3 Ways To Stimulate His Prostate - Give your guy the BEST ORGASM!!! | The Check Up | Jake Mossop

does your boyfriend want his g-spot

pleasure but is too afraid to ask well

here are three ways to stimulate his

prostate Society teaches men that they

should derive sexual pleasure from their

external genitalia and women should

drive pleasure from internal stimulation

but this is wrong mainstream sex culture

has done everyone a disservice it is

possible for men to achieve orgasm

through the stimulation of the prostate

gland which is inside their body the

process it happens to be located two to

four inches inside the anus it rests

behind the anal ball and it sits just

underneath the bladder it's almost the

size of a walnut stimulation of the

prostate gland provides different type

of orgasm appall together and when

combined with male ejaculation it

provides a heightened orgasmic response

so let's get to it

here are three ways that you can help to

stimulate your man's prostate and make

him [ __ ] for more they can come on come

and make them come back for more ok so

number one is external massage we all

know that straight men don't like to

admit the little finger up there but

it's possible to stimulate demands

prostate without having to go inside his

body there's an area between the man's

scrotum and the man's anus that's called

the tank or the perineum or what me and

my friends used to follow when we were

in high school the chota the closer to

of males orgasms the firmer the prostate

gets so the more likely you're going to

be able to feel it and you want to apply

a rhythmic firm deep pressure to that

area between the scrotum and the anus

all right number two is using your

fingers so I'm not just massage but this

time you're actually going to be

entering the male's body this obviously

involves some sort of discussion because

you're not gonna provide a sneak it

the main thing here people is that you

want to make sure that your nails are

trimmed and filed because you don't want

to scratch or cause harm and like we've

talked about in previous videos you want

to use glue so the way I like to

describe how to do this technique is

just a simple water bottle so you're

gonna go in about two to four inches

which is essentially the entire length

of your index finger is gonna have to

get right up in that but it's described

as a come-hither motion like come here

yeah yeah you come here obviously you

want to massage around the outside relax

the sphincter you know the guy used to

that sensation and then stick your

finger all the way in and you're going

to curve your finger in the direction of

his belly button so if he's lying on his

back you want to curve your finger

upwards and if he's lying on a stomach

you want to curve your finger downwards

whatever direction is towards the belly

button that is where the prostate gland

will be so stick your finger end and

you're gonna massage by doing this type

of motion almost like a finger puppet

just a bit like that

no you don't want to go too hard or too

fast right away you want to start off

soft and slow and work your way up all

right the third way and the alternative

to stimulating your man's prostate is

actually in fact using toys and I know

you're freaking out thinking you know

there's no way he's gonna let me

approach him with a massive dildo no you

don't need a big massive dildo to

stimulate to the prostate there are a

wide array of toys that are designed and

shaped specifically for prostate

stimulation so you can search these on

Google you can find them in sex shops

there are small little toys that you

know have a really unique shape and

their main point and purpose is to get

in past the sphincter and curve and

apply pressure and touch that prostate

plant again just like with your fingers

you're gonna want to relax the outside

area make sure you use blue you know

talk to your boyfriend about cleaning

that area so you're not running into any

unexpected messes and use the toy as

directed so there are three ways to

stimulate your man's prostate and given


orgasm he's ever had and that's it for

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