Fun Day at the State Fair of Texas 2019 🎡





hey everybody Lone Star rocker channel

here at the State Fair of Texas 2019

we're gonna head on here eat some junk

food try to see some stunt show if we

can and also get on the ferris wheel

so let's mosey around and get our Texas

on yeah and I got my coupon for

McDonald's just shave off a few bucks

hey so with the coupon I stayed five

bucks and with my dark past I only paid

nine dollars to get here so saved on

parking to mass is going to be great

well the first thing I want to do is see

the pigs race so let's see if we can get

to that first but there's a lot of stuff

to do today it's gonna be fun okay I'll

take one of these you know where the pig

races are you're right here standing

talking to make you see that pig of it

yes thank you

whoo State Fair yeah


oh there he is I see him he's waving at



there he is Big Tex and he's got his new

shirt on

welcome to the 2019 say thank you

or loss children pick up children's

wristbands at any information center

around the ground yes

how do we get to where the pig races are


I got nothing you can see some of his

boot design here the yellow roses the

Texas on one side

to state of Texas flags on the front of

the boots and on this side we have some

blue bonnets with the Texas state and

the Alamo we also have a Space Shuttle

on the back and Big Tex on the back of

his belt here's the back of his new

shirt there's no time for Big Tex man we

get a hurry of the pigs

but I want to see little piggies raced

we are here we made it

those biddies this is gonna be exciting






that was ultimately cute on to the

butter sculpture




supposed to be right across the way so

let's go in the creative arts building

here and check it out

lots of arts and crafts


we are celebrating creativity

he's a little kitten down there

and a doggie


he's making sushi you know what he's

doing there

because that hand is pretty amazing how

much butter does it take to make a giant


is a very creative sculpture with a

butter painting

it still makes me hungry for breakfast

howdy folks


if that is really cool there all those


so the artists

interesting heart here this paintings

nice if this is my choices but be bred

to Simpson

good work the stranger things like I

said very creative and there's another

nice painting of Big Tex very awesome

look at that excellent Laker work

well it always gets us great creative

ideas when I come and see this stuff but

I'm getting hungry so I'm gonna go get

me some deep-fried goodness you got my

tickets and we're going with the PB&J

banana it's gonna be delicious yes thank

you there it is the peanut butter and

jam an Anna this is what it's all about

right here this is what the fair is

really all about

the banana really makes it ever so


I was so good but we're on to get on a

ride but ride should we go on

making it over to the super Midway I

don't know what kind of ride I want to

go on but maybe the giant Ferris wheel

would be cool








tell make sure the fair always brings

back great memories and when my I went

to the fair when I was a kid but I went

to the fair back in West Palm Beach so

it's a South Florida there was a little


there it is straight ahead









that was fun love it

oh man their condition is the best

invention of all time

anywhere remember you've got that we go

through it is take laughing laughing now

you throw it out dumpsters for every

location against your south will sweep

the big ditch school you like fresh new

certain or keep it out there sweet

all right now that I've made this man

angry we know exactly going to try it I

just want you to confirm it is a real

horror I'm going to twist it let's give

it a crank on it a little bit okay and

what's your name jinx it let's give a

big round of applause for Emma C great

harder than J so good okay don't beat me

up all right I'm just gonna do it old

school style I'm gonna try and crank

this thing open as quick as I can before

the metal cools down one two three


check me and that guy was pretty strong

I don't think I could bend a horseshoe

like that

here we have the giant pumpkins sorry

interesting hydroponic system and this

ginormous pumpkin that's what you need

right there



some animals I finally found you

award-winning goats

selectively having some type of

competition they're judging them now

looking for the best

stubborn there


the winners

second to third place good job please

respect my space

I'm sleeping

gigantic pig is sleeping so don't

disturb them alright I found another

exhibit hall we're gonna go in I think

it's a tex-mex culture exhibit so let's

go in here and see what new art they

have this year








what is this it's


Chewbacca masks didn't think would be in

here rawr

oh there's pee-wee's bicycle


that is amazing to see

a mask from Texas Chainsaw Massacre


the 1968 pink Paisley Fender Telecaster


don't forget your TPS reports mostly

movie props and such but I think there's

a show about to start out here let's go

check it out


I see you don't come with us please one

motorcycle duty some of the things we're

going to show you today are some

mistakes patterns that these officers

themself at the pass word to me


my first rider he's over second unit for

about a year

as you watch on these riders so then

that black blue underneath them keeping

their silverstone


nicely done you guys in there

see he's also around the apartment new

to the unit about a year

because going through this better

made it in their condition like melting

out there

fv2 concept car

soon automated driving itself something

tiny like this

at this little narrow car can fit inside

this thing









and then to Telemundo Thunder truck the

storm tracer all equipped and ready to


here is the NBC storm ranger decked out

with their gear pretty cool


don't like 12 coupons I'm going for it

it's October still why not


is my dune buggy




for a man in a vortex


the b-52's ruins it for me man that was

actually pretty scary






wow that is really tripping me out man


see that was awesome man


totally awesome worth well tickets

please to get a giant turkey leg


alright I'm gonna try the fried tweek

oh boy it's pretty darn good alright so

that was my trip to the fair didn't make

it last year so I wanted to make sure I

was here this year but you know got to

ride a few rides tried some deep-fried

food always enjoyable so if you're here

in October stop by anyway I get a head

on back upload something cool to watch

you likely see please subscribe at

having this rockin day