How to Add Text Boxes to Google Documents

hey this is Eric Kurtz and in this video

we're going to take a look at a trick

for adding a text box to a Google

document something you are normally not

able to do now Google Docs is a

fantastic online word processor with a

lot of really neat features that are

unique to it that other word processors

don't have having said that there's also

some things that Google Docs doesn't do

that other word processors do for

example inserting text boxes that's a

pretty normal thing that you can do in a

word processor but in Google Docs if you

go up to the insert menu and give a

click you're going to notice well

unfortunately text box is not one of the

options there so how can we do this well

actually it's a little bit of a

roundabout method turns out that even

though we can't insert a text box

directly into a Google Doc we can go to

the insert menu and insert a drawing and

in a drawing you guessed it

you can insert a text box into the

drawing which we will then insert the

drawing into the document so a couple of

steps there to get it done but it does

work and it does give you an option for

now until Google Docs has that natively

built in so let's give that try so what

I'm gonna do is I'll just up put my

cursor right here at the start of this

paragraph there that's what I'm going to

insert my text box and I'm gonna go up

to the insert menu give that a click and

go down to drawing now when I click on

insert drawing it's gonna pop open this

box here which is sort of like a

miniature version of Google drawings if

you're used to that program a lot of

this will look familiar if you're not

you definitely should check out Google

drawings really powerful diagramming and

drawing tool well we're going to focus

on though is how to put a text box

inside of our drawing so in our little

pop-up window here you'll notice we've

got our tool bar and one of those

buttons there is for a text box I'm

going to give a click on that button and

it's going to change my

to a crosshair I can now click and drag

out a text box and once I get that text

box dragged out there what I'm going to

do is I'm going to put some text in

there so let me just go ahead and copy

and paste in some sample text and

actually I'll paste it in a whole bunch

of time so we've got it in there

a whole lot excellent there we go and

now that I've got that text in that text

box you can really do whatever you would

want to that text like you normally

would with formatting so I could come in

here and highlight all that text if you

go up to that menu bar you may not see

the buttons you're looking for right

away but if you go to the more button on

the far right and click that you'll

suddenly see the stuff that you're

missing for example we could change the

font if we don't want it to be Arial

change it to open sans or something else

if we want to change the size certainly

we could you know change that to a

larger or smaller size however we might

want so we'll go ahead and leave that at

14 for now that's fine if we wanna make

it bold or italicized or maybe change

the font color we could certainly do

that just as easily we'll go ahead and

leave that black for now though in

addition to that there are some other

buttons here that control things like

centering or right or left justifying

and also pushing it to the top middle or

bottom of the text box itself so we

consider it horizontally and vertically

as well if you want to make the text box

bit bigger or smaller as need be no

problem just grab the little blue

corners and kind of shrink that up or

stretch that out however you need that

to be - until you get it the size that

you would like that to be in addition to

editing the text itself inside we can

also edit the box so if I click on the

box here you'll notice I got a few

options up here in the toolbar including

a fill color so if I want to fill the

box end with a different color no

problem at all just choose a color and

I'll fill it in and then if I want a

line going around the box there's a line

color button right next to there give

that a click and just pick a line color

we'll just stick with black for now and

now if I click off of it you can see the

box actually is has a line going around

in addition to the line color there's

two other buttons there's a line weight

if you want to make it thicker or

thinner and there's also a line - button

if you want to do dotted or dashed lines

as well so you can make a lot of

adjustments to that text box until you

get something that looks exactly the way

you would like it to be so we'll go

ahead and we'll just go with that for

now that'll be our text box when you're

all done with your text box all you need

to do is go up to the top right hand

corner where it says save and close and

when we click that it's going to take

this text box and insert it into our

document so let's go ahead and click

Save and close give that a moment and

there it is drops that text box right

into our document now it's very much

like an image meaning that if I click on

it I'll get some options here for

rapping there's inline rap text and

break text most of the time you're

probably going to want to pick rap text

if I click on rap text now all the text

on the page wraps around the text box so

as I click and drag it around the page

the text will wrap around it put it

wherever I might want that to be and

again if it's too large or too small you

can adjust the size here as well just

grab the little blue handles make it

smaller or make it larger whatever works

for you now if you do need to edit the

text unfortunately you can't edit it

inside of the Google document you know

that would be you know perfect if we

could just click on here and type in

some new text and hopefully eventually

that will be an option we'll just be

able to insert a text box directly and

edit it right in Docs if you do need to

edit it well you got to click on it and

either choose edit or give a double

click on it because what that's going to

do is it's going to open it again inside

of Google drawings so the actual editing

has to occur there so if I were to come

here and say you know what instead of

being kind of more squares like this

let's make it more rectangular let's

drag it out a bit more so we'll make it

shorter and wider if I wanted to do that

I'd have to make that change or if I

wanted to change the text I'd have to

change that inside of Google drawings

then I could hit save and close to send

it back now you won't notice

that I did change the shape of that box

and when I do send it back what it does

is it tries to fit it into the same

amount of width as it was before

so you'll notice it probably gets a

little bit cramped when I do that let's

hit save and close and you see it makes

a little bit smaller than I intended it

always sticks with whatever the width

was most recently so you may have to

stretch it out a little bit to make it

larger again and again like I said just

go ahead and give it a double click

anytime if there's an adjustment that

you want to make here maybe make it a

little bigger a little smaller save and

close and boom you'll be right back to

that in your document so for now until

we have a native option to insert text

boxes you can instead insert a drawing

and then insert that text box in the

drawing and then insert the drawing into

your Google Doc to be able to add text

boxes into a Google document if you'd

like to see a little bit more about this

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