Windows 10 Taskbar Missing or Not Responding

this guide shows you how to get your

taskbar back in Windows 10 if it's got

missing first of all it's worth just

checking that the taskbar isn't hidden

to do this move your mouse down to the

bottom of the screen if it's hidden

then the taskbar will appear like so

then move your mouse to any part of the

taskbar and click the right mouse button

that's the right mouse button then left

click properties

you might will find that auto hide the

taskbar is ticked if this is remove the

tick from it now by left clicking in the

box beside auto hide the taskbar then

left clicking apply then less click OK

and the task bar should be static in

some cases you might find that this

doesn't work if it doesn't then we need

to restart Explorer to do this we need

to go into the task manager so first of

all we need to hold down with our left

hand the Windows key the Windows key is

usually located below between the ctrl

key and the Alt key on the bottom row of

keys on your keyboard hold this down

with your left hand now then with your

right hand on a finger on your right


tap the letter X that's X for x-ray on

the keyboard now let go of the Windows

key you should see here a menu appear

left click task manager this window

should appear if you find that a window

appears similar to this then click on

more details that's the arrow next to

more details and that's a left click

that will give you more applications

running now we need to scroll down the

list and we need to find Windows

Explorer and they go that's denoted here

by a yellow folder so move your mouse

over Windows Explorer and then click the

right mouse button that's the right


button then move your mouse up to

restart and left click restart the

screen should go off and come back again

and hopefully your taskbar should


once your taskbar is reappeared click on

the cross at the top right hand corner

of the task manager box to get rid of

the box and that's it