How to Fill Your Keepnet On the Tiber River

a little friends it's me Duman today

we're taking a look at how best to fill

your keep net on the type of River

during the day now some of you have

already seen my ass per video which

takes place right over me ah but today

we're going over na and we're gonna be

using multiple poles so make sure to

bring a rod stand with you now a bit of

a warning if you are not prepared to

come here it is a lot of work to get

money here so make sure that you're

prepared with a rod stand multiple poles

of one of these that I'm about to show

you and you'll be able to make it back

with money and yes still this isn't

necessarily very productive lake however

I did have a question from a viewer

about wels catfish and as you can see I

can catfish so there's that now as usual

we're gonna be breaking it down into

three simple steps we're gonna be

talking about the location we're gonna

be talking about the gear and finally

the retrieve what we're gonna be looking

for is days like this this is gonna be a

perfect day this is going to not

necessarily be a perfect day but you'll

still catch stuff for about 4 hours out

of the day however you can switch over

to the ASP

spots at night and make up for your loss

you can still catch a spawn this day

that's fine and yeah before we get

started let's go ahead and buy a license

it's only four thousand dollars to get

an advance Italy license we're gonna be

going right here so what this is is damn

it used to be a dam apparently a long

time ago you can see the sluice gates

you can see that it mostly goes all the

way out there but apparently it's

crumbled so what we're gonna be doing is

we're gonna be fishing next to the dam

I'm gonna be casting out around this

area yeah that's actually seems about

right around here is going to be the

deepest area now I'm also gonna be

casting a few over here and I'll show

you which ones I'm going to be casting

there and why now though

talked about the retrieve let's check

out that gear shall we

alright so rod setup number one this is

gonna be my little guy catcher my filler

catcher while I'm waiting for the other

two this is what's gonna get me a little

bit of money between fish this is gonna

be for the trout which is going to be

for the grayling that kind of a

situation and what I use is a my feather

light a seven foot with Callisto mg 3000

and this guy right here the Nano spinner

one 8-ounce number one it's perfect for

pretty much everything that you know

that isn't what we're going after

so this is a great little fill set up

now rod number two this is my carp set

up for this area I've got a 19 inch

leader I am set up with a seer

I've got a number to Aunt carp hook

I've got a weight and you can also use a

feeder that's fine however you want to

do it now carp in the car pure go after

everything common carp pretty much

everything you can also catch barbels on

things that are meaty I'm not sure which

I what I have here I got plums I'm

probably catching a common carp that's


so my line my maximum line weight is

thirty seven point five pounds my

maximum drag on my reel is 35 pounds so

of course I have 35 pound test line so

that's well matched now we're moving on

to the third rod this is a bottom

fishing rod I happen to have a a mix of

the SI brand fish feeder and nothing

else apparently I don't have any I

didn't bring any that didn't bring the

proper sentence but that's okay I'm

gonna be using duck muscle meat and a

I'd say

roughly number 5 on hook around there

maybe higher

I haven't had any problems catching

these guys with with this setup so now

and of course I'm reusing the bottom

sniper 9 10 and let's see a spear double

punch 5500 this one doesn't quite as

well match for the 31 pound max weight

and a max drag of 26.4 I believe I've

got 25 pound at 25 pound test line on

there that's fine it'll work just fine

now that we've covered the location now

that we've covered the gear it's time

for as they head out and catch some fish

and cover the retrieve all right so I'm

gonna send out my catfish bottom feeder

situation first

I usually cast around 200 feet ish now

there's a deep spot from here roughly to

here ish maybe here and we're be casting

out closer to the wall kind of smack-dab

in the middle there should be around 20

feet deep there are deeper spots however

this seems to be where I have the best

luck 19.6 not bad not bad

all right we go ahead and put you down

here and now we're gonna take my mega

chopper or cast out a bit further in

this direction about 200 feet again if

we can if we can manage that

come on

I know webcasting mmm right there and

put our rod there and now we begin the

waiting game but while we wait we've got

something to do let's go ahead and

switch over to the feather light as I

just as I told you about earlier and

we're gonna do is gonna cast off towards

the dam while we wait

pretty simple retrieve you know what let

it sink about halfway down and then

you're just going to stop and go and of

course as soon as I get one my car pod

is going off pray a decent one here it's

probably just probably just too young

honestly might be common but you know it

is my luck

one common carp and now that we've got

that we're straight back to this we're

gonna keep pumping out fish water

waiting for our beeps and now we've got

to bite on the bottom feeder a pretty

good-sized one nonetheless and of course

we have a bite the carp rod again yes

I'll be with you in a moment

I hear you're be Pidge

and a wels catfish this gets a few more

specifically let's stop this incessant

beeping oh yeah another good one so that

one one too bad that was nine point four

three pounds let's see what this guy is

now unfortunately everything on this

lake just isn't worth a lot of money so

what you need to compensate for the lack

of valuable fish by catching more fish

as fast as possible the end of the

common carp here looks like yep and yeah

that's another seven point two pounds

about three hundred dollars so now you

know how to catch a common carp you know

how to catch

wels catfish I'm also a quick note I

recast the catfish right around here ish

there we are here ish this is a like I

said the hole goes from like here to

here that's fine you guess wherever you

like but these are just my spots you can

use them if you want and I'm sorry I

haven't have come up we come out with a

lot more content here recently I've been

working on locations for a reshoot on

fishing planet IRL which is coming up

soon but now you know how to catch carp

now you know how to catch back-to-back

as much as possible anyway depending on

the situation

wels catfish you know what to do in the

mean time which is the feather light

here you can catch chub you can catch

perch trout whatever Grayling's little

emo fish whatever you want using this

guy while you're waiting for the beeps

but questions still remain this is what

you do here during the day it doesn't

earn you a lot of money

but what if you're as sander Berger see

what if you could go all carp all the

time with three rods

now best to catch you know unique wels

catfish exceeding a hundred pounds of

piece you can find out the answers to

those and more on the next episode