Taiga Biome Facts

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video I'd like to talk about the biome

taiga the taiga is located below the

tundra biome the taiga biome is also

known as the coniferous forests or the

boreal forest this biome is the world's

largest land biome and in North America

a cover covers most of Canada and Alaska

and it also covers most of Sweden

Finland Norway in parts of Russia this

biome typically has short Wes wet

summers and long cold winters



precipitation is moderate in the taiga

it gets plenty of snow during the winter

and plenty of rainfall during this

summer the taiga has the lowest annual

average temperature after the tundra and

also has permanent ice caps the force of

the taiga are largely coniferous and

contained spruce fir and pine trees a

coniferous tree keep their leaves in the

throughout the year and have needle-like

leaves the boreal forests or taiga

supports a relatively relatively small

range of animals due to the harshness of

the climate it is home to a number of

large mammals such as the moose the

reindeer and some caribou in some parts

of the taiga also have populations of



in addition you may find grave Wolf's

coyote red fox a brown bear or maybe

even a polar bear

there's the taiga the world's largest

land by own a cold but happy place

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