Bite of the Tasmanian Devil | National Geographic

it roams the night bellowing

blood-curdling screams in search of dead

and dying prey and when it tears into

flesh it's with some of the most bone

crushing jaws on earth this fiendish

fighter may look cute but its name says

it all the Tasmanian devil

Tasmanian Devils as their name suggests

can only be found in one place

Tasmania this Australian Islands forests

and dense foliage allow a resting devil

to lay low by day but by night the same

landscape becomes a shrieking stalking

ground Tasmanian Devils are the

Kangaroos crankiest cousin like most

marsupials they start as tiny specks in

their mother's pouch they don't get as

big as their fleet-footed relatives Tazi

Devils only reach 2 feet and weigh just

under 30 pounds but what they lack in

size they make up for in strength Devils

huge heads hold powerful crushing jaws

and their bite is even worse than their

ear splitting bark the Tasmanian Devil

has the strongest bite force of any

living mammal on earth capable of

ripping through flesh and bone

the devil's bite force comes from a

powerful upper-body design the taozi's

massive head is disproportionately

larger than the rest of its torso and

supports an unusually prominent and

powerful mouth to date Taz's have killed

no humans but inadvertent encounters

with devils kenan and bloodshed one of

the only ways to observe them is in

protected animal parks it takes


something had mammal keeper Tim Faulkner

of the Australian Reptile Park knows

firsthand his routine devil check up

quickly turns into a howling scuffle

anyone who studies Tazz ease up close

risks painful run-ins with muscular jaws

that work like a snapping sling so

you'll see that they've got a very large

lumping jawbone and most of that is

muscle it comes right up over the top of

their forward and attaches at the back

of the ears and at the bottom of the

years and allows the pressure of the

jaws to close