so this is

torque converter that's what it does

leave the cause that could indicate a

bad torque converter hopefully guys the

video will be helpful if you want to see

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