NFL Playoff Predictions 2020 | Super Bowl 55 Winner?

you to baz echoing the goat house is

back and today I got my playoff

predictions for the 2020 through 2021

NFL season I did record predictions for

every single NFL team we just finished

that up there is a playlist below in the

description the comments full of all 32

teams record predictions and based off

that we now have my playoff teams will

be going through them for AFC NFC seats

one through seven and then we'll go

around by round throughout the playoffs

and make it to the Super Bowl and I'll

give you my full playoffs and Super Bowl

prediction here so very excited to do

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single video but to the seedings so if

you watched every single record

prediction video you should definitely

have an idea of who the teams will be

AFC is pretty clear-cut for me based on

my record predictions so we'll go

through these really quick so though the

1 seed to end up being the Ravens and

then we could just show the two seed

real quick the Chiefs and both these

teams had the same record for me 12 and

4 and the tiebreaker went to the Ravens

so Ravens 1 Chiefs 2 and then the seed 3

for the AFC is going to be the Tennessee

Titans coming in at number 3 they're

winning the AFC South and then pretty

obviously four will be then it'll be the

AFC East winner and that is the Buffalo

Bills Titans Bills same record

prediction for me for the head-to-head

matchup I had Titans over bills which

should be a good game that'll decide a

lot at least based on my scenario here

we seen the the bills seem to be keep

they keep beating the Titans it seems

like every time I met you I got the

Titans winning this year though and that

game should be a good one

and that shows us our division winners

coming in at seed number 5 is gonna be

the Pittsburgh Steelers getting

been back we expect the defense to be

top-tier again and if they stay healthy

they could they could compete for the

division oh the Ravens army a tough team

to beat

and they definitely can't compete they

get the 5 seed same record with 10 wins

at the 6 seed is going to be the Denver

Broncos I'm pretty high in the Broncos

you know I think that's got they got a

pretty good team here that for this year

I know I think a very balanced team they

got the pass rush a young athletic

growing offense you know so I think

that's a sneaky team to look out for the

16 I have the Steelers winning that had

to had game early on in the season when

these two teams meet up so that will be

a big one here deciding a five versus

six seed here seven seed is going to be

the last spot and that is the Colts nine

wins so that's why they aren't they five

or six for me they're the nine win team

and then just missing it was pretty

clear-cut for me based on my record

predictions no like crazy tie breakers

but the Texans would probably the next

team you know we'll see what that you

know Shaun Watson could very well take

that next step up this feels like the

rest of team you know they could have

done maybe the offensive line gets a

little better as well just because

they're kind of growing together some

young guys and should be getting better

as step of the way so that could push

the Texans in just wish they would have

went out and got better in the offseason

you know so those are my seven teams

that made it for the AFC like I said

pretty confident with the AFC I think

it's pretty clear based on who I

predicted for you know game by game

records those were the teams that made

it in will break down round by round who

wins these matchups throughout the AFC

playoffs and who wins the AFC champion

came in just a moment we're now going to

move on to the NFC playoff picture NFC

was extremely tight a lot of tiebreakers

really my one seed is going to be the

Tampa Bay Buccaneers there's a group of

people out there that are just anti

Buccaneers I don't you know those people

don't like change they're not really

believing too much to me I'm a believer

you know I didn't believe in I don't

really tend to believe in hype but I

will believe in a good team and I see a

good team here you know more than Tom

Brady the defense is young and very very

much improving and as pass-rush


stop the run we saw that last year the

secondary is very much growing there's a

bunch of playmakers back there and then

we look at the offense we expect you

often speak I think the offensive line

gets better with a guy like Tristan

worse kind of gets better because I'm

young pieces in there but Manley gets

better because Tom Brady and his

adjustments pre-snap adjustments there

at the line it gets better with Brady Oh

Chris God went on the rise they got a

better quarterback they had Gronkowski

as well so I think this team just got a

lot better it'll be a battle between the

Buccaneers in the Saints for the NFC

South though so that that is something

to keep an eye on but I expect both

those teams spoiler I guess I expect

both those teams definitely to make the

playoffs and then we move on to my two

seed my two seed is going to be the San

Francisco 49ers I had a very tight

battle for the NFC West and I had the

Niners pulling it off and it's tough

because they kind of had that one really

good year now they're gonna place to

play a first place schedule and most

that division on the weaker side of the

you know in terms of the schedule

difficulty but the Niners not so much

you know comes with getting first place

so that can kind of put them you know

one game could make the difference here

and that could kind of put them on the

outside of the top four seeds but

they're they're young enough they're

they're talented enough in the correct

spots you know they have the impact

really all over the team like they like

what they did you know adding some guys

for the guys that lost as well so I

expect this to be a good team again

we'll see how they handle the first

place schedule a three seed is gonna be

an NFC North team now I have the three

NFC North teams go ten and six

the Packers the Vikings the Bears all

ten and six so that was interesting and

the tiebreaker goes to and you remember

I don't she saw her well it's clear I

don't decide tiebreakers we use the you

know the actual head of felt tiebreakers

here to me the Green Bay Packers I think

the key was I had the Packers beating

the Vikings both times this year both

times and the Vikings could very well

win the home opener week one my thinking

was the Packers be a little more

prepared with the Vikings get some new

faces in there but if the Vikings kind

of pull that game off then we can see a

whole different playoff layout but I

have the Packers at seed three

interesting Packers are a tough team

because they didn't really go out and

get better in the offseason really they

didn't do that at all

so that could kind of hurt them you know

Lafleur's play-calling a lot of scripted

play-calling use you know tends to you

look at the past team start to figure

that out so that's kind of that the I

guess the argument against the Packers

what I'm kind of feeling as if late is

you know Rogers didn't really play his

best ball last year you know maybe he

could be declining you know just because

of age but I can actually see him being

you know playing a lot better this year

you also look at the defense of pieces

they had last year a lot of new faces

last year that you know kind of in a

rare occasion here they clicked early on

another year with these guys they can

you know really be firing on all

cylinders they did not fix some holes

that they want they needed to kind of

complete this defense and make it may be

an elite defense but I still expect it

maybe to just improve kind of by default

so Packers winning the NFC North again

with a tiebreaker there the four seed is

going to be the Philadelphia Eagles for

me a tiebreaker for the NFC East at ten

and six as well I have the Eagles

pulling through I think Carson Wentz

steps up this year you know the question

is still health that's really the only

question with them you know the defense

gets better adding Darius Leigh I think

Javon Hargrave was an underrated

addition you know they're gonna be able

to you know move some people around the

defensive line you know so we're gonna

see some different looks there so

defense should be better you know as

well as well as I think the offense will

too so they get in there at the four

seed could possibly get better than that

the five seed is gonna be no no shock

here the Saints you know the whoever

gets second in the NFC South I really

expect to be in that five seat so we're

gonna for me I have the Saints just a

tough battle with the Buccaneers though

yeah I think I would I have them a game

apart so that should be an interesting

battle this year maybe the Buccaneers

struggle a little bit to kind of get

going because they're adjusting the new

some new faces here and the Saints just

keep rolling where they kind of left off

you know from the writer season last

year and that could be the difference

realistically so if you have the Saints

over the Bucs can't really argue with

you I will argue with you if you just if

you're just really anti books just

because they got some big-name players

you know so I would argue with on that


me a battle in the NFC South the six

seed so the the the wild cards are very

interesting six seeds pretty clear-cut

for me based on my predictions though

was the Seahawks you know right there

battling the 49ers you know they have

Russell Wilson they have a pretty good

running game they have a good coaching

staff and they have some you know

started pieces on defense of course like

Bobby Wagner and so you know that's it's

a very good team very you know it's a

playoff team I wish they would have went

you know similar the Packers you know I

wish they would kind of would have went

out and got you know much better to take

that next step in the playoffs but

something to keep in mind the Seahawks

could have made that run last year if

they didn't get beat up so now if you

expect them healthy they actually could

end up being better even though they

didn't get better in the off season they

actually could be better because

remember though injuries last year if

they don't have the injuries this year

in crunch time pretty much stretch of

the season playoffs they can just be

better because of that seven seen a

bunch of ten and six teams I had the

tiebreaker the ultimate tiebreaker

actually went to the Dallas Cowboys and

then we see the teams that just missed

all three of these teams I had ten and

six of bears Vikings and Cardinals so an

absolute battle for that seven seed you

know you know so it really one game you

know and I've if I'm off on one game

which you kind of expect everybody to

that that's predicting every single game

the NFL season things definitely can

change like I mentioned I had the

Packers being the Vikings twice what if

the Vikings win that home opener we're

talking about the Vikings in that three

seed or four seed spot and right now in

this scenario that are just missed so

they're that close

the Bears you know I actually had them

splitting with the Vikings seems like

recently they've been beating the

Vikings twice a year so if they get that

second wind then they're in that three

or four seed the Cardinals definitely a

sneaky team I think it's me a

high-powered offense the defense got a

lot better favorable schedule I'd say I

didn't have them beating the Niners

twice that was kind of my bold thing and

they they just miss out but I did kind

of have them getting upset by a team

here and there so just like that they

can sneak in the Cowboys you know had

had the tiebreaker they're just the edge

there so I guess maybe the new-look

cowboy so Mike McCarthy so you know we

look at last year the cotton not just

last year the Cowboys maybe were just a

I'd play caller two or maybe I should

say a good play call or two for making

the playoffs now Mike McCarthy who did

struggle at the end of the Packers but

he didn't really get to choose the

players that he was bringing in there

they didn't really have a whole bunch of

weapons we've seen the last few years at

Green Bay when he was there you know now

they're bringing the weapons like crazy

they're bringing CD lamb you know and

he's running the show here with a young

dak Prescott still trying to enter his

prime but we're for a pretty good year

last year so the Cowboys definitely can

sneak in there so that's a battle we're

still a few months away from the season

obviously and we'll there will be final

predictions and you know since those

teams are that close I can't rule out

that I'll change my mind especially the

NFC North sac close I cannot rule out

that I will change my mind even with the

Niners were Seahawks part I can't rule

that out by this time the season starts

so it's very interesting it's very tight

there if it's tough to see seven playoff

teams and those good teams missing out

there but we're gonna move on to now my

round by round predictions and using

playoff predictors dot-com they have it

all set for me my my placings here my

seedings so we see a bunch of wildcard

weekend games here and then we have

we'll start with the AFC we see a four

verse five matchup the Bills vs Steelers

that it would be a tough one there

there'll be a tough game to me a little

bit it'll be a battle it'll be a battle

you know the question is will this be

healthy at this point you know Big Ben

James Connor the bills can they kind of

get over this home can Josh young get

over this homes gotta take care of the

ball in Buffalo I take the bills you

know I think the Steelers will bring the

pressure on Josh Allen I still think

he'll be able to air the ball out

downfield you know I think the strong

part the Steelers defense is that pass

rush and then you know this could be a

game where probably a low-scoring game

I'll take the bills in Buffalo Broncos

Titans another tough one they actually

play each other week one Monday Night

Football the late game in Denver I

picked the Broncos in that one this time

in Tennessee in the playoffs be a heck

of a game here absolute ball game it's

it's tough to send one of these team

teams home because these are kind of

these sneaky two

you know I I really like the Broncos as

a dark-horse team to make to make more

you know a good run a pretty you know

I'm not sitting there I'm in a Super

Bowl at a pretty good run but I do like

the Titans another very balanced team

here and I think they'll be able to run

the ball well in this game here in

Tennessee I will take the Titans this

time around the Colts and the Chiefs I

will take the Chiefs and that one just a

tough matchup for the college it's a the

Colts they're gonna have to keep up

scoring with the Chiefs now under that

she's put up a good amount of points in

that one the Saints and the eagle is a

good one to start the NFC in

Philadelphia the Saints playing away

just because they got a deal with the

Bucks and the Eagles win their division

but can the Saints get over that hump in

the playoffs you know they recently

couldn't get over and the Eagles can

they stay healthy that's the question

this be a really good game you know I

think the factor here is I think these

Saints you know even though the Eagles

defense is improving the Saints will be

able to score a good amount of points

against you know nothing ridiculous but

yeah the question is can the Eagles keep

up with the Saints and I guess the

question what the egos is health the

Saints too though you know their past

rush you know Davenport ranked it's been

beat up at the end of the season the

last couple years you know can they stay

healthy but I think the Saints defense

can somewhat slow the Eagles offense

where I don't think it'll be you know

much of that on the opposite side so I

will take the Saints because of their

offense in this game

Seahawks Packers another real tough one

they just played each other last year in

the playoffs you know this man it's

tough because the Seahawks were beat up

you know you would think if they're

healthy they definitely can pull it off

this game in Lambeau this is a tough one

here this is an absolute tough one I

think the NFC West is just that good you

know I think if the Seahawks are healthy

they win this time around tough to

predict health I suppose but I'm gonna

go with the Seahawks tough to play

Rogers in Lambeau man that's when I'm

back and forth on though because the

Seahawks you know maybe the lack of pass

rush without clowny I just like that I'm

changing my mind because I think having

the lack of pass rush in this moment in


against Aaron Rodgers could cost you so

I actually just changed my mind rare

it's rare that I do that but I just

changed my mind they're just because of

the pass rush factor which you know

after quarterback both these teams have

it maybe Russell Wilson a little better

than that at their age is right now but

pass rush right there with the

quarterback play offensive line play I

think the Packers kind of beat them in

that case there and they may have the

better offense line as it is as well so

I'll actually go with the Packers

Cowboys 49ers actually a tough matchup

for the Niners you know you would think

the Niner is easy but you know I didn't

the Cowboys could control their pass

rush a bit and then get some points but

I also think the Niners will probably

run the ball a lot in this type of game

where the Cowboys defense I'll open up

the pass in San Francisco yeah the

Cowboys can limit the Niners pass rush

little stuff we still very much be a

factor let's take the Niners in that one

so we're moving on in the next round

Titans Chiefs rematch bills Ravens we

see Packers Niners rematch Saints in

Bucks I will take the the Chiefs in this

game you know you look at earlier in

that game last year and the Titans kind

of executed early I see those those

moments were they couldn't convert on

third and short whatever it may be and

it kind of got them behind they couldn't

really use Derrick Henry anymore so I

mean they could have been more in that

game if they executed it better but yeah

the Chiefs and the Chiefs defense is

something that I think it's on the rise

you know just switching to a 4-3 last

year you know players do first-year

players stepping up you know they'll be

even better this year so I will take the

Chiefs bills and ravens the bills are a

team that probably can game playing well

against Lamar Jackson actually so this

is a tough game you know they'll be able

to contain him it's a you know they

won't let them air the ball out like you

know a whole bunch down feel with that

good secondary they'll be able to

contain that'll be the game you know

they're not gonna in the bills are our

team yeah great defense like a team

that's gonna get some crazy pass rush

off the edge but that's not what beats

Lamar Jackson anyway so the bills will

match up pretty well the question is can

the bills you know continue to score cuz

the Ravens will still score can the

bills you know really depends on the

Ravens defense it's a tough defense to

predict because the secondary is very

solid the defense lines very

salad the line back unit is what's kind

of questionable which there's four in

the end there in their scheme there but

I think the secondary of the Ravens you

know maybe gets that extra turnover that

gets the job done in this game so I'll

take the Ravens Packers Niners it's a

bad match for the Packers and they

didn't really improve in the spots that

were weak against the Niners last year

which was across the defensive line and

the inside line back unit they didn't

really improve they replace Martinez

with Kirk C Kirk support was better but

that was when we last seen him play you

know a couple years ago how healthy will

he be so you know I don't think it's

much of change there and they didn't

really help Kenny Clark you know on the

defensive line so it'll be a similar

game plan for the Niners you know and

it'd be tough to stop for the Packers I

also don't know if the Packers offense a

line is as good as it was last year you

know Brian O'Brien belaga the Niners

defense pass-rush will be coming after

him so just a bad matchup Saints

Buccaneers again that definitely can go

either way this is you know my argument

is this this is the time where the

Buccaneers are really gonna be getting

going with Tom Brady with these pieces

these veteran pieces that will you know

be getting better and better as they

play together over over the season

including the coaching staff kind of

everyone getting used to each other and

a young defense that it will continue to

improve his season goes on as well the

Saints hard to trust them you know deep

into the playoffs seemed like they were

dominant right our season last year you

kind of go back yeah teddy bridgewater

want somebody I think we kind of thought

hot you know we should think highly of

them but more highly of them because

they won games with her back up you know

they kind of got bonus points from

everybody you know so I you know it was

you know after the fact like maybe we

should have saw a comment I think at

this point the Buccaneers will be better

than the Saint especially at home and

then we look at the AFC NFC Championship

Game Chiefs Ravens 49ers Buccaneers I

just think the Chiefs are the best AFC

team I had the Ravens getting the

tiebreaker pretty good matchup Delta if

they would have met each other last year

you know maybe if the Ravens met them

and so the Titans would be thinking he

maybe the Ravens would have won the

Super Bowl

I think the Chiefs win the shootout

battle and they win the shootout battle

I don't think the Ravens you know they

have a really good secondary I just

don't know if there

beginning enough pass-rush to make it

matter you know you only can cover for

so long even the best corner is the best

safeties in football can only cover for

so long and I think I'll take the cheese

even though there's a shootout in

different ways from these two teams

offenses I'll take the Chiefs in the

shootout the Niners in the Buccaneers

you know this would be a really good

game in this very well I mean it's the

NFC stuff because this could be the

Saints in the Seahawks it could be the

are the Packers you know it could be you

know any team here but I think the

Buccaneers actually can match the 49ers

pass-rush and then they have more of a

passing game that I trust here so I will

take the Buccaneers in this in this

ballgame here so let me go to the Super

Bowl Chiefs in Buccaneers this will be

they play each other in the Raiders

season and similar to my rotor season

pick you know I like the Bucs defense

I'm on the Bucs defense train you know

everyone's just looking at the stats

from I guess the past defense stats from

early last year before that they were at

the bottom of league you can't based off

anything it's a young improving

secondary it's gonna be a lot better

than you think you throw in the the line

back unit with Barrett Jason pierre-paul

off the edge and the inside linebacker

with Devon white and Levante David you

know best in the game possibly and the

d-line did its part lash everybody

should know that it's a really good

defense it's a really good talented

young defense but they'll still have

their moments you know especially when

they're playing against a Chiefs offense

an offense like that and you know

factoring in kalida to let Hilaire which

an addition for the Chiefs watch I think

you know it's one player it's a rookie I

think it'll be that much of a factor

down the stretch here and then factoring

and the Chiefs defense is a lot better

than people think as well still

improving every step of the way you know

I think the Bucks will be able to score

on the Chiefs but I just I just really

like the match for the Chiefs know it's

an offense that this good defense may

not be able to maybe they can't affect

it you know what with the I mean they

definitely will at times but with the

pass rush factor I guess from the inside

we know they'll be able to get outside

you'll edge presence here and there but

you know they they use Levante they

haven't Devon white and some good blitz

is pretty well and those guys can cover


so those are the kind of key X factors

in this game so maybe that's enough to

throw off mahomes there but I think

they'll be able to air it out here

I like the chief so I guess kind of

boring I picked the Chiefs two years in

a row I'd be right picking them last

year obviously but we'll see if they can

do it again so this is my bracket and

this is tough you know it's tough

leaving out like I said those NFC teams

the Cardinals I like the Bears I mean

the people are sleeping on the Bears as

well and the Vikings can sneak in there

but I mean at one point I picked the

Seahawks over the Packers so you know

that would change some things as well if

the Seahawks were to win that game then

that yeah that obviously changes things

they'll play the Bucs the Saints will

play the Niners you know we could see

something totally different you know so

that definitely interesting that

definitely interesting and well up these

update these a little closer we could

scroll down and see more of the bracket

here I don't know if you guys can see it

but yeah well up the update these a

little closer to season's start because

things will change or start to get a

training camp I'm you know just you know

more time to evaluate these you know

teams you know I guess you could have a

little bit of a change of heart there

first so far for the season so yeah let

me know your guys thoughts on your

predictions on my predictions you know

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