The TRUE story of the Tomato Head Cult.. (Fortnite)

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i'm gonna explain to you guys the story

of the tomato head cult that you've

never heard of in fortnite it's pretty

crazy and you're not going to want to

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get right into it so

we've all seen the short fortnite video

of jonesy going onto the battle bus with

all of the tomato heads and they are


all being very creepy and cult-like this

was intentional and i'm going to explain

everything jonesy in this hops onto the

battle bus and is surprised

to see the entire bus is full of tomato

heads which is already creepy enough

but then they're all just staring at him

with their beady little eyes

and as soon as jonesy is considering

leaving one of the tomato heads gets up

and waves him over signaling that they

have a spot for him

jonesy decides to go and sit down by him

reluctantly and as he does they all turn

their heads and continue watching him

almost as if they know he is not one of

them even the bus driver is a tomato


in this short video and it'll all make

sense soon

as he sits down the tomato head grabs

him as if he was very happy that jonesy

was there

and trust me he is because what you

didn't know about this story is what

ends up

happening to jonesy but you're gonna

have to watch to the end to figure out


that is so this is where the short video

ends and our story begins

as the battle bus begins to fly over the

map jonesy notices that no one is

jumping out

like they should be instead it looks

like the bus is actually flying down

towards tomato town jonesy had been

there before but obviously he'd never

seen the bus

actually take any players down towards a

location before

he tried to jump out but they weren't

allowing him he asked them why but they

didn't respond

and so as the bus finally lands they all

get out and start heading slowly towards

the big tomato head

in the center of town already getting

some of the creepiest vibes ever

jonesy wants to get out of there but

they keep signaling him to follow

looking around as they walk towards the

big tomato he notices that the town is

populated already

in that people that weren't even on the

bus were already there

of course more tomatoes jonesy hasn't

seen one regular person

this entire time and is rightfully

pretty scared

so they take him to the center of the

building and have him take a seat

and one of them sits on the other side

of the table from him they don't say a


just looking at him almost like they're

waiting for him to make the first move

he tries to get up and they sit him back

down forcefully

and then cross their arms like they

disapproved of him trying to leave

he asked them what's going on several

times still no response

eventually he hears the door open behind

him but before he could turn around to

look who was there

he had a sack over his head and couldn't

see anything

they also handcuffed him and started

walking him out the door

struggling and wondering what the heck

is going on they walk

forever and he had lost track of how

many steps he had taken in the same


he wonders where they're taking him he

hears birds chirping

and the sound of the wind rustling

through the trees and so he could only

imagine that they are walking through

the forest at this point

after a while they suddenly stop he

hears a knock

and then he hears another knock that

sounded like a response he still

couldn't see what was going on but he

heard what sounded like a giant

safe or door opening up as it is opened


they take the sack off of his head and

threw him down the giant open doorway

and he fell down a long flight of stairs

eventually gaining his footing he starts

to walk

back up towards the light but the tomato

head standing there

waves and then slams the giant door

while making eye contact

the entire time petrified he turns

towards the bottom of the stairs where

he sees a faint light

and he hears what sounds like people

chanting echo through the long hallway

he begins to descend to the stairway and

as he gets closer to the bottom

everything goes silent still walking

slowly as he begins to see what is in


room he sees what he never thought


there was a giant room the size of a

football stadium

filled with tomato heads not wanting to

get any closer he just sits there and

waits for a moment

in awe of how many tomato heads are down


in this underground stadium in the

middle there was a table

and four tomato heads in the middle it

was like everyone was watching them do


but he couldn't tell what it was from

this far away jonesy looked up

for any other way to go but the hallway

that was there

led straight to the center of the

stadium and he definitely did not feel

like doing that

he takes another step but his shoe

slides off and he slams the stairway

hitting his head really hard on it he

was unconscious for a moment and as he

was waking up there were the four tomato


standing over him they signaled for him

to follow and he tried to turn and run

up the stairs but another tomato head

was sitting there above him

waving and then pointed towards the

other four he decided to just follow and

wait for another moment to try and


but at this point he didn't see any

option and he didn't know what they were

really up to

as they entered the room all the tomato

heads started to stomp their feet in the


at a rate of once every three seconds it

was all at the same time

which made it even creepier they pointed

at the table in the middle of the

stadium and jonesy went to pull one of

the chairs out and sit down

as he was about to sit they slapped his

hand and pointed at the table that was

in the middle of all the chairs

he said you want me to sit on the table

and one of them nodded he was more

annoyed than anything but he reluctantly

got onto the table

and sat on it with his legs crossed the

fort tomato had sat down around him

the other tomatoes stopped stomping

their feet the one tomato sitting at the


facing jonesy stood up shook his hand

and then bowed jonesy was perplexed but


felt honored then suddenly and without

any indication

the tomato had threw jonesy down onto

the table

and handcuffed his hands and feet the

table flipped over and rose all the way

to the top of the stadium

which was several hundred feet in the

air jonesy was suspended

strapped to this table and all the

tomato heads were standing there

staring up at him he wondered what was

going to happen and then started to try

and wiggle his way out of the restraints

but before he could even try one of the

tomatoes on the ground took off his

tomato head

and then the foot stomping started again

jonesy could barely see from above what

was going on

he could then see that the tomato head

wasn't just a mask or something that

these creeps put on

it was their actual head the other

tomato walked him over to the edge of

the stadium

where a giant door opened and on the

other side was nothing but darkness

with this tomato's head still on the

ground below him the one walked into the


and the door closed as they did the feet

stopping stopped

again and jonesy started to lower down

towards the ground he hadn't noticed

while he was up there but somehow he was

wearing the same tomato head uniform

that the rest of them were it was then

that he realized that this was a ritual

to turn him

into one of the tomatoes he tried

everything he could to try and escape

and as he slowly lowered towards the

ground he was wiggling and pulling on

the straps

as hard as he could as he got close he

was released from the table and fell to

the ground

they pointed at the tomato head

signaling that they want him to put it


but as he has had enough jonesy sprints

in the opposite direction

away from the tomato heads and they just

watch him instead of chasing after him

this makes him realize that maybe

there's no way out and he was gonna have

to fight his way out

just as he was gonna give up he runs

towards one of the walls and looked up

to the other tomato heads

still looking at him with that creepy

stare he tries climbing up one of the

walls but it's too flat

and has nowhere to grab onto running

around the stadium still no one chasing

after him

as he nears the end where they had

opened the giant door just before

he sees that there is a small lever just

by the edge of the wall he runs over to

it and is about to pull it

when it just opens by itself without him

even needing to touch it as it

completely opened he could see another

stairwell that led to the same

type of light and so he sprinted towards


as he looks back this was the first time

he saw the tomato heads

start running after him sprinting up the

stairs as quickly as he can he started

to smell burgers

like actual burgers from a restaurant

being cooked and as he reaches the top

it's the same restaurant that they were

at before and there are tons of tomato

heads eating dur burgers

just staring at him realizing what is

going on he sprints out the back door

and he sees the other tomato head that

were there in the underground bunker

still following him as he runs over to

the tunnel he starts trying to think of

any way he can to outrun them but it's

too late

they're already catching up to him and

not really having any plan

he stops running and stands there in the

middle of the tunnel

having given up he's not as fast as the

other tomatoes and at this point he's

ready to accept his fate

they finally reach him and as they are

beginning to take him back he looks down

and sees that somehow

he is now wearing the durburger outfit

he then realizes maybe he was wearing it

the whole time

and just didn't notice right away they

walk him back into the restaurant where

they are again

not saying anything and just watching


the door opens back up and instead of

taking him back down

he sees a tomato head with a crown and a

candle walk over to him

this one was the only different tomato

head out of all of them

and as he walks closely to jonesy and

inspects him

he then signals that he is to be taken

outside they take him outside and begin

walking towards one of the ruins of the

old city that used to be there

they get closer and jonesy realizes that

this is the old

tomato temple that was there a long time

ago and he wonders how it's even

possible that they're there right now

they descend down some steps and enter a

room with bountiful amounts of tomatoes

and torches lighting up along a deep

hallway as they begin walking down the

hallway he can hear a loud pounding like

he did before

they get to the end of the tunnel where

there is a small shrine of giant tomato


and the three tomato heads around him

grip onto his arms

and put a tomato in each of his hands

they sit there for a moment

and he's kneeling now with the other

tomatoes on either of his side

taking a knee as well he tries to look

back but is directed to keep

looking forward he looks up for a moment

and sees the tomato head behind him is


the tomato over his head and just as

they were about to put it on his head

the tomato with the crown or what seemed

like the leader

turned to jonesy and spoke the first

words he had heard the entire time

and he said smile for the camera