2019 Sweet 16 Predictions!!

sup guys it's Alex here and welcome to

my 2019 n-c-double-a tournament sweet 16

predictions and if you checked out my

first or my real NCAA tournament

predictions video you know that I did

not have a good first round I think I

got like 21 out of 32 right but then I

turned it around in the sweet 16 got

some good got some good results there

and I still have all of my Elite Eight

teams still available and all my Final

Four and all my championship game and

the championship game itself which

basically everybody does because all the

favorites basically won we only have one

double-digit seed which is Oregon right

there in the sweet 16 then we have

Auburn there which I mean I predict it

over to be there over Kansas anyway so

it's not that big of an upset to me but

it was basically all chalk so I thought

why not go ahead and do a sweet 16 video

and I'm just gonna be doing a quick yeah

predictions video this video will

probably only be like four minutes

something like that first up we have

Duke and Virginia Tech Duke deserve to

lose to you see if I mean I things I um

pushed off whenever he was driving their

taco fall definitely found him but

before that zom pushed off and then they

missed a hook and hold by DeLaurier or

on that for free-throw attempt where

Barrett got the rebound but there's just

sour grapes at this point Duke won and I

have them moving on here past Virginia

Tech I think they get the dub there then

I think that Michigan State will be LSU

honestly I didn't think that LSU would

make it this far I mean I had Belmont

beating them to move on to the sweet 16

but then I had Michigan State win in

anyway so I'll just keep Michigan State

roll in there then up in the West we

have Gonzaga and Florida State I think

this one I think both of these West

games can go either way honestly so I'm

gonna go throw up set here I'm gonna go

Florida State in my predictions video

for the main tournament

I had Florida State in the Final Four I

don't know if I'm gonna do that this

time around but I'm gonna have them

beating Gonzaga then we got Michigan

beating Texas Tech that one's gonna be a

defensive battle bet the hinder on that

game then over here in the Midwest we'll

just kind of go this way I have North

Carolina beating Auburn though if Albarn

can stay hot shooting the threes which

they have been in the tournament so far

especially in like Kansas game I think

that they could get the victory there

then I think that Kentucky will beat

Houston even without PJ Washington I'm a

UK fan hopefully we get PJ back we'll

definitely need him against North

Carolina but I think we can beat Houston

even without them up here in the love

original I will be at these games

this weekend our on Thursday and

Saturday haven't decided if I'm gonna

vlog it or not we'll see what happens

with that at first we got Virginia I

think that they'll be organ then I think

that Tennessee will be Purdue even

though Tennessee's been struggling a lot

recently they only beat Colgate by seven

and then they let Iowa almost have the

biggest comeback in tournament history

or type of biggest comeback in

tournament history but I still think

Tennessee gets the victory there over

Purdue then first spot in the final

forward to stay here Virginia and


I got Tennessee moving on there I don't

think Virginia's a huge tournament team

you never know this could be the year

that they make it but ahead Tennessee

and my tournament predictions video why

not just stick with it then we got North

Carolina and Kentucky at Kentucky going

all the way to the championship game in

my predictions video but that was

assuming PJ Washington would be back and

as of right now there's no indication

that he's gonna be back if he is back I

think Kentucky gets the win I mean these

two teams played earlier this season and

kept both at full strength and Kentucky

won that game if PJ is back I think

Kentucky wins this game but if he is not

North Carolina wins and since he doesn't

look like he's gonna be back I got North

Carolina when in that as much as it

pains me to say then over here we have

Florida State in Michigan I'm gonna go

with the ACC school right here I am go

floor to state that's what I went with

in my tournament predictions video and I

bracket pull that I have go and have

Florida State vs Michigan but then have

Michigan winning that so I'll be going

against the bracket pool but I like

Florida State there then Duke and

Michigan State as much as I want to pick

Michigan State to win here I mean

they've been impressing me in the

tournament so far have the first like 50

35 minutes of the Bradley game

notwithstanding they've been impressing

me but I don't think they get past Duke

I think do get some victory there with

such up a Final Four of Duke and Florida

State and then Tennessee and North

Carolina I like Duke beating Florida

State they beat him earlier this season

they beat him in the ACC tournament

I think they beat him again then

Tennessee in North Carolina North

Carolina gets the double for Tennessee

there to set up and the fourth match

between these two teams

Duke and North Carolina for the national

championship I'm gonna switch it up and

go with North Carolina I know I had Duke

winning at all in my first one but North

Carolina has been pretty impressive so

far in this tournament and I think that

they get the victory there I mean Duke

struggled against UCF so I think the

final score will probably be

high-scoring I'd be like 79 so let's go

like 74 just keep it somewhat close and

all that'll be pretty high-scoring so


we have it thank you guys for watching

hope you enjoyed it be sure to let me

know your own and sweet sixteen

predictions are let me know what you

guys think about mine I know heifer as

actual tournament video did not go as

planned but thank you guys for watching

hope you enjoyed it and I will see you

all later