Syncing With iTunes

hello everyone and welcome to the class

this is david a cox the founder and CEO

of we have a live

audience with us today and today we're

going to be talking about syncing your

stuff with itunes this is how you can

have things that are on your computer

whether it's music or photos movies etc

all sync with your iPhone iPod or iPad

now today is the Saturday class which is

when we always record our classes I have

already taught this class this past

Wednesday and when we did it then we did

it with an iPod and I just realized you

know what this class really does it

seems to teach better when I'm using a

little bit of a better device so we have

an iPad right here which I have just

restored so it's factory conditions it's

actually an iPad one remember those all

of those like four years ago but it

feels like it was 10 years ago so I'm

going to be teaching you today how to

sync your stuff with an iPad now as I

said we do have a live audience here

this live audience can interact with me

during the class they can ask questions

one things I want to throw out there

quickly to the live audience is if you

guys don't mind my asking are you for

your computer are you on a Mac or a PC

pretty much everything I'm going to go

over today is going to translate to both

Mac and PC except for one section which

I will go over in how to do it with both

I just always like to know who is the

majority with this audience here and it

is almost and I'm not even joking

it is almost entirely Mac so great


so let's get started here so of course

your gateway between your iDevice and

please understand I'm going to be

talking about the iPad today but

everything I teach you has it's the

exact same on the iPhone or an iPod

Touch or an older iPod so your gateway

is iTunes in this whole process so as I

said this is a restored iPad iPad one

I'm just going to hit continue here just

to get it rocking and rolling I had to

actually charge this device because the

battery had come

lately died before I did this now you'll

notice here we are in iTunes one of the

things I always like to do during our

live classes is I'd like to give you

guys a few extra tips even if it's maybe

just a little bit off topic because it

may help you one of the features that a

lot of people myself included really

missed about the most recent version of

iTunes is when you first go into it this

bar that you see on the left hand side

is gone so it'll actually look more like

that okay and to get to this screen can

be kind of a pain in the butt the way

you get out of it is you'll notice that

we have up here you know all of our

different file menu options go here

under view and there's an option under

view that says show sidebar adding that

feature back just makes all of this this

entire process so much easier so I

really strongly recommend that you do it

so if you look here on the left-hand

side of my screen in iTunes we have a

category here called devices and

appropriately we have our iPad called PC

classes on lines iPad and had a

incredible 21 percent battery life and

this is going to be where you're going

to tell iTunes exactly where it's going

to pull its information from now before

we can go into this what I want to do is

I want to show you how I do this myself

because here's the thing a lot of us

have a lot of music for example on our

computers do you need all of that music

with you at all times probably not so

what I want to do is show you what I do

personally and what I recommend to the

clients who I work with personally

one-on-one both individuals and

businesses so the idea is that when

you're traveling maybe when you're going

to the gym you're there's only really

some of that music that's on your

computer that you really would like to

have access to at all times and the

easiest way to organize this is to use

playlists now excuse me for just one

second here I'm going to actually delete

one playlist here which I use to teach

the other day so I can recreate it okay

so if you look at the top left of iTunes


at the top left we have the library and

under the library we have music movies

you may have a few other categories you

may not have all of those necessarily

depending on what you do but the most

important one is music of course so this

is where you're going to find all the

different songs that you have in your

computer at least the ones that are

organized into iTunes so the easiest way

to create a playlist is think about this

Apple uses a lot of psychology when

they're creating these different

programs if I said to you the words you

want to add a playlist what symbol do

you immediately think of add addition

plus okay and if you look at the bottom

left-hand corner of iTunes you'll see

here that we have a little plus symbol

for those of you who are on a Mac you

know that this is very consistent

through all the different programs on

the Mac so we're going to click on the

little plus symbol there's a couple of

different types of playlists you can

create here but the most important one

is just the first one which is a new

playlist now when you click on that it's

going to create a untitled playlist and

as you can see here at the top left of

iTunes you don't give me one second here

I'm actually going to make my cursor

just a little bit larger so that you

guys who are here live right now can see

this a little bit better I know that was

a request we got in last time okay so

when you click on text just like you

would in a folder or a document and you

highlight it as it is right now you can

type over it so I can call this playlist

whatever I want

and you saw the example I just deleted

which was called gym music so I'm now

going to recreate it so this is going to

be for music when I'm listening I'm at

the gym working out okay so currently

you see there's nothing here in this

list under gym music so what I'm going

to do is I have to tell I Tunes what is

going to go in there and to get back to

my music I have to go back here to the

top left hand corner of iTunes back to

the music library and at this point you

can go through here and you can drag

whatever content you want from this list

into gym music another quick question

for the live audience right now a few

people sounds like they lost my audio is

it back now

sounding good okay off to check that out

when we go into post-production

hopefully I won't have to recreate this

whole video now live classes so a quick

question for the audience here does

everyone know how to select multiple

items if one person says no I will go

over it so yes you know how to do select

multiple items okay I already see an O

so we're going to go over it really

quickly again the majority the people

here are Mac owners so I'm going to go

over for Mac just understand that when I

say the word command on a Mac if you

happen to be on a PC instead of the

command key on your keyboard you have a

key called control and that's what I

mean so anywhere on the computer

universally okay whether you're in the

mail program iTunes iPhoto doesn't make

a difference if I want to select random

objects and I want to do something to

all of them for example here if I want

to move this song and this song and this

song all into my playlist you would hold

the command key and click on each one of

them okay and you'll notice that as I do

that they all highlight that's only when

they're not in any we are you know

they're not in an order okay so now what

I would do is with those items

highlighted I can click and hold on any

one of them that's already highlighted

and I would drag them and drop them into

my playlist now here on the left hand

side called gym music now the

alternative way to do this is a list so

let's say I want to take this entire

album by the band fun great band I can

click on the first one hold the shift

key PC owners this part is identical and

now click on the last item and you'll

notice that everything in between is

highlighted so when you have a giant

list of items whether it's emails that

you want to clear out you would click on

the first hold the shift key click on

the last and then you in that case you

theoretically delete it in this case if

I want to bring all these in I would

drag them and again drop them right into

my playlist so you

can do this for as many playlists as you

want there is no limit to how many songs

you can have in any playlist so you can

go nuts when you're in the playlist

right now you can see here we have let

me add just a few more songs here so we

have a little bit better variety okay

I'm not really paying attention to what

I'm clicking on I'm just grabbing a

bunch of random songs okay and bringing

them on here you'll notice that they're

in the order that I just drag them into

this playlist but what if I want them

when I play them on my iPad or other

device what if I want them to play in a

very specific order well that's actually

very simple you can just drag these and

drop these into the position that you

want so for example let's say I want the

song we got the world by Icona pop to be

the very first song in my playlist all I

have to do is click drag it to the top

of the list and drop it there and it's

going to synchronize that way with my

device so you can do that too now as you

go and you start creating all of these

different playlists now's the part where

we're going to start to tell the

computer which of these playlists if not

all of them are we going to sync with

your device and to do that we need to go

back here on the left hand side and

iTunes it says devices and if you look

at the top of this window we have all

these different categories now you're

only going to see the categories based

on what your device supports so for

example if you're on an older iPod you

will not see ebooks and you will not see

TV shows if it's an older one but on

most of the new devices this is what

you're going to see so the first tab we

have here is the summary and this is

where you can kind of tell it the

different options for backing up and

syncing one of the options I want you to

pay attention to is this down here

towards the bottom under the category

options it says right here

sync with this iPad over Wi-Fi so what

that means is that as you make changes

to your different playlists you will not

necessarily have to have the device

plugged into your computer for those

changes to take effect okay so this is

as I said this is a

I pad that I'm using purely for

demonstration purposes I'm not going to

click it but for all of you I would

recommend it also you'll see here your

option for where your iPad backs up now

here's the thing for the most part I

tend to actually recommend the people

back up to their computer the reason

being is that iCloud backups take up a

lot of space

I can understand it in certain if you're

a business person if you do a lot of

traveling maybe without your computer

and if you drop your phone into a puddle

you can go into an Apple store buy a new

phone sign in with your iCloud data and

it comes right back otherwise by using

this option right here it just means

that in order to bring back your data

you're going to have to plug it into

your computer for me that's what I do

but all of you can choose what's best

for you now at the top here we're going

to now go into music which is in this

case the third category and you'll see

here we have a little box to check to

sync music now this computer again is

purely for demo purposes so while this

computer only has 118 songs many of you

are going to have a lot more than that

and just by checking this box this is

this bar you see at the very bottom is

going to completely fill up but that's

because you don't need all of the music

that's on your entire computer and if

you don't have a lot of music yes this

is definitely an option but I'm speaking

for the majority which is that most

people have more music than what will

fit onto an iPod or an iPad depending on

what size you have so what we're going

to do instead is we're going to switch

this option right here where it says

entire music library and instead we're

going to go to selected playlists

artists albums and genres now you can do

this however you want but again I'm

showing you the way that I do it and the

way that I recommend it for my clients

so now what I can do is you'll see here

under playlists we see the exact same

playlist as we have over here on the

left hand side so what I can do is just

simply check Jim music hit apply down

here at the bottom right hand corner of

iTunes and that's it it's going to sync

those changes now what happens if now


odhh I add music well it's going to all

those changes are going to synchronize

to my device including deleting so if I

delete a song from a playlist in iTunes

it's going to delete it from my iPad now

one thing I always like to make very

clear to people let's say I'm here back

in let's will apply those that's okay

let's say I'm here in this playlist

again called Chim music and you know

time goes on and I'm not so in love with

the song I love it by Icona pop anymore

well if I delete this song it is going

to give me a warning and I can I

recommend you check this do not ask me

again and get annoying what I want to

make very clear is when you delete a

song from a playlist you are not

deleting it from your computer you're

just deleting it from the playlist

essentially all the playlist is is a

reference file so it's saying oh this

song is also available here so adding a

ton of music to different playlists does

not add any additional storage to your

computer or rather take away storage

from your computer ok but it is going to

sync that change with my device so

that's music ok now what I want to do is

I want to talk about some of the other

features that a lot of people are

concerned with when it comes to syncing

data and probably the number one item

after music is photos now this is where

it gets to be a little bit different

between Mac owners and PC owners and

here's the big difference see on a Mac

it comes pre-installed with a lot of

different software that a PC does not

come with for example iPhoto iPhoto is

basically like a digital shoebox for

organizing all of your photos it's very

user friendly we have tons of classes on

iPhoto you can find them all of course

on our website but on a PC you don't

have that so on a Windows computer you

have a folder called

photos or pictures I can't remember

which and what you can do is create in

that folder different folders that you

can synchronize with iTunes but right

now I want to show you how to do it on a

Mac so let's go here into my iPhoto

library give me one second while I just

set this up again I

taught this same class a few days ago so

just like with photos a lot of us out

there have just tons and tons of photos

some of you may have thousands and

thousands of photos do you really need

all of them with you at all times

probably not again here's what I do of

my thousands of photos I have an album

that I created called my best work and I

just manually go through my library find

those photos and I create an album the

exact same way that you would do it in

iTunes I create another album maybe for

friends of photos of myself with my

friends so you can do as many of these

as you want so to create an album in

iPhoto here's how you do it first of all

make sure you're not clicked on any in

particular photo at this point you're

going to go to file at the very top left

of iPhoto and the very first option is

new album okay it's going to give you

this little warning because you have not

selected any photos don't worry about it

hit continue and just like we had in

iTunes we have an untitled album which

I'm now going to call my best shots and

hit enter to lock it in and now just go

back into photos this sound familiar

it's exactly the same method and you're

going to select whatever photos you want

that trick that I showed you earlier

about selecting multiple images also

applies in iPhoto and you can now drag

them and drop them into oops sorry let

go into that particular album create as

many albums as you want the only thing

to know with photos is obviously photos

to take up a decent amount of space so

you just have to make sure that when you

go to synchronize this with whatever

device you have that you have adequate

storage so make sure you have that so

we've done that we've created the album

and now I can just totally quit out of

iPhoto going now to sync it again iTunes

is the gateway from computer to the

device so now back here

iTunes that clicked on our device we go

back up here to the top and now we go to

photos and just like we had with music

we're going to click sync photos from

iPhoto now PC owners instead for you

this is what it would say it would say

sync photos from pictures which is just

a folder you can create subfolders and

then put those photos in that will do

basically the same thing that I've just

shown here on a Mac it's a little bit

more labor-intensive but it will do

basically the same thing and just like

we did here instead of syncing all of

the photos we're only going to do

selected albums okay so now you'll see

here we have that album that I created

called my best shots and again down at

the bottom right we have apply very very

simple to do now there's other things

that you can also synchronize with

something like an iPhone or an iPad such

as movies and TV shows now there's a

couple of different ways that you can do


see when you sync movies you can either

it can be a movie that you created

yourself using software like Final Cut

or iMovie but you can also sync other

types of movies let me give you a couple

of examples here let's say you are going

on a plane flight and you don't want to

have to watch you know old reruns of

Frasier while you're on the flight one

of the things I do when I travel is a

lot of times I will rent a movie through

iTunes sync it to my iPad and then I've

got all my entertainment waiting for me

for when I get on the flight here's how

you do that process what you're going to

do for that is you're going to actually

go up here into the iTunes Store okay

in the iTunes Store just like we had

when we're in the iPad you have

categories up here at the very top

almost almost the exact same categories

too and so here I can go into movies for

example now not every single movie are

you able to rent but most of them you

are and so let's say for example I want

to rent the movie frozen okay I can just

click on that and you'll see here there

are two options I can buy it for $20 who

buys move

more or I can just rent it for $5.99 and

that's the high-def version if you want

to save a dollar down here you'll see HD

and SD SD standard definition you can

save a dollar rented for five dollars

right there so when you click this

button here's how the the rental

situation works with iTunes it's really

important that you not start playing the

movie until you're ready to actually

watch it when you rent a movie through

iTunes you have 30 days to watch it but

once you start watching it you have 24

hours to finish it so again make sure if

you're going on a flight on Saturday and

it's Wednesday if you download it today

that's fine but don't play it because

then it's going to start the timer by

the time you get on the plane it's going

to Auto delete itself so you're not

going to be able to watch it okay so

when you do rent it it's going to go

into this category right here you see we

have movies at the top left of iTunes

and there's a whole bunch of different

categories here we have unwatched movies

home movies example would be you know

things that you have created an iMovie

or just a list which is probably the

easiest way to access it so just like we

would there we would go into the iPad go

up here to movies and we would tell it

to exactly what to sync now usually with

this if you have a few different movies

in your computer let's say you have

gotten into iMovie you may not want to

bring everything so in this case you can

just kind of there would be a list of

items here and you can just manually

check exactly what you want actually

what I would do is I would not check

this box here that says automatically

include that way you'll see each little

icon right here that represents every

project and just check it as you want to

sync it but obviously video takes up the

most space of anything on the iPad so

try to not put too too much on to your

device okay um TV shows basically same

thing a great little trick I've talked

quite a few of my clients with TV shows

is let's say you like HBO but you don't

want to pay for HBO one of the

little ways that you can get around it

is back here in the iTunes Store there's

something called a season pass where you

can let's see if I can find just a

shortcut let's just go back to the

generic TV shows if you go into the TV

shows part here you can scroll down and

you'll notice at the bottom right it

says premium cable you can actually get

a pass to one particular show so for

example let's say I'm really into the

show Game of Thrones okay but I don't

want to pay for HBO every single month

instead what you can do is you can pay

let's see how much this one goes for 38

bucks and every single time a new

episode comes out it will automatically

download to your computer and then if

you want you can transfer that onto

something like an iPad but it's

significantly less expensive than paying

for HBO

month after month after month after

month if this is the only show that you

care about now if you watch multiple

shows and you may be better off with

just buying HBO also other things that

you can sync our podcasts now podcasts

also you access through the store and a

podcast is similar to a radio program

although they do have some video

podcasts as well they kind of declined

as far as popularity goes in the last

few years for those of you who didn't

know this PC classes online actually

originally started off as a podcast

under the name of Tech Talk America you

can probably still find old episodes of

ours floating around out there in the

internet but for me it just didn't work

because you really can't teach

technology through audio only

but for shows like this American Life

for those of you in the United States I

think they have great storytelling that

they offer another great one is you know

the TED Talks they have an audio version

of it also freakanomics a very popular

one right now but these are all free all

podcasts are completely free and so you

can subscribe to them when a new episode

comes out it automatically downloads the

process of syncing it

to your device is the exact same up here

you have a category for podcasts now one

thing I do want to touch on is apps now

believe it or not apps I personally

don't recommend syncing and here's the

reason why most people when they go to

buy an app for their device will not buy

it on their computer so when you because

it's just easier to buy it from your

device you go into the App Store whether

it's on your phone or your iPad and you

just buy it there so syncing apps seems

to be I think it's kind of pointless

because here's the thing about all of

these different features when you buy

music when you buy a book when you buy a

movie a TV show music or now all you're

actually getting is a license and this

is something that actually came up

during the question segment last week

what happens if my device goes kaputski

okay what happens if I drop it in a

puddle if I don't have a backup of that

data well here's the thing when you buy

a license it's just it's a license you

can get it back and the way you can get

it back is you have to go here into the

iTunes Store click on this little house

icon you see at the top of iTunes that's

just kind of the home screen and if you

look over here on the right-hand side

under Quick Links second option down is

purchased so that will show you

everything you have ever purchased on

iTunes music movies TV shows apps etc

all of its there so if something ever

happens you can always go back and get


just a good thing to know one other

thing I do want to give a quick shout

out to again this may sound a little bit

off-topic but I think it's important for

people to know about I get questions

from people who they have like one of

those really you know the old-school

iPods with a click wheel and it's got

just tons and tons and tons of music and

then their computer breaks and they say

oh my god how do I get the music from my

iPod back to my computer here's the

thing iTunes only allows you to go one

way they allow you to go from your

computer to your iPod but not the

reverse the

reason why is it's combination of

licensing reasons and also fear of

hacking because otherwise if you could

do that I could say hey buddy come on

over to my house let me download all of

your music to my computer illegally of

course so what I'm about to show you

could it be theoretically misused of

course but as you all know I am anything

but the moral police the trick I want to

show you very quickly clips from when I

was teaching the other day the trick to

go in the reverse order is there's a

piece of software called

Sinuhe t sen UT i made by a company

called fading red comm the exact address

is fading f ad ing slash Sanu t

which is spelled s e n u TI okay and

this is the way to reverse the order so

if you are in a crisis this is how you

do it it's a it's free to transfer a

thousand songs more than that $19 flat

flat rate so I was like to throw that

out there so that's basically how you

transfer this data back and forth I'm

just looking really quickly at the

questions that are coming in and seeing

if there's anything here that I want to

include in if there's anything one

including the recorded class Debra asked

a question I think I probably just

answered this about if you delete a

movie can you go back and retrieve it if

it's a movie that you purchased through

iTunes yes you can delete it when you're

done watching it and then at any point

in time go back into the iTunes store go

here to purchased and you'll be able to

see it I'm not going to go in there

right now because you'll all laugh when

you see what music I listen to but then

again you've all probably figured that

out so my musical taste is somewhere

between a teenybopper and a Broadway

baby does that say a lot yes it does

anyways so now that you've all lost all

respect for me let me end the class here

that's being recorded I'm going to go to

the questions other people have who are

here live and

hopefully help them get up and running

for those of you who have been enjoying

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