How to find and treat temporalis muscle trigger points - trigger point therapy - headache relief

hi guys in this video we're going to

show you how to find the trigger points

that are related to the what we call the

temporalis muscle the muscle in the

scalp area dr. Jasper here from muscle

wizard net there's four different areas

that usually give people tension

headaches or headaches coming from

trigger points and that there are

muscles in the front of the neck the

back of the neck in the upper shoulders

in the jaw and Ashley in the scalp also

so what it is is there's a muscle called

the temporalis I'm just going to show

you guys how to find that that muscle

right now and the way to do that is it's

a muscle that goes from back here and it

comes in a straight line all the way

just just people below the eye one of

the ways to find this out is you got

your cheek bone right here you just go

one finger breath up and extend that

finger all the way back to just on top

of the ear and that's the line so right

from about here you can press into that

muscle right into there there there and


that's that whole area and that can give

you the headaches now if you press a

little bit more into the front of the

nearer to the back of the eye you're

going to get headaches into this area

the more you go back you're going to get

headaches about there and the more you

go back you're going to get them going

back to about there now another

interesting thing about this muscle is

this the muscle can also give you teeth

pain so somebody who has a toothache

they go to their dentist and the dentist

says everything's fine they can't figure

out where that toothache is coming from

surprisingly this muscle can also give

you that but at the end of the day if

you've got a lot of tension headaches in

the in the head area you want to start

hitting that muscle also a lot of people

forget about this guy they also forget

about the some of the muscles in the jaw

we're always focused on the neck but

really at the end of the day you want to

hit that temporalis muscle hold the spot

find the spot hold it for a few seconds

see if it recreates the headache and

then if it does recreate the headache

see if it starts going down and then you

can press a little bit harder also what

you can do just kind of massage into

that area you can do both ways just

pressing or massaging into it done and

that's it that's the temporalis and it's

a very easy muscle to get try that out

and see if that decreases your

and also remember there's a lot of

different muscles that can give the

headaches if you go to muscle wizard net

we got a lot of different articles on

all the other muscles also and a lot of

other videos and we'll see you probably

guys probably in the next video thanks