GE Dryer Repair – How to replace the Safety Thermostat

today we're going to show you how to

change the safety thermostat on your

dryer and it's a really easy job all

we're going to need is a number two

phillips screwdriver and depending on

your model maybe a number two square

head screwdriver a stubby Philips

screwdriver and you'll also need a small

flat blade screwdriver and a pair of

needle nose pliers let me show you how

we do it now before we begin this repair

since we will be working near some

electrical circuits we will need to

disconnect the power to the dryer so it

has a cord on it simply remove it from

the side on the wall and if it's a

hardwired dryer we'll need to locate the

fuse panel or breaker panel and turn the

power off at that point now in this

model we'll need to remove both the

front panel and the top panel or to gain

access to the top panel

there are two Phillips screws that come

up through the front panel up into the

top panel we'll need to remove those

first next we're going to lift up on the

front of the top panel and just kind of

rotate it upwards disengaging it from

the bottom of the control panel there

are three slotted openings in the back

of that top panel do engage with three

tabs of control panel we can now set

that aside next with either a number two

square head or a Philips screwdriver

we'll remove the two screws that secure

the top of the front panel to the

cabinet then while supporting the drum

we'll tilt the front panel out we'll

lift up gently on it and there are some

wires that attach to the door switch and

light circuit in that lower left corner

so we'll be careful not to pull it too

far away and we can just pivot it around

and then we'll disconnect those wires

take note of where the wires are

attached to the switch and typically

there will be one that has an inline

connector on it we'll use our small flat

blade just open up that connector enough

separate it and then we can set that

front panel aside next we're going to

have to remove the

drum from the dryer and first we'll have

to unattach the belt from the idler and

motor pulleys so we'll reach in through

on the left hand side motor and also

come in through from the left side do

you find the either pull it towards the

center and rotate the belt off of either

the motor or the either release the

tension and make sure the belt is free

of both holes and then we could pull the

tumbler out through the front there's a

fairly tight fit so you may have to

separate the cabinet stards a little bit

and then we can set the tumbler and the

belt aside now our next step will be to

remove the two wires from the safety

thermostat needle nose pliers and pull

those off pull on the terminal not on

the wire and then remove the single

Phillips screw holds that thermostat

bracket to the heater housing and remove

the old thermostat I'm gonna surf the

new one

and there was a knotch tab where the

screw fits through that'll be on the

bottom just slide it into the little

slot at the very top of that opening

reinstall the mounting screw and then

reinstall the two wires to check the

terminals make sure there's no signs of

any arcing or overheating and if there

is we'll need to replace those terminals

we're now ready to put the drum and the

belt back into the dryer so we'll start

by fitting the drum through the opening

of that cabinet as I say it's fairly

snug so you may have to spread the

cabinet just gently enough to get it

through and once we're cut way back you

can drape the belt over the back of the

drum make sure it's fitted around the

bottom and we'll keep the grooved side

of the belt towards the drum and we'll

fit it back into place so that it

engages the bearing in the center of the

heater housing know when reinstalling

the drum in this type of dryer you

obviously can't see how the belt is

oriented around the motor pulley on

either pulley so we should thought we'd

show you a little close-up here of how

it's going to end up looking as you set

the drum in you will have in your belt

laying beneath the drum in this area the

groove side up would wrap it underneath

the motor pulley and pull it back and

we'll pull that either over far enough

then we can lay the belt across the top

of the idler and then background under

the drum

and just make sure we have it seated in

the bearing and you can just drop that

belt into position and then we'll get

down and reach through the front and

reconnect the belt to the idler and the

motor pulley so with one hand through on

the left side we'll find that belt and

make sure that we have again the grooved

side against the drum well the belt will

come around the drum on the right hand

side and up over top of the idler pulley

and it's going to pull down and wrap

around the motor pulley so you'll have

to pull the either arm and pulley

towards the center of the drum putting

tension on it and that will give us

enough slack that you can wrap the belt

around the motor now just feel the belt

to make sure that it's seated firmly in

the motor pulley that's in the center of

the idler pulley and then just gently

turn the drum and you should see the

blower wheel turn freely

okay now I'll put the front panel back

on now we next need to make sure that we

reconnect the wires to the door switch

and the light circuit so we'll take the

single white wire which goes to the

common terminal at the back of the

switch the yellow with the brown

straight to the opposite outside

terminal and the inline to the light

just make sure that the connector

walks in place and then we'll slide that

protective cover back in front of the

switches and then we just need to slide

that protective cover back in front of

the switch slide the little tab into the

front panel and then we can swing the

front panel around set it on the two

tabs on the bottom of the cabinet

there's some rectangular openings in the

bottom of that front panel that will fit

over those tabs make sure the wire

harnesses are not pinching anywhere then

just carefully lift up on the drum tilt

the front panel back into position make

sure these locating tabs along the side

line up with the cabinet and then we're

ready to put the two screws back into

the top of it there's one on either side

make sure that tabs are lined up

properly now we can put the main top

back on now there are three slotted

openings in the back of that main top

that will engage the three tabs on the

control panel and also the curled edge

of that main top the lower end of it

will fit underneath this supporting

bracket at the back so we'll start by

engaging the tabs its top first and then

we'll need to pull that up far enough

forward that it will go down underneath

that mounting bracket and then push it

back into place next we'll install the

two screws up from the front panel

we'll open the door up now it's

difficult to line these screws up unless

we raise the top just a bit so that we

can see where they come up through the

opening there's a slotted opening across

the top edge of that front panel and

that screw needs from up through the

middle of that and then we can tighten

it securely do the same on the opposite

side we're now ready to reconnect the

power and our repair is complete