How to do a self neck exam for early detection of Thyroid disease? - Dr. Anantharaman Ramakrishnan


hi I'm dr. Alan theremin consultant and

acknowledges at magna clinic for obesity

diabetes and endocrinology at BTM

second-stage so I'm going to show you

how you can actually feel the thyroid

gland and see whether that I mean

irregularities in the thyroid gland so

thyroid nodules are very common about

five percent of the population could

have a nodule or a swelling in the

thyroid gland itself but you can detect

it more easily if you are able to self

calculate the type of thing so how does

one go about feeling the thyroid gland

so thyroid gland is a small butterfly

butterfly shaped organ which is located

here in the root of the neck so that's

where the thyroid gland is located you

can see the region so how do you know

what is the exact location how do you

know whether you can feel the thyroid

all of us can palpate our thyroid so how

you do it is actually put your finger on

the items after that's for men and for

women the laryngeal prominence you can

feel that it's hard the hard part of the

the Latin larynx or the Weiss box and

just below that you get a very hard

cartilage that's called the cricoid

cartilage so just you need to go down

the cricoid cartilage there you get the

thyroid gland and then you can feel it

on either side a small soft protuberance

so that's the thyroid thyroid gland is

palpable in everyone for instance I am

able to feel my hard line now and is

soft and smooth that I choose so but if

you have an odd you you will feel it as

a uneven bump you can actually relax

your neck like this and then feel the

one lobe that is my right lobe of the

thyroid gland so that's where it is so

you start from the laryngeal prominence

then go down to the cricoid cartilage

then go down you will feel a small bump

there is a it's muscle pirate game then

you go on either side so that is a lobes

of the thyroid so on either side you

start with the system

the thyroid gland or isthmus is a

connecting part between both the loads

you feel the isthmus and you feel on

both the side just follow it with your

fingers and you can actually feel both

the thyroid line and all of us will have

palpable thyroid lines and if you feel

any abnormality when you feel the

thyroid gland I think you should visit a

doctor because small nodule could

represent a to money in the thyroid

there thank you