How To Change a Tire Pressure Sensor (TPMS ) Yourself !

welcome back guys in this video I will

show you how to change a tire pressure

monitoring sensor if you get this on

your - it says service tire virus system

it's usually a tire pressure sensor and

let's go through here as you can see

here that doesn't send them reading over

to the car

so we take that tire off and I show you

how to fix it yourself okay to the tire

off first thing we do is take the core

out you could always just take the air

out the old-fashioned way I'm a cool

clown I do it this way so we're gonna

use this nifty tool to break the bead is

the bead buster for XP 450 this is their

least expensive one and it's okay for

itself in first first shot so this is

really good I'd really recommend it

comes destructions how to use it and

works on pretty much any tire so let's

begin first thing you do is Lube the

tire over here and I'm use some Windex

because I'm Greek so I'm just gonna put

this all over the tire cuz I'm gonna

bust the whole bead and I'm gonna go

around alright so you pop this down push

on this it goes in just like that use a

three quarter inch hex codes here now

what you wanna do here is you want to

turn this until this is perfectly

perpendicular good tire so see a 90

degree angle here

and that's good that's straight up as

you can see they already pop the bead

there so I'm just gonna go around and do

it some more spots on the tire over here

see procedure here through on this side

driver down and you can see the whole

tire is off the rim that's just using

this thing three to three spots it did


all right so TPMS is right there so I

could put a piece of wood in there

it's have to split in use this beginner

over here I so to give me some working

space here I'm just gonna put some more

wood over here some two by fours sides

that should be enough room so I can take

the beat Buster out and there you go

ladies and gentlemen

now over here I'm going to use a t10

Torx bit I'm gonna put it in this

ratcheting wrench quarter inch

ratcheting wrench and put it from

underneath and unscrew the TPMS


pop it down and out all right now you

could just use a razor blade here and

cut the old valve stem from here

probably just pump it out now just like

that so cut the fun half face and just

grab it with pair of dikes and pry it

out now this is a no seven Impala and

this is the sensor that we're using it's

the part number and it's a little

different now you're okay if it's about

a quarter of an ounce difference

that's generally you know the lowest you

could go difference wise as far as not

needing a balance and this tires in the

back so you go you could tolerate a

little more less sound of balance in the

back more a balance in the back I mean

so I'm good with this now let's just put

this in the tire now I like to put a

little bit silicone spray on the rubber

over here just very little bit a little

Lube always makes things better

well sorry camel girl I got all over you

my apologies chemicals got a deep voice

alright now this is gonna go in like

this so pop it in bring it down

it's great to have this toy right here

because it screws on to the valve stem

on top here and you use this to pull it

up so let's go and do this let's go

wiggle it and as you can see it's butted

up against over there the rim there you

go and it's in and you can see on either

side that it's all out it's good and now

we take the wood off okay so lastly I

like to do now is to get some real light

sandpaper and go around the rim all

around over here with the bead seals to

the rim to make sure there's no foreign

objects in there and we get a nice tight

seal now I'm gonna use some gasket

sealer all around the rim over here so

it'll be a nice leak free bead you call

uecu's dawn or Palmolive dishwashing

soap but this is also really good

just one small light coat all around

that's all you need

and now flirt with their because she



ha yeah baby

and check the tire pressure and you're

good okay I'm gonna go ahead and relearn

this tire pressure sensor to the car

this particular car is easy to relearn

yourself by just doing it through the

dash and lowering the pressure on each

tire there's different ways to do it in

different cars it's a good way just to

research that on your own they also have

we learned tools that you could use to

relearn each tire pressure sensor so

that's how you use a bead buster

to change a tire pressure monitoring

sensor on a car thanks for watching

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